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Los Angeles Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions, Boost EV Charging for Olympics

Los Angeles, Calif., launched a massive plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost electric-vehicle charging before it hosts the Olympic Games in 2028. According to Forbes:

Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city, surrounding communities, companies and other entities are part of a Transportation Electrification Partnership with specific goals for the next nine years, laid out as the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap. Targets include 30 percent of L.A.-area personal passenger vehicles on the road (and 80 percent of new vehicles sold) being electric and ensuring that 40 percent of commercial truck trips, particularly those from the sprawling ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, are exhaust-free. Electric fueling infrastructure is key to hitting those goals, so the plan includes installing 84,000 public chargers and up to 95,000 for fleets and goods movement.

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