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How’s Your Curbside Management Vocabulary?

Just a few years ago, “curbside management” wasn’t a thing–certainly not a thing anyone talked about. But today, it’s a very big thing, and a specialty many parking and mobility organizations are working to master. Making use of that valuable curbside real estate is a big challenge, and doing it effectively can make a city or campus move much more effectively.

One challenge is that everybody uses different words to describe different facets of curbside management, so having a conversation can be a little muddled. But IPMI’s Research & Innovation Task Force has come to the rescue, working to identify common terms, define them, and package them up into a handy resource for the industry–one that will make collaboration much easier.

The Curbside Management Glossary of Terms is part of the September issue of Parking & Mobility magazine. Use it as a resource, share it with your staff, and get everyone on the same page with the words they use. Your operation and customers will thank you.