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Member News: Parker Technology Announces Launch of New Text-to-Pay Feature

Parker Technology Announces Launch of New Text-to-Pay Feature

Indianapolis, IN (June 14, 2021)— Paying for parking just got easier and more convenient than ever with the launch of Parker Technology’s new Text-to-Pay feature.

“If drivers encounter issues with a credit card reader or they don’t have sufficient funds on their cards, it can be a nightmare to pay for parking and exit a garage or parking lot,” said Tammy Baker, COO of Parker Technology. “With our new text-to-pay technology, our customer service representatives can instantly text a PayPal link to drivers so they can quickly and conveniently pay and get on with their day.”

In today’s increasingly automated parking environment, providing a human connection between trained professionals and parkers who have common problems related to paying or entering and exiting, is essential. Each year, parkers across the US need help in parking facilities at least 85 million times.

Text-to-Pay benefits drivers by eliminating the time-consuming frustration of trying to use a credit card or reader that isn’t working properly or if they forget or don’t have a card. It also permits the driver to pay without needing to provide an address or other personal information. Parking owners and operators benefit from receiving immediate payment without staff having to actively work to collect that payment. Also, the transaction information is saved for easy tracking, reporting and reconciliation.

“Text-to-Pay was designed as a user amenity, but owners and operators will love it too,” said Baker. “Not only does it provide quick and convenient payment, but it also records and stores valuable data to help owners and operators manage parking payments conveniently and efficiently.”

About Parker Technology

For parking operators who have limited resources to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls, Parker Technology combines parking domain expertise, a flexible software platform and their professional customer service center, or your staff, to ensure customer problems are resolved efficiently and according to the facility’s business rules. Parker helps clients create a better customer experience, while collecting more revenue, keeping traffic moving, freeing up internal staff to focus on higher-priority on-site tasks, and gathering data insights to run operations more effectively. Learn more at www.helpmeparker.com.