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New Yorkers: We Need More Bike Parking

Bike shops around the world struggled to keep up with demand when COVID-19 pushed people out of transit and shared rides. Now, New Yorkers are demanding more city bike parking, saying they’ve adopted the new-to-them transportation mode and have nowhere to put their wheels.

“For every bike rack in NYC, there are more than 100 free parking spaces for cars. The lack of bike parking is one of the top reasons New Yorkers cite for not biking or biking infrequently,” says an Upper West Side news site. A city council member told the site he once had to put his bike vertically in a friend’s bathtub while visiting. He says the city owns many more bike racks than are installed, and that new housing developments should include bike spaces.

Read the whole story here.


Seattle Contemplates On-street Bike, Scooter Parking

Users love the convenience of dockless, shared bikes and scooters, but not everyone is quite as enamored with the clutter they can create on sidewalks and curbs in between uses. Seattle, Wash., is considering establishing on-street parking spaces for the vehicles to help combat that.

The city council this week authorized the Seattle Department of Transportation to come up with a budget to create on-street parking zones for shared micro-mobility vehicles. The department was also asked to create a budget to establish on-sidewalk parking areas for scooters and bikes on every city block. And they’re talking about what fines could be established for user non-compliance.

Seattle joins a list of other cities debating how to offer shared micro-mobility without creating sidewalk crowding and pedestrian hazards. Read the whole story here. Has your organization had these discussions? Let us know on Forum.

World’s Largest Bike Parking Garage Opens

A parking garage that holds 12,656 bikes opens today in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s the largest garage for bikes in the world and includes nearly 500 spaces for tandem, double, or odd-shaped bikes along with standard cycles.

The garage is three stories tall, features electronic wayfinding and bike-finding technology, offers first-floor spots for disabled users, and features an underground tunnel that lets bikers cross part of town. Bike parking is free for 24 hours and then costs 1.25 euros per day. The city, in which biking is the preferred way to get around, is still short about 8,000 needed bike parking spaces, officials say, and the garage is expected to fill quickly.

Read the news story here, and read an in-depth profile of the garage here.