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The Abundance We Share

many hands in the shape of a heartBy Kim E. Jackson, CAPP

‘Tis the season–unfortunately, everyone might not be feeling so jolly right now. Many of us just experienced a Thanksgiving holiday that did not include our normal large family and friends gathering, and we now face the challenge of modest end-of-year holiday celebrations.

Instead of looking inward at this time, I challenge us all to spread some holiday cheer of our own by giving back! Regardless of it’s for family members, community members, or colleagues in need, many of us can do something for others, big or small. I just read a social media post from a friend that made me think about what I can and should do for others. The post read:

“We are now a solid eight months into the pandemic and if you are not working/not getting a paycheck/struggling to make ends meet and run out of food or necessities, please don’t let yourself or your kids or your pets go to sleep with an empty stomach. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a private message. I am more than happy to help. I will drop and go or order for delivery. No one has to know and I will pretend it never happened. What’s understood never has to be explained.”


What’s understood is we are all blessed with an abundance to share: time, money, food, toys for kids, clothing, etc. Simply ask yourself, how do I want to end this year? Was I able to give back to those less fortunate?

Let’s all do a something GREAT and ring in 2021 with a renewed spirit!

Kim E. Jackson, CAPP, is director of parking and transportation at Princeton University.