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The Parking Garage of The Future

Inside photo of a brightly lit parking garageYou’ll leave a car in the parking garage of the future, writes the New York Times. But you’ll also make dinner reservations, charge that vehicle, connect with other forms of mobility–and you’ll likely have reserved all of that ahead of time with an app. In short, parking in the future will be more convenient, scheduled, and all-encompassing:

Consider also, however, if one could deploy a smartphone or another device not only to find the garage on a maps app but also to ensure that on this rainy night a space is vacant and can be reserved. This is a good thing, because next to the blocklong parking facility is a concert hall, where Billie Eilish will be performing in an hour. Need a ticket for the show? The garage’s app can help with that, too. A dinner reservation? Sure.

Just a parking garage? Inventive entrepreneurs conceive of it as a “mobility hub” or “silo,” fashioned with whole lot of advanced software and hardware technology around a mantra that goes something like this: “Seamless, frictionless, touchless.” It’s a concept that has evolved in the past year because of the pandemic, and it’s likely to keep evolving.

Sound familiar? It’s what parking and mobility professionals have been saying for awhile now–but there’s more, and with some familiar names offering their expertise. Read the whole article here and let us know on Forum: What’s your future vision for parking?