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The Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge

By Ben Wesley, CAPP

Since 2008, when SAE and the Michigan Innovation Alliance first partnered to become what is now the Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC), hundreds of technical, creative entrepreneurs have competed to earn exposure, commercialization services, and cash stipends. GAMIC is “a challenge to see if early start-up companies have what it takes to get their businesses to the next level.” “Award winners and finalists have gone on to sign OEM / Tier I contracts; enter serial production; reach licensing, ink strategic partnership or research agreements; and/or raise millions in investment capital.”

This year was my first attendance of the virtual GAMIC Event and I was impressed. The judges are prestigious and the competitors share brief investor pitch decks during the course of the six-hour event. The problems were often quite complex and the technology was even more so.

These four winners were deemed to have the most polished presentations, with solutions being the most viable and nearest to go-to-market stage (Descriptions are largely in their own words.):

  • KUHMUTE: A universal charging infrastructure for micro-mobility, able to park & charge shared and personally owned versions of any e-scooter, e-bike, delivery robot, wheelchair, and more.
  • ReJoule: Fast battery diagnostics enable a more accurate measurement of the battery’s health. As batteries power more of our cars and buildings, more advanced diagnostics help bring battery costs down and accelerate electrification.
  • Monk AI: AI software solution. The company uses computer vision and deep learning techniques to detect damages, evaluate the condition of a car, and assess the cost of repair.
  • Biolive: produces and sells bioplastic granules from olive seed waste used in the electronics and automotive industry.

I recommend keeping an eye out for these winners and the Annual GAMIC!

Ben Wesley, CAPP, is market president, Nashville, with Premium Parking.