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The Core of Culture

By George Baker Sr.

In today’s professional landscape, a strong company culture is not a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. Consider this research from Deloitte: 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success*. Additionally, there is a strong correlation between employees who claim to feel happy and valued at work and those who say their company has a strong culture.

Culture affects your company’s ability to readily recruit, provide job satisfaction, improve performance, collaboration, and morale, and increase loyalty. All of these factors lead to a better experience for employees and leadership alike and ultimately contribute to your ability to achieve business goals.

As a founder and CEO of a startup, I knew the culture I created could bond or break my team. Startups can be risky environments. The people who support and share your vision–as investors, partners, and, above all, your workforce–take a leap of faith. Creating a rewarding culture is your way to pay it forward and pay it back.

I chose to instill core values as a way to align my team. Perhaps due to my upbringing as a Boy Scout, I understood the power of shared messages. “Be prepared!” “Do a good turn daily.” Shared words lead to a shared approach. I aimed to incorporate our core values into every facet of the business from hanging them on the walls of the office, to reiterating them in company dialogue, to recognizing an individual who championed a particular value each month.

The parking industry is heading toward uncharted territory at a rapid pace. In my mind, there is no better time to look within your organization, hone your tools as a leader, and strengthen from the core.

*Insights from Deloitte’s “Culture in the Workplace” report.


George Baker Sr., is founder and CEO of ParkHub. He is speaking on this topic at IPMI’s Leadership Summit this week.