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Court Upholds Phoenix Airport TNC Pick-up and Drop-off Fees

sign for ride-share pickup and dropoff at an airportThe Arizona Supreme Court upheld a $4 pick-up and drop-off fee for transportation network companies (TNCs) at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport late last week. TNCs had argued the fees were unconstitutional, while the airport said they would help distribute COVID-19 recovery costs between all businesses at the airport.

The airport had charged a $2.66 fee for pickups but no fee for dropoffs. Arizona’s attorney general argued the fee violated a 2018 constitutional amendment by placing a new fee on an existing service. The court did not issue an explanation with its ruling but the fight isn’t over: Legislation has been introduced that would block the fee increases. The legislative session is paused during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the topic is likely to see more attention when lawmakers reconvene. Read the whole story here.