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Be Well Among the Disruptions

industry disruptions COVID-19By Kathleen Federici, MEd

The time we are experiencing right now certainly is a disruption—a disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process. As an industry, we are not naïve to disruptions; some would dare say innovative disruptions can and have changed our work, organizations, and product lines for the better. The people who comprise the parking, transportation, and mobility industry have experience with disruptions to the way business is conducted, sometimes at a rapid pace. Adaptability and innovative thinking are not strangers to us.

However, what we are experiencing currently is a world-wide, didn’t-see-this-coming type of disruption. Even with this disruption, we can choose to alter our mindset to pursue new and innovative opportunities for growth—both personally, and professionally.

Personally, I am getting to spend more time with my children. We are baking together, we have expanded our fruit and vegetable gardens large enough to be able to give food to our local food bank, and we have played enough backyard bocce ball to qualify for the Olympics. During this disruption, do things that make you feel happy and content.

Professionally, I have included this link to free articles on how to Lead Through the COVID-19 disruption. Hope is what everyone needs right now. Hope inspires commitment, and prompts performance. Hope pulls people forward and invites them to participate in creating a future that’s better than the present. Be well, my friends.

Kathleen Federici, MEd, is IPMI’s director of professional development.