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young hospital cleaner cleaning on the wardBy Roamy R. Valera, CAPP

I recently had a medical procedure that required an overnight stay at the hospital. I was clearly not planning this event, but it is 2020! I am well and feeling great and of course grateful for a team of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who took great care of me.

I share this recent event because of a profound interaction I had with a 70-year-old hospital housekeeper in my room as I was getting ready to be released and the nurse was giving what seemed to be a book of instructions to follow. Her soft tone of voice coupled with a deep and honest concern for my health gave me pause. As she witnessed me getting ready and somewhat occupied, she reached out and asked me about my family. “How are they? How old are the kids? Do you miss them?” She proceeded to sit on the chair in the room with the purpose of making me feel at ease and let me know that everything was going to be alright. She used her wise life experience to center me on what matters most.

“Family,” she said, “is your most important asset. Cherish it and foster it every day of your life.” Here I am in the middle of a pandemic, after a medical procedure, after seeing and talking to doctors and nurses, and it is the housekeeper who provides me with the best medicine and remedy. This 70-year-old housekeeper had the most profound message and lesson for me. I am also reminded how critical the most front line of the organization can be for the success of the overall experience.

“Family is the most important asset.” And as we close out this very challenging year, I am grateful for my family. May this Christmas and holiday season allow you to be closer to your family.

Roamy R. Valera, CAPP, is CEO, North America, with PayByPhone.