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You Can’t Do a Good Job if Your Job is All You Do

Forget to check your phoneBy Rita Pagan

This year’s IPMI Leadership Summit was chock-full of juicy tools and techniques for leaders in the industry. The one that stuck out most to me was something everyone wanted help to implement in their lives: whole living and personal wellness. Ask yourself: Are you spending time doing things you love, or are you too drained to do anything other than recoup before the next workday begins?

Highly accomplished leaders learn how to manage their energy and focus on the actions  only they can do to move the needle in their organizations, they honor their boundaries and personal life commitments, and they know how to stop the world and stop their thoughts on command.

Delegating to others, creating a “to-stop list,” improving your time-management skills, and taking care of yourself (e.g., exercising, getting checkups, practicing great nutrition, carving out time to relax, etc.) are just a few of the many ways to reclaim your work-life balance and personal wellness.

Call in sick and don’t feel guilty! You deserve it!

Rita Pagan is IPMI’s events and exhibits manager.