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Los Angeles Delays Micro-mobility Regulations Designed to Boost Equity

Shared electric scooter against a city wall.The transportation committee of the Los Angeles City Council approved strict new rules governing micro-mobility distribution and use through the city but delayed roll-out until the end of the year. Companies providing shared scooters and bikes praised the delay, saying the new regulations are too expensive and difficult to comply with, and they hoped an extra few months will present time for everyone to find a middle ground.

The regulations are partially designed to get more shared, human-powered vehicles into low-income neighborhoods while preventing their abandonment on sidewalks and in yards elsewhere. The proposed rules, suppliers say, pose fines and punishments that are too harsh; for its part, the city says an incentive-based program was largely ignored by the companies.

Part of the new regulations includes a per-ride permit fee, set at nothing in low-income areas and up to $.40 per ride in more popular destinations. It also requires companies to retrofit vehicles to be locked to bike racks within six months–a move the companies say would cost them millions of dollars.

Both sides say conversation will continue to iron out details before the regulations go into effect Dec. 31. Read the whole story here.

Los Angeles Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions, Boost EV Charging for Olympics

Los Angeles, Calif., launched a massive plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost electric-vehicle charging before it hosts the Olympic Games in 2028. According to Forbes:

Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city, surrounding communities, companies and other entities are part of a Transportation Electrification Partnership with specific goals for the next nine years, laid out as the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap. Targets include 30 percent of L.A.-area personal passenger vehicles on the road (and 80 percent of new vehicles sold) being electric and ensuring that 40 percent of commercial truck trips, particularly those from the sprawling ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, are exhaust-free. Electric fueling infrastructure is key to hitting those goals, so the plan includes installing 84,000 public chargers and up to 95,000 for fleets and goods movement.

Read the whole story here.

L.A. Metro Unveils Multi-mode Service

The Los Angeles Metro has added bike-share options to its Transit Access Pass (TAP) card accounts and plans to branch out to scooter-share, transportation network company (TNC) options, and even reserving a parking space with the card in the not-too-distant future.

TAP card users can reserve a bike at 90 train stations in the program, which was designed to let commuters move seamlessly from train to bike to travel their last mile or beyond. With the new program, L.A. joins several other major metro areas, including Chicago, Ill., and Portland, Ore., to add different mobility options to systems that have traditionally been train-only. L.A. Metro officials say they’re in talks with about nine other mobility providers to add those systems to the TAP card, and they’re unveiling an app next spring to pull it all together into a mobile-device-based system.

Read the whole story here.