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The Value of Local Involvement

By Kevin Emert, MEd, CAPP

I love the International Parking Institute (IPI); it is a great resource for all things parking. I have learned so much and met many wonderful people through IPI and the CAPP program (you should get your CAPP). It has been invaluable in my career.

I am also active in my state’s parking association and have noticed that a lot of parking departments are not involved in state and local associations. It is a little disheartening to know that the people we work so close in proximity to may have knowledge and experiences that can help us, but we do not tap into those resources. We really do have a great association in my state. It is terrific when we go to the IPI Conference and I know everyone from my state.  We all go to dinner together and share our experiences and even our frustrations.

Knowing all of the parking people from my state is what makes the IPI Conference much more fun than a normal work day.  Our state parking association even has a scholarship that helps parking professionals get to the IPI Conference.

If I could ever suggest anything to parking professionals, it would be to get involved with IPI, CAPP (seriously go get your CAPP; yes, you have the time), and don’t forget about the local and state parking associations as well.

Kevin Emert, MEd, CAPP, is assistant director of the Georgia Building Authority.