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My Top Five TED Talks

By Rita Pagan, DES

One of the best things about TED Talks is that there is literally something for everyone. I try and set aside five or 10 minutes a week to watch a TED Talk. Sometimes they are inspiring or interesting, and sometimes it’s just a much-needed mental break.

If you have a free moment or two, watch a few of these:

  1. Drew Dudley. Remember him from the 2020 IPMI Virtual Conference? This is the TED Talk that made us want to book him.
  2. Any talk with Simon Sinek is an A+ in my book. This one is a conversation about what the Coronavirus pandemic taught us about ourselves and our relationships.
  3. Walking meetings? Sign me up!
  4. Introverts unite!
  5. I don’t know if I’ll ever consider stress my friend, but I love this type of research.

Do you have a favorite Ted talk? Let me know!

Rita Pagan, DES, is IPMI’s director, events & exhibits.