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GM Commits $25 Million to Equity in Transition to Electric Vehicles

transition to electric vehicles General Motors announced this week the creation of a $25 million fund to encourage equity as the company and others transition to prioritizing electric vehicles.

The Climate Equity Fund, company executives said, will be used to “implement inclusive solutions that bring everyone along, especially our employees and communities.”

GM recently lowered the price of its electric Bolt by $5,000 and committed to covering the cost for eligible owners to install their own chargers, but many of the EVs manufactured by the company qualify as “luxury” cars, based on price. The company hopes the new fund will bridge the existing equity gap for electric vehicle ownership.

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Free, Electric Ride-share System Debuts in Eugene, Ore.

Travelers in Eugene, Ore., can use an app to summon a free ride in an electric vehicle during the workweek starting today. It’s a pilot program, and organizers say local business owners, including owners of downtown shops and restaurants, need to help promote it to make it work.

The service runs from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and serves about 70 stops throughout the city. The vehicles look like small buses and hold five passengers each, and the hope is that people will enjoy the convenience and green benefits–and the chance to socialize along the way–enough to think about giving up their single-occupant vehicles some of the time.

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