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On-Demand Training: TDM For the Win: Creating a More Sustainable Campus

TDM For the Win: Creating a More Sustainable Campus

Arizona State University’s Parking & Transit staff recently embarked on the development of a campus wide TDM playbook and program intended to guide the university through a transitional growth period; they worked to position it for a more sustainable future that reduced dependence on single-occupant vehicles and leveraged recent investments in micro-mobility. This recorded presentation will focus on the development of the TDM program and early stages of implementation.

  • Learn about the merits of successful TDM programs.
  • Define the steps to take the leap into a new TDM program.
  • Learn about the collaboration necessary to achieve success in a TDM program.

Available as part of the package of three webinars for $70 or purchase it individually for $35.


Brett Wood, CAPP, PE

Brett has over 15 years of experience as a parking and mobility consultant, working throughout North America to help his clients find creative and implementable solutions. Brett’s passions include right-sized parking, data-driven solutions, and helping to shape a future for the industry that adapts well to the rapidly occurring disruptions around it. Brett serves as co-chair of the IPMI Research and Innovation Task Force, focusing on industry-leading projects around curb management, mobility, benchmarking, and more.

JC Porter, CAPP

JC Porter, CAPP, is Assistant Director for Commuter Services at Arizona State University, which includes oversight of the bicycle program, alternate transportation options, walk-only zones, permit sales and appeals on the Tempe campus, Poly Tech campus, West campus, and downtown campus. He received the city of Tempe Bike Hero of the year award for 2018 and the President’s Award for Sustainability in 2017 for his commitment to bicycling for ASU and the City of Tempe.

Gabe Mendez, CAPP


E-scooter Speed Limits on the Horizon?

E-scooters pose an issue in many cities but perhaps none like New York, where they’re too slow for the street and too fast for pedestrian-packed sidewalks. The city is contemplating how to legalize the popular, often shared machines and there’s a new call for a scooter speed limit downtown.

While nothing official has come from the Department of Transportation, there are rumblings–and an all-out call from one attorney who frequently represents injured cyclists–to impose a 15 mph speed limit on e-scooters. The lawyer wants to go so far as to install speed governors on the machines to force them to keep it slow.

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