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On-Demand Training: From the University Perspective: Today’s Parking Challenges and How To Meet Them

From the University Perspective: Today’s Parking Challenges and How To Meet Them

“I’m sorry I’m late for class, I couldn’t find parking.” Parking has long been a significant challenge on college campuses. As universities continue to grow and expand, well-integrated parking can enhance the campus experience, minimize traffic congestion, avoid modal conflicts, and promote alternative transportation. Join us for a conversation with representatives from Stanford University, UC San Diego, and UC Riverside, and explore their strategies to maximize existing parking, manage demand, and integrate new parking.

  • Explore the initiatives, programs, and management strategies to manage parking and mobility on campus.
  • Learn how universities meet parking demand on a space-constrained campus.
  • See how universities have used parking to create gateways to their campuses.

Available as part of the package of three webinars for $70 or purchase it individually for $35.


Matt Davis

 Matt Davis has been creating parking solutions for more than 15 years. He has worked on more than 75 parking projects and is a Parksmart Advisor. His projects include the Stanford University Roble Field Parking Structure—winner of an IPMI Award of Excellence—and UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure & Visitors’ Center. He has written and spoken on a number of industry topics.

Brian Shaw, CAPP

Brian Shaw, CAPP, is Executive Director of Stanford Transportation at Stanford University. He has spent his nearly 25-year career fostering commuter travel choices and innovations in parking management. He has worked primarily in higher education at some of the leading research institutions across the U.S. Under his leadership, Stanford has been able keep its peak-hour trips under a cap established in 2000, while the campus has continued to grow and thrive.

Joshua Kavanagh, CAPP, MBA

Josh Kavanagh, CAPP, MBA, is Director of Transportation at UC San Diego, where his responsibilities include parking. His expertise includes the planning, implementation, and operation of personal mobility programs and infrastructure. Prior to joining the university in November 2017, he held positions in both the public and private sectors for organizations including Amazon, University of Washington, and University of New Mexico.