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The Road Ahead

What does mobility look like going forward? It’s certainly a much-discussed question in the industry, but also a hot topic among drivers, cities, and the general public. And now the Smithsonian is taking a look into what it says might be the future of transportation.

The newest exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in New York City, examines “The Road Ahead,” offering a glimpse into future mobility. It’s a 3D and audio experience that transforms the intersection outside the museum from one filled with cars and rumbling trucks into one with all sorts of mobility options, and even some green space and a bustling sidewalk cafe. It also poses questions to visitors designed to get them really thinking about future options for getting around.

Read about the exhibit here and take a look at its parts on the museum’s website. It’s scheduled to be on display through March, 2019.