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Member News: T2 Systems’ Thomas Wunk Honored with IPMI Chairman’s Award

INDIANAPOLIS, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –– T2 Systems, the largest parking technology provider in North America, announced that Thomas Wunk, T2 Vice President, received the 2020 Chairman’s Award from the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI).

The annual IPMI Chairman’s Award is a professional recognition that honors an individual(s) who have made an impact and driven change benefitting the parking, transportation, and mobility industry.

Wunk is a Vice President and Industry Consultant for T2 Systems. He is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) and teaches a number of sessions for the IPMI CAPP certification process. A product of the State University of New York system, he is an active member of IPMI, and ASIS. Wunk has been in the parking control industry since 1973 and has designed and implemented parking control solutions all over the world.

“IPMI has advanced the parking and mobility profession over the years, and so has Tom both within T2 and the industry,” said T2 CEO Adam Blake. “We are proud to support them as they encourage professional development, research, advocacy and outreach. We thank IPMI for this recognition of Tom. He is very deserving of this award, and continually drives to improve how we use technology in our operations and customer engagements. Tom helped to launch our PARCS efforts several years ago, and has always made sure we are on the right path forward.”

After receiving the Chairman’s Award, Wunk was asked to provide a list of professional accomplishments to share. He instead opted to thank those who have helped him along the way, highlighting his gratitude for having great friends and family surrounding and encouraging him throughout his career. His acceptance of the award can be found on IPMI’s website.

About T2 Systems 
T2 Systems was founded in 1994 with one simple goal: make park­ing better. We immediately estab­lished a leadership position in the parking industry and continue to pave the way in new technologies that help our customers seamlessly manage parking, mobility, and transporta­tion services. Today, T2 provides the most com­prehensive solutions available to process transactions and leverage data to make informed decisions. Our unified parking management platform puts all the tools needed to be efficient and effective at our customers’ fingertips, with one place to manage their T2 solutions, including Permits, Enforcement, PARCS, Pay Stations, and more. With a strong track record of delivering projects that generate real return for our customers, and by delivering a quality experience for parking patrons, T2 continues to focus on helping our customers move their operations forward. For more information about T2, visit T2Systems.com.

Contact: Katherine Basaran, (317) 524-7412, katherine.basaran@t2systems.com

SOURCE T2 Systems

Wrapping Up – and Taking Next Steps!


The past few months and weeks have been difficult—no matter what part of the industry or world you live in.

As we look toward a brighter future, coming together with our IPMI community through the 2020 IPMI Virtual Parking & Mobility  Conference & Expo reinforced everything we know about our members and friends. You were, as always, insightful, collaborative, generous, innovative, thoughtful, and inspiring. From on-demand to live education, and two amazing general sessions, we felt your courage and learned from your expertise. In the networking chats and the Expo, we explored every topic under the sun and collected so many resources. It would be easy to sit back having enjoyed the experience and move on.

Please don’t! Remember you have access to this valuable platform for an entire year. Some suggestions to stay engaged:

  • Keep learning, keep reading, and keep collaborating here and on all our platforms.
  • Go back and watch the sessions you didn’t have time for or the ones you want to revisit, including valuable resources and videos in the IPMI Now Resource Center (under Partners Pavilion 2 in the Expo Hall).
  • Connect with the experts you met in the Expo and keep them close in your network.
  • Collect all those CAPP points from the event—let us know if we can help in that pursuit!

If you weren’t able to attend, stay tuned for more information on how you can take part in the platform.

Thanks so much to our Board, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants for taking this digital leap with us. Stay sharp, stay connected, and stay well.

Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, is IPMI’s vice president of program development.


Real-life Connections in a Virtual World

How not to suck at virtual networkingBy Kim Fernandez

Raise your hand if big-event networking can be a little overwhelming.

Now raise it if the thought of that same networking during a virtual event makes your head hurt a little bit.

I thought so.

As it turns out—and this was news to me—virtual networking is a very big thing. You can absolutely attend an online event and come away with the same valuable contacts you’d make face to face (slightly awkward small talk optional).

Take a minute and a half (seriously) and check out this video that offers some great tips to set yourself up to expand your contact list and make great industry connections while you attend an event (say, the 2020 IPMI Virtual Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo June 1-2, not that I’m biased) from home. Get your note-taking pen ready—the takeaways are plentiful and fast.

I’m looking forward to connecting with more people than ever during my next virtual event. Wanna race me?

Kim Fernandez is IPMI’s director of publications and editor of Parking & Mobility magazine, and now an enthusiastic advocate of virtual networking.

Reassessing Mobility Technology

Technology business professional developmentBy John Nolan, CAPP, MSM

Why do we spend so much money on business technology? We do so to help leverage our operations and improve business outcomes. These outcomes include our ability to deliver timely and accurate information—information that improves service outcomes but at the same time increases customer expectations.

Technology, like any product, is subject to the lifecycle effect. The product lifecycle is broken into four stages: development, growth, maturity, and decline. The process of strategizing ways to continuously support and maintain a product that avoids decline is called product lifecycle management. Within this management cycle exits the ability for competent management to extend and improve technology’s impact on their operation. When technology companies fail to understand or recognize where they are in that lifecycle realm, it often results in competitors or outside influencers jumping into the market and leaving them behind.

As a managing director of 12 various service departments, the ongoing assessing of various technologies is critical to delivering system performance that is essential to high-quality outcomes.

Within our parking organizations, parking leadership must constantly keep in mind the process of total quality management (TQM) and continuous quality improvement (CQI). Research within the marketplace to improve our condition, impose project discipline, and promote better communication through data and metrics is critical to performance excellence.

Amazon’s recent quarterly report significantly beat analysts’ expectations. The No. 1 factor the market cited was their switch to one-day service. The investment they made last year in managing their service lifecycle is now beginning to pay big dividends and once again challenging the marketplace for service dominance.

It’s very important that as parking professionals, we continuously engage with ourselves and our teams to understand what technologies in the market will improve our operation, especially when vendors are unresponsive. And, it’s important to not be afraid to make changes that improve our operation and our customers’ experience, even when it’s easier to continue with the status quo.

John Nolan, CAPP, MSM, is managing director of transportation services at Harvard University. He will present on this topic during the 2020 IPMI Virtual Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo, June 1-2, wherever you are. Click here for details and to register.


Free Online Shoptalk: How to Not Suck at Virtual Networking

Friday May 15, 2020  11 am-12 pm ET


Free to all industry professionals

Access Recording here


Networking is such a personal activity—it is not a one-size-fits-all practice. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and miss out on the foundation of how to build and retain a retain an effective network. At the end of the day, no one cares what you do as much as whether you know and like them and whether you can be trusted.

In an industry built on the power of connecting face-to-face, establishing and growing meaningful relationships is undeniably critical to long-term success. During the current pandemic, networking has shifted from onsite to fully online.

Are you prepared to nurture your network this way? Are you prepared to take advantage of online opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow through platforms like the 2020 IPMI Parking & Mobility Virtual Conference & Expo and IPMI’s ongoing free industry Shoptalks?

Get registered for this interactive webinar (it’s free!) and get ready to grow your personal and professional network, with lots of takeaway value and strategies you can use right away.

In this presentation, networking concierge Ashley Owens shares ways to nurture your current business relationships to create your own tactical, individualized approach. Save time by recognizing the best strategic partners and effectively engaging contacts through email, messaging, social media, and other digital tools. Dive in and engage with your peers in this highly interactive keynote, and learn how to balance your strengths, network strategically and with confidence, and craft an authentic, powerful, professional networking process to achieve a wildly successful career.


Ashley Owens Bio picPresenter: Ashley Owens

Ashley Owens is the first and only networking concierge who puts you in the right situation or gets you out of the wrong one. Ashley works as a strategic partner, attending events with professionals as an extension and champion of them. Starting her career as a personal and executive assistant to two celebrities in New York City, her experience in networking grew as she obtained positions in customer service, business analytics, and account management. Since 2017, she has grown her business into something she could have never dreamed of. Ashley is a host of two digital TV talk shows on RVNTV and This is It TV, speaking and interviewing on the topic of tactical networking. She has taken more than 700 introduction phone calls with business professionals looking to grow their network, and has made close to 1,000 introductions. She has spoken to over 50 networking groups, organizations, companies, and conferences, including the coveted Pennsylvania Conference for Women. She has been interviewed on the Mel Robbins Show on CBS, produces and hosts a podcast talking to entrepreneurs about their screw-ups, raises thousands of dollars for local nonprofits at her Cocktails and Conversation networking event, has over 185 referral partners,and has keynoted around the U.S.

Frontline Live: Effective Communication: The Importance of Active Listening – June 30, 2020

Effective Communication: The Importance of Active Listening

Discuss effective communication methods and techniques that can be used when interacting with difficult customers.

Instructor: Cindy Campbell

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.

Frontline Live: How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace – Session 3: Changing Group Dynamics – June 30, 2020

How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace (Three Part Series) – Session 3: Changing Group Dynamics

Review the three phases of change and steps to effectively implement change.

Instructor: Kim Jackson, CAPP

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.

Register button

Frontline Fridays: Team Dynamics and their Effect on Organizational Agility – June 26, 2020

Team Dynamics and their Effect on Organizational Agility

Identify challenging team dynamics, recognize the effects of organizational change, and review the steps required to improve individual and organizational responsiveness.

Instructor: Cindy Campbell

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.

Register button

Frontline Live: How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace – Session 3: Changing Group Dynamics – June 23, 2020

How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace (Three Part Series) – Session 3: Changing Group Dynamics

Review the three phases of change and steps to effectively implement change.

Instructor: Kim Jackson, CAPP

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.