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Five Essential Elements for Planning a Mobility Hub

Earth day sustainabilityBy David Taxman, PE

I was recently asked to develop a plan for two mobility hubs at two developments in a south Florida city. Mobility hubs are multiple modes of transportation (i.e. train, bus, bike-share, car-share, etc.) at one location, and are typically located at high-frequency, public transit stations.

After reviewing case studies of mobility hubs across the world, I developed a list of five essential elements to consider as part of the planning of a mobility hub.

  1. Consider the users. The modes of transportation provided should be the most beneficial to the users in the area. Make data driven decisions regarding the investment in transportation infrastructure.
  2. Consider the larger transportation network. A network of mobility hubs is successful if the surrounding transportation system effectively supports each mode of transportation. Are there supporting bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections that consider the pedestrian, HOV lanes, etc.?
  3. Place in active locations. Mobility hubs should be in active areas with high transportation and parking needs. The goal should be to reduce both SOV trips and parking demand.
  4. Ensure mobile wayfinding applications. Each mode of transportation should be on a mobile app and possibly offer an easy form of payment through the app or allow seamless transfers with a transit card.
  5. Provide necessary and attractive amenities. There are a variety of amenities that can be provided when you begin to consider the users and the modes of transportation offered. Such amenities could include lockers, café/vending, shelter/bench, interactive map, parking, etc.

David Taxman, PE, is a project manager with Kimley-Horn. This post is part of a five-day series commemorating Earth Day 2020.