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IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Accessible Parking and Placard Abuse

On-Demand Webinar Fee: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Description: Accessible parking challenges and disabled placard abuse are continuing challenges. While some federal standards exist, cities and states take a wide variety of approaches. For the first time, the issues are being considered on a national level by a broadly based united group. The IPMI-led Accessible Parking Coalition (APC) includes transportation officials, government agencies, advocacy groups, parking management and technology experts, veterans’ groups, civil rights advocates, and independent living movement members. Gain insights from APC research and resources, and learn how a number of municipalities and universities are addressing the issues successfully.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges surrounding accessible parking problems and eliminating disabled placard/plate abuse.
  • Learn how to tap into available resources offered by the Accessible Parking Coalition.
  • Learn ways to successfully address the issues through innovative programs that are working for a number of municipalities and universities.


Gary Means, CAPP, holds a BA in broadcasting from Eastern Kentucky University and is executive director of the Lexington, Ky., Parking Authority. He is secretary of the IPMI Board of Directors. Locally, he serves on several downtown-oriented boards/committees including the YMCA, Downtown Lexington Management District, and the Downtown Lexington Partnership. Gary has worked in the parking industry for more than 22 years in both the public and private sectors.






Debbie Hoffman, CAPP, is director of transportations services at Texas A&M University. She serves on the board for the Center for Transportation Demand Management, as treasurer for the Red River Chapter of the Association of Commuter Transportation, and on IPMI’s Parking Matters committee. She holds a master of science degree from Texas A&M University. Her passion is bringing people together to develop creative, high-functioning solutions.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Curb Management: Strategies and Tech to Define, Manage, and Enforce the Curb

On-Demand Webinar: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Description: Struggling with curb management or just starting to think about it? You’re not alone—balancing shared use of this limited and valuable real estate is a challenge, and it’s only projected to become more complicated from here. Learn what curb management is and how various technologies will support effective curb-sharing. This presentation explores four major categories of consideration and how technology will be applied to de-clutter and de-stress curb space.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the elements of curb management.
  • Understand the use and data elements that are required to define and manage the curb as a critical asset.
  • Discuss the established and emerging strategies and technologies that will help you charge for curb access appropriately and enforce access, restrictions, and more.


Mike Drow, CAPP, is senior vice president, corporate development, at T2 Systems, where he establishes and manages technology partnerships and acquisitions to align with the company’s long-term strategic goals. He has led the development of mobility services, remote management operations, mobile payments, and interactive marketing services, and has worked with municipalities, universities, airports, and urban garages. He is co-chair of IPMI’s Technology Committee.






Charles Debow is a managing member of D&D Advisory Group, a parking and mobility consulting firm.  He has extensive experience in the parking industry and is widely recognized as a technology and innovation leader. Prior to his current role, he served as SVP of sales and account management for Parkmobile, as director of municipal parking in State College, Pa., as well positions in private operations.  He serves on the IPMI Parking Technology Committee and is a frequent contributor to the IPMI magazine as well as the Blog.

IPMI Webinar: Municipal Procurement: Repeating Mistakes on Purpose

On-Demand Webcast: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Description: Are your RFPs for technology products finding the best products for your operation at the best price? RFPs aim to introduce a level playing field for vendors and reduce any potential for favoritism, and garner the best prices. But it doesn’t always work that way; cities can achieve better outcomes by changing the way they buy software. Refocusing RFPs on the operation’s unique needs instead of product specs can bring much more effective results, but it’s a different way of thinking than the traditional. Join us for this archived webinar and learn how to use the RFP process more effectively to get the products you want at the best possible price.


1. Understand the weaknesses of current procurement practices.
2. Evaluate a new RFP evaluation methodology.
3. Produce an improved way to purchase cloud-based technology.


Ben Winokur, chief of staff, Passport Labs, Inc., is a lawyer turned data product manager. He loves working with audacious, passionate entrepreneurs. He owned and sold a company before, and he has a passion for SaaS startups. Winokur currently leads Passport’s data platform product, helping parking and transit operators manage their operators based on real-time data.