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Frontline Fridays: Team Dynamics and their Effect on Organizational Agility

Team Dynamics and their Effect on Organizational Agility

Identify challenging team dynamics, recognize the effects of organizational change, and review the steps required to improve individual and organizational responsiveness.

Instructor: Cindy Campbell

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.


Five Behaviors Necessary for Organizational Agility

businessman jumping over hurdleBy Bonnie Watts, CEM

Our lives are so busy these days, we’ve learned to power everything. Power read. Power walk. Power nap. You can get a snapshot of how 100 of your closest friends and their families are by spending 15 minutes on social media. Technology has definitely changed how we interact.

Parenting has even changed and often, parents of this generation take a lot of criticism for the amount of technology exposure–from iPads to cell phones and what is age-appropriate. More than likely, you and I didn’t have cell phones when we were in grade school or even high school, but many parents argue today that they wouldn’t think of sending their children to school without one (gasp). While I’m a technology junkie, I’m sort of old school and crave the simpler life for kids, but recently read a post on Facebook that gave me a different perspective I can appreciate, and it got me thinking how technology has vastly changed the world.

Things happen much faster. Everything is immediate, from the customers’ needs to your response to delivering the product/service to the 50 new competitors chomping at your heels. Your organization needs to be able to react quickly to what’s happening and deliver or your customer will move on to the next shiny thing. Forbes Workday Global Study on Five Behaviors Necessary for Organizational Agility says, “No one can predict the future … and the shifts that can rapidly arise in their industry … for long-term survival of any company, you need to manage the unexpected.” Click the link above to learn more about the five behaviors needed to ensure your organization is staying agile.

Bonnie Watts, CEM, is IPMI’s vice president of sales.