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Understanding Racism: An Open Conversation

Top view of international business team showing cooperation with putting their hands together on top of each otherBy  Vanessa R. Cummings, CAPP, MDiv

Courageous conversations are key to leadership and IPMI is opening the door to offer us the opportunity to talk about a subject that, to some, may be hard to discuss: race. No, not race car driving, but understanding racism. What it is, what does it look like, and what does it feel like?

It’s time to have a conversation in a safe setting, respectfully moderated, with real-world examples. Of course, we will also include some humor and lots of discussion. I’m sure there are questions you’ve always wanted to ask. You can ask them here. There are viewpoints you want to share but didn’t have a proper place to share them. You can do it here.

You may wonder if this is worth the investment. I say absolutely. Not because I am facilitating the discussion, but because we cannot move forward without knowledge and understanding. Understanding Racism is a timely conversation based on where we are today–in what some call a “divided America.” We will discuss perception versus reality, the history of racism, racial micro-aggressions and their effects on human resources, team building, work relationships, customer service, and so much more. We’ll finish with a road map on where to go from here.

This course is relevant for every person in your organization, personally and professionally. Here’s the added benefit: You will get two CAPP points or .2 CEUs toward your initial application or recertification.

Join us for this important dialog Feb. 11. Sign up now.

Vanessa R. Cummings, CAPP, MDiv, is CEO of Ms. V Consulting, LLC. She’ll lead IPMI’s Understanding Racism course Feb. 11. Click here for details and to register.