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Member News: Kimley-Horn Named One of 2020 Best Places to Work for Millenials


“I started my career at Kimley-Horn and never expected to fall in love with the world of parking, but I am so thankful I did. Senior leaders have provided me with opportunities to take this passion and run with it, getting the chance to be involved in exciting projects that often have been unlike any other projects we’ve done in the firm. I am appreciative of the encouragement and support I receive to pursue parking projects, participate and present at conferences, and work towards certifications that will help our firmwide Parking practice grow!”
Mallory Scates, P.E., Parkin (San Antonio, TX)



“As a millennial, I value the flexibility that Kimley-Horn and my colleagues offer when I need it. Personal obligations rarely conform to a typical work schedule, and Kimley-Horn goes above and beyond to ease the stress when life happens. Whether it is emergency childcare or the summer softball league, we receive the necessary support to be personally successful while delivering exceptional client service.”
Matt Horton, AICP (San Diego, CA)




“Kimley-Horn’s robust training courses and wealth of knowledge across the country have been instrumental for me as a millennial coming into the parking structure industry. These available resources have served as a catalyst to propel my career forward quicker than many of my peers and afford me the opportunity to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the world of parking.”
Blake Clamp, P.E. (Columbia, SC)

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