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Boosting Campus Commute Choices at Emory University

Cover of Parking & Mobility magazine, March 2021When COVID-19 hit last year, boosting contactless parking options was a no-brainer–nobody wanted to touch anything more than they absolutely had to. But as the pandemic dragged on, it became clear that some operations were going to have to think their permit systems, and nowhere was that more clear than university campuses. With fewer people going to campus every day of every week, the monthly or semester permit system needed to flex.

This month’s Parking and Mobility magazine takes an in-depth look at how that shift happened at Emory University, a 15,000-student campus in Atlanta, Ga. From the first conversations to a careful consideration of pros and cons of a new system, to new technology choices, communicating with the campus community during and after a switch to more flexible parking options, to what’s ahead as life gets back to something resembling normal, it’s a great case study that’s applicable to universities and other sectors. Read it here.