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True Team Effort

International team of coworkers putting colorful puzzles togetherBy John Mason, CAPP, PMP

Very seldom as a manufacturer or contractor do you find true team efforts when replacing a client’s legacy equipment. A true team effort is when the client fully engages in the change.

It’s important as a client that you involve yourself in efforts to learn your new products and not just expect a turnkey system to run without your input or interest. Nobody likes changing. It’s a lot of effort, especially when you had a functional system in place chugging right along.

It’s important as the installer to remind yourself what a frustrating process large-scale change is to a client as well, and have compassion for them. You must make sure you are doing everything you can to take the pain out of the change. For example, a client may point out how the user interface could be enhanced in a way that makes it more intuitive, or they could find a bug. In either case, taking that information and making changes creates a better product. Customer satisfaction increases because you listened and made things easier for the client.

If both sides invest in this approach and truly partner, the end result becomes a win for all involved.

John Mason, CAPP, PMP, is a project manager with HUB Parking Technology.

Member News: INRIX Launches Safety Alerts Product Suite to Make Connected Vehicles and Smart Cities Safer

INRIX Hero_Drivewyze_News_Alert

Today, INRIX and Drivewyze announced a new partnership to bring real-time dangerous slowdown, queues, and road closure information to truck drivers operating the Drivewyze Connected Truck platform.

Leveraging INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, Drivewyze is able to convey safety events at a highly granular level to provide the maximum reaction time for commercial truck drivers.

“It takes 66% longer for a truck to stop as compared to a car, but truck drivers can be ready for that scenario if a warning is given in advance. That’s why we’re so excited about partnering with INRIX and working with state DOTs in bringing this free service to commercial truck drivers.”

Brian Mofford
VP of Government Experience

The new traffic congestion notification service is being offered to all states and it will operate across the entire U.S. Interstate System. Already, INRIX has added a new ‘Commercial Vehicle Safety Alerts’ option to its master contract under the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project, allowing 18 states along the eastern seaboard to contract for this turnkey service via the Coalition.

State DOTs and road authorities can work with INRIX and Drivewyze to activate this commercial driver alerting service on their road networks.

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