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Free Online Shoptalk: How to Not Suck at Virtual Networking

Free Online Shoptalk: How to Not Suck at Virtual Networking

Friday May 15, 2020  11 am-12 pm ET

Free to all industry professionals

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Networking is such a personal activity—it is not a one-size-fits-all practice. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and miss out on the foundation of how to build and retain a retain an effective network. At the end of the day, no one cares what you do as much as whether you know and like them and whether you can be trusted.

In an industry built on the power of connecting face-to-face, establishing and growing meaningful relationships is undeniably critical to long-term success. During the current pandemic, networking has shifted from onsite to fully online.

Are you prepared to nurture your network this way? Are you prepared to take advantage of online opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow through platforms like the 2020 IPMI Parking & Mobility Virtual Conference & Expo and IPMI’s ongoing free industry Shoptalks?

Get registered for this interactive webinar (it’s free!) and get ready to grow your personal and professional network, with lots of takeaway value and strategies you can use right away.

In this presentation, networking concierge Ashley Owens shares ways to nurture your current business relationships to create your own tactical, individualized approach. Save time by recognizing the best strategic partners and effectively engaging contacts through email, messaging, social media, and other digital tools. Dive in and engage with your peers in this highly interactive keynote, and learn how to balance your strengths, network strategically and with confidence, and craft an authentic, powerful, professional networking process to achieve a wildly successful career.


Ashley Owens Bio picPresenter: Ashley Owens

Ashley Owens is the first and only networking concierge who puts you in the right situation or gets you out of the wrong one. Ashley works as a strategic partner, attending events with professionals as an extension and champion of them. Starting her career as a personal and executive assistant to two celebrities in New York City, her experience in networking grew as she obtained positions in customer service, business analytics, and account management. Since 2017, she has grown her business into something she could have never dreamed of. Ashley is a host of two digital TV talk shows on RVNTV and This is It TV, speaking and interviewing on the topic of tactical networking. She has taken more than 700 introduction phone calls with business professionals looking to grow their network, and has made close to 1,000 introductions. She has spoken to over 50 networking groups, organizations, companies, and conferences, including the coveted Pennsylvania Conference for Women. She has been interviewed on the Mel Robbins Show on CBS, produces and hosts a podcast talking to entrepreneurs about their screw-ups, raises thousands of dollars for local nonprofits at her Cocktails and Conversation networking event, has over 185 referral partners,and has keynoted around the U.S.

IPI Webinar: Suicide in Parking Facilities: Prevention, Response and Recovery

IPMI is offering this webinar for free to all IPMI members through September 30, 2020 as part of our Stay Connected campaign to support our industry through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Normal Cost: On-Demand Webinar Fee: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members


A sad reality of the parking industry is that parking structures are sometimes used for suicides or suicide attempts. According to a 2016 IPI survey of members, half the organizations had experienced a suicide or suicide attempt at one of their parking facilities.

This archived webinar covers a wide range of topics, from installing physical barriers and signage that offers crisis line information to on-the-scene intervention and post-traumatic care for employees and witnesses. It also addresses how to effectively manage media attention that can unintentionally glamorize suicide with tragic consequences.

Join Gary Cudney, PE, of Carl Walker, Inc.; Jim Sayre, CAPP, of the University of Iowa; and Larry Cohen, CAPP, of the Lancaster Parking Authority, for this 60-minute webinar.


  • Understand the risks of suicide in parking structures
  • Learn suicide prevention methods, solutions, and costs, plus the potential costs of doing nothing
  • Glean knowledge from the University of Iowa’s parking structure safety barrier study

All CAPPs and potential CAPP candidates who register and participate will receive 1 point toward their CAPP recertification or CAPP application eligibility requirements.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Cracking the Code to Sustaining a Customer Service Culture

On-Demand Webinar Cost: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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In this webinar, the key tactics that can be used to sustain a customer service culture within your organization will be reviewed. The webinar will give you practical solutions to implement with limited time and dollars including: refresher training ideas, reward and recognition program options and mechanisms to create feedback channels with employees that can help to address common customer challenges proactively, so some customer service issues can be avoided altogether.

1. Recognize customer service program components that be motivating and effective within an organization’s workforce;

2. Implement tactics within their own operations to develop and sustain a customer service culture.

Marlyn Group clients ensuring Employee Training, and Organizational Development programs align with operational needs. Vicki has over seventeen years of experience in the parking industry. She is a member of the Green Parking Council Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer. She is also a member of IPMI, where she serves on the Education Development Committee.

IPI Webinar: The Path to APO — Benchmarking Success and Advancing Your Organization — November 16, 2016

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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This session will present an overview of the new APO standard, and summarize the range of industry practices and features that are state of the industry in institutional, municipal, medical, university, airport, private, and other parking programs nationally and internationally. This session will review the checklist format that has been developed to document the necessary evidence of compliance with these evolving industry standards. Programs that successfully meet the standards set forth in this assessment process will be certified as exemplifying a solid and well-rounded parking program and exhibiting the key practices supported by IPI, therefore warranting recommendation as having achieved Accredited Parking Organization (APO).

The presentation will focus on an overview of the content in the matrix, as well as the process and best practices to guide an organization through accreditation or any strategic planning or internal TQM process. Discussion will include feedback from the first recipients of the APO designation. Participants will receive electronic copies of the APO Manual for Applicants and the APO Matrix, as well as additional resources.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the new IPI Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Program and its meaning, process, and goals
  • Learn about the program’s structure and areas for program assessment, including major aspects in planning, human resources, operations, finance, design and construction, and more.
  • Assess your own organization’s readiness to pursue APO, or utilize the matrix and manual as a tool for strategic planning.


  • Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP, serves as Vice President of Program Development for IPI, leading the organization in the areas of technology, research, data analytics, and industry accreditation and certification. Rachel serves as the lead at IPI for the Accredited Parking Organization (APO) program, which recognizes excellence in parking organizations according to comprehensive standards.


  • Alejandra (Alex) Argudin, CAPP, LEED AP, is the Chief Operations Officer for the Miami Parking Authority. As COO, she is responsible for the daily operations of one of the largest parking agencies in the State of Florida. She oversees a staff of over 132 employees and an operation that generates well over $45 million in parking revenue.
  • Maria Irshad, CAPP, MPA is the Assistant Director for the Parking Management Division of the City of Houston. Parking Management is responsible for the management of 9,200 metered parking spaces and 19 off-street surface lots; the enforcement of all parking codes and the administration of various permits.
  • Amy Ross, Manager for Parking Systems and Communications, has worked at Cornell University for 28 years, 25 of those with Transportation Services. She has served the department in various roles ranging from customer service to administration. Amy lead her team through the APO process, achieving accreditation in 2015. She is responsible for various transportation system projects focusing mainly on customer self-service opportunities, the most recent example of which is addition of Parkmobile Reservations to their suite of parking options.

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPI Members, $50.00 for Non-Members

IPI Webinar: Transformational Services and Efficiencies

On-Demand Archive: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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This archived webinar will demonstrate great leadership strategies learned from Walt Disney World with specific tactics around strategies for parking and transportation.

As a large commuter school, ease of access and ease of parking remain at the apex of Florida International University (FIU)’s priorities. Following the Great Leadership Strategies model learned from Walt Disney World, FIU developed specific tactics around strategies for parking and transportation, then launched the best of our industry partner’s right-fit technologies to place transformational services at the fingertips of our FIU community.


  • Examine how to estimate future parking needs.
  • Illustrate design strategies linked to performance funding.
  • Use assets to the fullest potential (parking garages and lots are the assets).

Tom Hartley is the Executive Director of the Office of Sustainability and Parking & Transportation at Florida International University. After his 22-year tenure with Walt Disney World, Tom transitioned into the parking industry. Tom holds a Master of Hospitality Administration, a Master of Business Administration-Finance, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in education.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Revolution

IPMI is offering this webinar for free to all IPMI members for a limited time as part of our Stay Connected campaign to support our industry through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Normal Cost: On-Demand Webinar Fee: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Revolution is the eighth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPMI’s Parking Technology Committee. This year’s presentation explores the connected vehicle and its impact on parking. We all hear and see the buzzwords: automated, self-driving, driverless, connected vehicles. But what exactly does it all mean? Will Uber take over the world in 2020? Will parking facilities become less necessary due to the changing landscape? Who pays for a shared vehicle to park, and how? And how does this new technology now being packaged into our vehicles impact the parking industry and your current and future operations?

In this archived webinar, the presenter explores the world of connected vehicles and brings a little order and definition to this emerging landscape, showing what technologies are leading the race to bring standardization to the market while making the customer experience frictionless.


1. Clearly define and describe the different types of connected vehicles, showcasing the applications and impact on customers’ daily lives.
2. Understand the auto industry’s move to mobility services and what this pivot means to the parking industry.
3. Prepare your parking operations for this revolution, taking simple yet proactive steps to leverage this new movement.


Brent Paxton serves as Executive Vice President for Parkmobile. Parkmobile is the leading global provider of mobile payment technologies for the parking industry.
Prior to joining Parkmobile in the summer of 2009, Mr. Paxton spent six years as CFO for AmeriPark, a nationally-recognized parking company based in Atlanta, and as principal for Strategic Parking Advisors, an advisory services firm he co-founded and managed. Brent had previously served as the CFO for Clemens Construction Company based in Philadelphia, following ten years in the real estate industry. He is a seasoned business executive and proven performer with consistent successes in growth-oriented companies.

IPI Webinar: Introduction to Parksmart

On-Demand Webinar: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Parking lies at the intersection of the two biggest drivers of CO2 emissions globally, buildings and transportation. Evolving technologies, new business opportunities and a growing consciousness regarding environmental responsibility have positioned parking to drive change in both of these areas. Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation, provides garages with a pathway to harness this opportunity and redefine parking as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere.

This archived webinar will provide information on Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation, which provides garages with a pathway to harness this opportunity and redefine parking as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere. This webinar will address how parking structure owners and operators can utilize Parksmart to enhance bottom lines, embrace environmental responsibility and address emerging trends within the parking and transportation industries.


  • Highlight emerging trends in the parking and transportation industries.
  • Describe the value of sustainability in parking.
  • Provide an overview of the Parksmart rating system.


Paul Wessel is the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) market development director responsible for the global rollout of the Parksmart parking and transportation certification program. Paul previously served as executive director of the Green Parking Council (GPC). He has presented on sustainable parking to the American Planning Association, the Better Buildings Alliance, CBRE, Colliers, the National Governors Association, and the Urban Land Institute.

IPI Webinar: Potential Impacts of City-Level Parking Cash-Out and Transit Benefit Ordinances

On-Demand Webcast: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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The vast majority of employers provide their employees free parking at work, which encourages employees to drive alone. Parking cash-out enables employees to choose cash instead of free, employer-provided parking, substantially reducing the rate at which people drive alone to work. But this has not been implemented broadly. This presentation will provide an overview of cash-out policies; highlight the results of a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) analysis of six different possible cash-out ordinances, for nine different cities, to estimate their potential impacts; and offer information on the real-world implementation of cash-out policies at the municipal level. A literature review of the impacts of parking pricing and commuter incentives will be shared as part of the presentation.

  • Objectives:
    Inform the audience of the expected benefits of commute pricing incentives to improve parking management, including better utilization of existing parking supply and reduced vehicle-miles traveled in turn leading to less congestion and reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and other related externalities.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different city-level parking pricing and incentive policies in terms of both implementation challenges and policy impacts.
  • Explore the robust and creative analytical, techniques used to evaluate policy alternatives and how they can take advantage of the work performed in the FHWA project to help with their own analysis.


Allen Greenberg, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, has analyzed and advocated for sustainable U.S transportation policy from both inside and outside of government for 25 years. As a senior policy analyst at the Federal Highway Administration, Mr. Greenberg cultivates, develops, and manages transportation pricing pilot initiatives, including many parking pricing projects. Earlier, Mr. Greenberg worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and League of American Bicyclists. He holds a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Virginia and a B.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.




Colleen Stoll, City of Santa Monica, Calif., is the Transportation Demand Management Program Manager for the City of Santa Monica. The TDM program proactively manages congestion, improves air quality, and reduces automobile dependence in Santa Monica. It requires annual trip reduction plans from developers and employers with 10 or more employees. When Santa Monica started the TDM Program over twenty years ago, the number of solo drivers driving to work was 80 percent. Today, that number has been reduced to 62 percent in the mornings, and 58 percent in the afternoons. Last year, that translated to over 12,300 fewer car trips per day.

IPI Webinar: Data Analytics — Nov. 15, 2017

On-Demand Webinar: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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The IPI Parking Research Committee approached this multi-faceted project to better define the scale of our industry. What started as a daunting task has turned into a robust and inclusive data mapping exercise that has included many of IPI’s member institutions and vendors, who have graciously provided information to map the size and scale of our industry. The results have been astounding, even with a small (but growing) sample size of respondents. This webinar will share those results, while taking attendees on an interactive exercise to map their parking data and compare results with the new industry benchmarks set by the IPI survey.

This archived webinar addresses the need for better data, industry efforts to benchmark and aggregate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the results to date of this critical effort. Attendees will participate in live text polling to see how they match up, and discuss various KPIs as we play with the data.


  • Review the various numbers put forth about the parking industry to date – and why we need better data.
  • Understand the various KPIs aggregated under the survey.
  • Take stock of your own organization in relation to the industry.


Brett Wood, P.E., CAPP, is a parking and transportation consultant with Kimley-Horn in Phoenix, Ariz. Throughout his career, Brett has worked on a variety of parking and transportation projects throughout the world that have afforded him a unique viewpoint of the role of parking in a successful and vibrant community. His unique passion for right-sized parking, transportation demand management, and innovative parking management solutions has helped communities find the right solution for parking.

IPMI On-Demand Webinar: Being a Superhero in Your City

On-Demand Webinar Fee: $35.00 for IPMI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Description: Whether it’s Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman, everyone loves a superhero. Hear how you can raise the bar in your city or operations by improving your parking organization. Operate in a way that an administration looks for ways to keep you and not reasons to keep you; you have the (super)power to promote your parking product!


  • Best practices to improve operations in a municipality, with a focus on working with contractors.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and how to use them to determine improvements or adjustments to operations.
  • Ways to improve operations, staff morale, corporate and citizen relations, and your organization as a whole.


Tiffany Smith serves as Director of the Parking Authority of River City, Inc. (PARC) in Louisville, KY. Tiffany’s focus is on emphasizing technology, innovation and creative thinking in their parking operations.  While providing oversight for internal and contracted staff, she prides herself in ensuring superior customer service and changing the overall perception of parking and its value in a city as an economic engine, contributing over $100M to their growing city.






Thomas Leathers, CAPP, serves as Parking Administrator for the City of Durham, N.C. Thomas has over 25 years of parking management, transit and economic development experience. He managed economic development projects for the City of Durham; parking and transit operations at American University and served as the Deputy General Manager of MetroAccess by Murray’s Transportation. As the Parking Division Administrator, he provides senior leadership, expertise, and management for parking operations, services, facilities, and programs.