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You Are a Content Creator

Shot of a young businesswoman working late in her officeBy Melonie Curry, MBA

The struggle is real for content creators. We are challenged weekly to think of new and attention-grabbing content about the service or products of our organizations. The reality is our perspective is limited to our experiences and exposure. We do not have the advantage of being exposed to all aspects of our business. We are not equipped to share the full story. The good news is that content creation does not have to be limited to the communications department. Everyone in an organization can be a content creator.

No need to be intimidated–you do not have to master graphics software or video editing equipment. You are already using your tools for content creation in your day-to-day interactions.
You just created a great sales presentation that highlights the unique benefits of your product. What are your key messaging points, how are you communicating the benefits, and what illustrations are you using? Each one can be modified and used as a social media post.

At new installations, how many times have you demonstrated how to use the equipment? Provided step-by-step guidance? Grab your mobile device and record the steps. You now have a YouTube video that can be shared on the company website.

Customers call and email daily with the same questions. They do not know where to find their answer or the information is missing from the website. This is a signal to update the website, create an infographic, or write an article for the newsletter.

Don’t limit sharing information to the communications and graphic design department. What do you use every day to share your brand’s message? This is content and you are a content creator.

Melonie Curry, MBA, is a staff analyst with ParkHouston.