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How Often Should I Post on My Brand’s Social Media?

By Stacy Stockard

A few nights ago, I was finishing a design project for my local chapter of a national nonprofit. As I looked up some identity guidelines, I stumbled across the national organization’s suggested social media posting frequency. It recommended starting with five social media networks and making 60 to 151 posts weekly across those networks–for an organization running solely on volunteers. If you’re wondering what’s too much, that is too much for nearly every local chapter of that group; in fact, not even the national organization posts that frequently.

I believe this is where taking on social media becomes intimidating. Many tell you what you should be doing without taking into account the resources needed to accomplish those goals. Most businesses do not have an entire team of people devoted solely to social media to create that volume and level of content. It can make you want to give up before you start!

The ultimate goal of social media is being a valuable presence to your target audience, and you know your customers better than anyone else does. Identify where they are online and what you believe interests them. Tailor your posts on those networks to those interests. Assess your available resources to determine which networks you can successfully take on and remain active. Post when you have something worth sharing; you don’t have to post just to be posting.

Your audience wants you to be present and helpful on at least one network. Focus on their needs, and your strategy will come.

Stacy Stockard is media relations coordinator at Texas Tech University. She will present on this topic at the 2019 IPMI Conference & Expo, June 9-12 in Anaheim, Calif. For more information and to register, click here.