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Member News: Transit technology firm Passio highlights contact tracing tool to fight the pandemic spread

ATLANTA, Georgia – July 22, 2020

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In the current pandemic era, a highly relevant solution on the rise is “contact tracing” – identifying and managing people who’ve been exposed to a disease and those who’ve come into contact with them to help prevent further transmission. Passio Technologies, an Atlanta, GA based firm providing intelligent technology solutions for transit has just announced the addition of their Contact Tracing module to their existing Gateway Solution platform. Touted as the newest tool for transit to use in the fight against pandemics.

According to the company, Contact Tracing, a new module in their flagship Gateway platform works with existing passenger identification scanning systems to identify and alert transit operators on university, municipal, healthcare, residential, and corporate transit systems in which passengers may have been exposed to an infected fellow rider. Passio President Mitch Skyer says, “This system can give passengers confidence that if someone was identified as sick or contagious, there would be a plan of action to notify fellow passengers.”

The program’s reporting system collects rider data from ID scans, letting transit agencies know which other cards were swiped on or off during the same timeframe. CTO Scott Reiser stated, “Tracing and tracking are key ‘first-line’ tools to help control and eventually beat pandemics.” Not only can the system record simple card information, but it can also keep track of detailed demographic information.

Top benefits to riders include newfound peace of mind, confidence to ride transit, and quick access to information. For Passio clients, the solution offers fast and easy access to information, integrations with additional products like CAD/AVL, the means to communicate with riders, and new reporting trends and analysis opportunities.

The new offering integrates with other Passio solutions to further boost its functionality. This proven product has even been tested and used in a variety of customer applications.

In the uncertain times we’re all experiencing during COVID, observes Skyer, it’s easy to feel like we have no control, adding, “Just like wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing, this is one more tool to provide more control in our lives.”

Tools like Passio’s Gateway Contact Tracing can help transit agencies proactively work towards helping to slow transmission. This solution allows companies to move beyond just providing transportation services, and actually help protect the health and safety of their riders and operators.

For more information on Passio’s Contact Tracing, visit https://passiotech.com/contact-tracing/

CONTACT: Alexandra Wright, Passio Technologies, 800.520.0277