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2020 IPMI Marketing Award Winner: Social Media Program: Philadelphia Parking Authority Podcast and PSAs

Philadelphia Parking Authority

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in Pennsylvania has increased its digital presence through the robust use of informative video content and a new podcast, “The Petri Dish,” hosted by PPA Executive Director Scott Petri. The PPA was looking for ways to adapt its digital content to better tell the organization’s brand story while increasing its social media following. The PPA already had an established library of informative and engaging content across several channels; this included imagery, blogs, motion graphics, limited video content, and infographics.

The PPA plays a vital role in contributing to the economic vitality of Philadelphia while also improving the quality of life for its residents and visitors. However, by effectively enforcing on-street parking, the PPA had a stigma that its sole purpose was to issue parking tickets. By analyzing social media data, the PPA determined who its audience was and created new video and podcast content to serve them. The PPA used social media targeting tools to reach its intended audience, targeting those ages 25–55 who lived within a 25-mile radius of Philadelphia.

Since the launch of the videos and podcast in January 2019, the PPA social media following has grown by more than 3,800 followers, or a 15 percent increase. The content has had more than 1.6 million impressions and over 44,000 social media engagements since the launch.

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2020 IPMI Professional Excellence Award – Operations: Corrine O’Connor

Corinne_OConnorCorrine O’Connor

Philadelphia Parking Authority

In May 1990, Corrine O’Connor started her career at the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in Pennsylvania as a parking enforcement officer. Over the years, she worked her way up and now serves as deputy executive director. She led four major projects last year that led to the integration of many customer conveniences. First, she led the roll-out of meterUP, a mobile payment application that has had over 5 million transactions and approximately 440,000 downloads. MeterUP accounts for roughly 30 percent of the parking authority’s meter revenue.

The PPA procured and began installation of new touch screen kiosks in Center City. Ultimately, over 8,000 single-head meters throughout the city will be replaced, along with 2,000 older kiosks.

The conversion of ticketing and enforcement was a major initiative and automates the towing and booting processes. O’Connor spearheaded the strategic thinking necessary to craft new solutions to a very complicated system that has been in place for over 35 years.

The PPA was tasked with overseeing the installation of speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, one of the deadliest highways in the country. Last year, a vendor was selected and the cameras installed. The program has been married with the red light camera enforcement program already administered by the PPA.

O’Connor has testified before the city council and provided input into many ordinances involving on-street regulation. She has also testified before a state Senate committee regarding taxi enforcement, which is part of the PPA’s responsibilities. She has provided input into various proposed state laws regarding license-plate recognition; traffic cameras; taxi, limo, and transportation network companies; and ride-sharing.

The PPA is also preparing various technologies to assist with managing the curb. O’Connor is on several committees for related projects that include an ability to monitor truck loading zones, create and enforce demand pricing, and provide an application to determine real-time availability.

2020 IPMI Parking Organization of the Year: Philadelphia Parking Authority

Philadelphia Parking Authority

Philadelphia Parking Authority

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in Pennsylvania serves the parking needs of the sixth-most populous U.S. city, with more than 1.5 million residents. The PPA—which has achieved an Accredited Parking Organization with Distinction designation—recently developed a three-year strategic plan, with the goal to advance economic development and improve quality of life while reducing the environmental impacts of single-occupant vehicle use.

Read more about our 2020 Parking Organization of the Year here.

The PPA is dedicated to implementing the latest parking, transportation, and mobility technologies to enhance user experience and improve efficiency for employees. In 2017, the PPA implemented its new mobile parking payment app, meterUP, which has transformed how residents and visitors interact with parking. Users can pay for parking with their smartphone, which notifies them before their session expires. They can also end their sessions early and receive a refund for unused time.

The PPA recently updated its towing system, allowing for complete automation of the towing process through handheld devices. The devices can send assignments directly to tow truck drivers, while parking enforcement officers (PEOs) can request a tow. This system has helped improve the jobs of PEOs and tow truck drivers, while creating a more safe and efficient process.

To provide a paradigm shift to the meaning of enforcement, PEOs now provide drivers with written reminders when their vehicle registrations expire (given in the first 15 days of the month). This allows the public to see officers from a different perspective and provides education, not punitive action, with the goal of improving public safety.

PPA Executive Director Scott Petri has created a podcast aimed at informing the community of the PPA’s efforts. He interviews employees about PPA initiatives so the public can better understand projects, programs, and technology.

The PPA has worked with the city to implement its Sustainability Action Plan, focusing on enhanced recycling; reducing waste, energy, and emissions; and conserving water. The PPA has implemented sustainability initiatives throughout its facilities and management procedures, including using low-emitting and fuel-efficient fleet vehicles, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and halon-free fire suppression systems. It has also implemented parking guidance systems, electric-vehicle charging stations, tire inflation stations, and off-street bike racks. The PPA is also working with Philadelphia’s regional transit agency, SEPTA, to address congestion along bus routes. PEOs conduct targeted enforcement in bus lanes to reduce traffic delays, congestion, and the resulting emissions.

The PPA is responsible for a number of unique tasks in Philadelphia that are not typically the responsibility of municipal parking authorities. These revolve mostly around community safety. The city participates in the Vision Zero Network, an international initiative aimed at reducing the number of injuries and deaths from traffic collisions each year.

The PPA takes part by managing red-light and speed-camera enforcement, identifying the most dangerous intersections, installing signage, and conducting community outreach to encourage traffic calming. This initiative has helped modify the city’s curb behavior and resulted in a significant drop in violations at these locations. In addition, the PPA supports bicycle mobility and collaborates with the local Bicycle Coalition. In fiscal year 2019, 5,438 tickets were written to enforce clearing bike lanes.

The PPA’s unique combination of responsibilities highlights its ability to manage the comprehensive nature of this changing industry, with the integration of transportation and mobility initiatives.

Member News: CurbTrac Assembles Industry Leaders to Innovate on COVID-19 Response with Clean Driver Program

PPA CurbTracPilot Grubhub Program Held in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, May 8, 2020 – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CurbTrac, a technology innovator in the parking and mobility industries, has launched the Clean Driver Program in partnership with ParkMobile, ParkOps, and Ballparc. The Clean Driver Program provides turn-key solutions for Transportation Network Companies (TNC), taxi companies, food delivery service providers, and corporate fleets to keep drivers and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic through PPE distribution sites and automotive sanitation services.  The Clean Driver Program is made possible through the combined efforts and teamwork of numerous parking and mobility technology partners.  Commenting on the launch of the program, CurbTrac CEO Charley DeBow said, “By combining the technology platforms of industry leaders like Park Mobile and Ballparc, alongside the staffing network of Park Ops and the logistics expertise of CurbTrac, The Clean Driver Program provides  clients with a cost-effective solution to quickly and efficiently distribute PPE kits directly into the hands of their drivers as well as provide a sanitation service for fleet operators.”

“ParkMobile is proud to be a part of this initiative to keep people safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “Drivers can easily use the ParkMobile app to reserve an appointment at the distribution site where they can pick up their PPE kits or have their cars sanitized.”

Another technology component of the Clean Driver Program is Ballparc, who will utilize their scanning validation functionality to track driver reservations that are redeemed within their reservation window. Ballparc’s CEO, Taylor Chapman said, “Ballparc is honored to be a part of this program and with partners that are willing to step up and think outside the box when called upon during these unprecedented times. This program is a great example of how vital innovation will continue to be in our rapidly changing industry.”

During the initial pilot for the Clean Driver Program in Philadelphia held this past week, CurbTrac distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to food delivery drivers, courtesy of Grubhub.  The initial pilot program was also supported by the Philadelphia Parking Authority who provided the space for the distribution site. “Ensuring the safety of our community during these times is incredibly important, especially as delivery is one of the only ways restaurants are able to stay open right now,” stated Eric Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Logistics at Grubhub. “While we’ve already extended an easy way for our driver network to access PPE, our partnership with CurbTrac’s Clean Driver Program further extends our efforts and gives drivers in Philadelphia a quick and easy way to pick up the supplies they need – and at no cost to them.”

International Parking & Mobility Institute CEO, Shawn Conrad, also weighed in, stating, “IPMI firmly believes in addressing mobility at all points of a journey – from the first mile to the last, and addressing all aspects along the way. Customer safety and the patron experience remains the first and most important priority. We are proud of all of our members who are innovating, pivoting, and changing the way we handle disruptions to public and private transportation and operations in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The Clean Driver Program by CurbTrac represents the best of our industry – applying creativity, spurring innovation, and bringing communities together. This program, and others like it by IPMI members, serve to achieve big picture goals: protecting public health during the crisis; creating new employment opportunities for those in our industry and beyond; allowing us all to travel more freely and carefully as we reopen cities, campuses, and destinations; and helping our economy recover by getting us all moving again.”

For more information on the Clean Driver Program, visit www.cleandriverprogram.com.

About CurbTrac

Founded by leaders in the mobility payment vertical, CurbTrac is a Philadelphia-based technology company creating innovative solutions for the parking and mobility industries.  The company’s leading product, a centralized parking payment database, provides municipalities, universities, and private parking operators with a fully integrated, multi-app payment system.  The Clean Driver Program is CurbTrac’s latest product and leverages its flexible software, and vast network of partnerships across the US, to quickly scale customized solutions to providing COVID-19 safety measures for Transportation Network Companies (TNC).  The Clean Driver Program launched in Philadelphia to support GrubHub drivers in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

About Grubhub

Grubhub (NYSE: GRUB) is a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace with the largest and most comprehensive network of restaurant partners, as well as more than 22 million active diners. Dedicated to connecting diners with the food they love from their favorite local restaurants, Grubhub elevates food ordering through innovative restaurant technology, easy-to-use platforms and an improved delivery experience. Grubhub features over 350,000 restaurants and is proud to partner with more than 165,000 of these restaurants in over 3,200 U.S. cities and London. The Grubhub portfolio of brands includes Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, AllMenus and MenuPages.

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Free Online Shoptalk: Planning for Future Municipal On-Street Operations

Wednesday April 29, 2020 @ 2:00-3:30 PM EST

Free Online Shoptalk: Planning for Future Municipal On-Street Operations

Free to all Industry Professionals

Access recording here

IPMI invites all industry professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted your various mobility programs and options, including how we plan for municipal on street operations post COVID-19.

This online Shoptalk will address the critical questions on how we begin to plan for re-opening our cities and parking and mobility operations, with a focus first on on-street operations, staff and patron safety, and planning ahead ready for staggered and phased operations that incorporate both innovations and best practices.   Bring your questions or share them in advance with us.

We understand this is an extremely busy time and will record the online shoptalk and distribute to all members and colleagues.  If you have a question or would like to share something that has worked for your organization in advance, please email Fernandez@parking-mobility.org.


Scott Petri headshotScott Petri, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, is devoted to public service and committed to providing strong leadership and direction to the PPA. In 2018, he guided the authority through accreditation, resulting in the PPA being Accredited with Distinction by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI), the highest rating available by this trade association.

An accomplished and talented leader with years of experience in fast-paced legal and legislative environments, he has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years, and served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where he represented the 178th Legislative District from 2003 through 2017.

Scott has worked to reform the legislature by instituting new rules to make government more transparent and open. He helped re-write Pennsylvania’s House Rules incorporating new standards of conduct for members, as well as laws to protect children from abuse. The National Federation of Independent Business awarded him its Guardian of Small Business award in 2014; and in 2012 and 2016 he was named State Public Official of the Year by Pennsylvania Bio, the statewide trade association representing the life science industry, and Legislator of the Year by BIO, a national association