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IPI Webinar: Parking Guidance and the Journey — March 14 @ 2:00 PM EDT

On-Demand Webcast: $35.00 for IPI Members, $85.00 for Non-Members

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Description: Parking Guidance and the Journey is the ninth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPI’s Parking Technology Committee. This archived presentation explores the various technologies available to communicate parking information to consumers during the different parts of a journey (leaving your house, on the road, and in the facility).

This archived presentation walks through three user scenarios and describes how various technologies can be used to inform a consumer about pricing, availability, payment, etc. It explores the use of IPI-DataEx data standard to share information and reviews the major sensor technologies currently used to detect facility occupancy. In addition, the presentation weaves in a short update on Payments – EMV, Chip and Pin, and P2PE to provide a quick refresher on current developments in payments that every owner and operator should be aware.

Learning Objectives

  • Clearly define and describe the different types of parking guidance technologies and their pros and cons.
  • Review how parking guidance technologies are used to communicate to consumers in a variety of use cases.
  • Get up to date on current payment technologies and requirements


Blake Laufer, CAPP, Mistall Insight Inc., is a self-described technology and parking “nerd”.  He spent 7 years at his first startup company designing and building parking software, followed by 17 years at T2 Systems where he led technology initiatives.  Recently he started a new company focused on Yield Management for parking operations.  Blake is a long-time member of IPI’s Technology Committee, has written numerous parking and technology articles, and presented dozens of times in the parking industry.