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California Town Faces Backlash for Banning On-street RV Parking

The City of Fullerton, Calif., enacted a ban on on-street RV parking and now faces backlash from people who live in the vehicles and feel they’re being discriminated against.

Officials left flyers on RVs parked on city streets explaining the new regulation and saying the vehicles have to be moved by December 17 or face penalties that could include towing. Residents can apply for permits that would allow them to park RVs in front of their homes, but permits will not be available to those whose address is a P.O. box or indeterminate. The city is home to a safe parking program that allows those living in RVs to park in specific lots, but town officials say residential streets and those around an industrial park are becoming clogged with vehicles being used as residences. In turn, those living in their vehicles told reporters they felt targeted for being homeless.

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