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Making Time for Mentoring

parking, mentoring, mentor By John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR

To be a mentor is more than just leading or teaching someone. If you are the mentor, you need to make time for the other person. There’s a requirement on the other end, too, for the mentee to make time in their life to be mentored. It’s a two-way street in which both parties make a place in their life for the other.

This holds true professionally or personally. There is someone with a desire to learn or do something they can move toward though a mentoring relationship, and there is another person with a desire to teach or just have a companion with a common interest.

No matter which end you’re on, you should respect and appreciate the fact that someone has made time in their life for you. You only get one pass-through and time is the most precious commodity. Make the most of your time together: Know what you want to cover, as well as how you are going to cover it. You need to not only be efficient but make it interesting as well. If it is a success for everyone, the relationship extends.

John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR, is project manager with HUB Parking Technology.

Personal Ad

By Justin Grunert

Mentee Seeking Mentor

You: Experienced parking professional. Must have knowledge about general management, project management, financial and operational auditing, operational management, marketing and public relations, and technology. Must be a current, active CAPP. Willing to mentor for six to 18 months and will receive CAPP recertification points for doing so. Able to meet with me (virtually or via phone) a minimum of two hours a month or as agreed upon by us.

Me: Mid-career parking professional, have some knowledge of general management and project management but looking to expand understanding of the different domain areas (general management, project management, financial and operational auditing, operational management, marketing and public relations, application and analysis of technology) to prepare me for a bright future in parking and mobility. I am currently working hard to study for the new CAPP exam and planning to test in the next year. Willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to prepare myself for the exam.

If interested, please contact Justin Grunert at grunert@parking-mobility.org. Once contacted, he will send you the mentor application link. When your application has been received, he will review it and then pair you with me. After our information has been exchanged, we will schedule a kick-off meeting and go over the process to start our mentoring relationship.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Your Prospective Mentee

Justin Grunert is IPMI’s LMS administrator and training coordinator.

CAPP Compadres, Part Two

By Tiffany Brander

In an earlier post, you heard from my friend and CAPP Mentor Casey Jones, CAPP, who began sharing our CAPP Mentor Program experience. In this post, I’ll discuss why I’ve chosen to pursue my CAPP as well as apply for the Mentor Program.

When I joined the Missoula Parking Commission in November 2015, I really didn’t have an interest in parking other than avoiding meter violations; I was just excited about a municipal management opportunity. Looking back, it’s almost funny to think how quickly that changed. The parking and transportation industry is complex, fascinating, and affects so many different facets of everyday life—how could I not get hooked?

When I first learned about CAPP certification at the 2016 IPMI Conference & Expo, I knew that if I wanted to get serious about a career in the industry I had just found a passion for, I needed to dedicate a pathway to achieving my CAPP credential. I started taking online courses through the IPMI website and enjoyed a variety of educational opportunities at the IPMI Conference & Expo. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to network with and learn from members of the CAPP community who were always more than willing to answer questions, offer advice, and share stories of successes and misfortunes. It was this willingness to share and support one another that made the CAPP Mentor Program appeal to me. Working with Casey through the CAPP Mentor Program has helped me set and stay focused on CAPP goals, determine areas of weakness to focus on, and made me more confident in my ability to prepare for the CAPP exam.

I am hopeful this post will inspire others to join the CAPP Mentor Program and am happy to share my experience with those looking for further information.

Tiffany Brander is interim parking services director with the Missoula Parking Commission, an Accredited Parking Organization (APO).

CAPP Compadres

By Casey Jones, CAPP

I’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Brander. Tiffany works for the Missoula Parking Commission (MPC), an Accredited Parking Organization in Missoula, Mont. The MPC is currently undertaking a downtown master plan update, a design-build parking garage is underway that the MPC is preparing to operate, and with the retirement of former Director Rod Austin, Tiffany has assumed the director duties as well as many tasks from her former role as administrative services senior manager. To say Tiffany has her hands full is an understatement.

But another thing you should know about Tiffany is that she is undaunted by her heavy load. She’s focused, driven and steady. On top of her old and new duties, Tiffany is working to become a CAPP. I met Tiffany through the CAPP Mentor Program and we’re on a path together to help her earn her CAPP.

IPMI’s CAPP Mentor Program connects CAPPs in the industry with those aspiring to earn the credential. Together, the mentor and mentee identify professional development goals, build knowledge, and prepare for the CAPP exam, and Tiffany and I would like to share our CAPP Mentor Program experience through a series of blog posts. You’ll hear next from Tiffany about why she’s pursuing her CAPP and why she applied for the Mentor Program.

Casey Jones, CAPP, is vice president with TimHaahs.