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Member News: Arrive Launches Tap to Pay Parking

July 6, 2020

At Arrive, we’ve been working for over a decade to make parking with your phone easy and fast, whether planning ahead with a reservation or driving up and paying on site. The safety and convenience of a quick, touchless payment has never been more important for consumers as they begin to return to their pre-COVID routines.

We’re proud to announce our newest feature – Tap to Pay Parking – now available to parking facilities and operators across North America. This simple-to-use feature allows consumers with a mobile phone that supports Apple Pay or Google Pay to simply tap a sign, authorize payment and park seamlessly without downloading an app or touching any tickets, buttons and payment machines. We recently launched Tap to Pay Parking with the City of Las Vegas and will be expanding to other cities and operator groups in the coming months.

And – we are delighted to share that we are planning to leverage Apple’s new App Clips feature coming later this year in iOS 14. This new technology will make Tap to Pay Parking even better, as customers will get the benefit of a beautiful, native iPhone experience without needing the full ParkWhiz or Best Parking app. A similar feature is being built for Google Android users as well.

We will continue to iterate with our partners at Apple and Google, we’re excited to find more uses for App Clips together and will continue to keep you updated on new features.

This capability is a significant step on our journey to enable simple, mobile payments in the parking industry. If you would like to learn more about how we can bring simple payment solutions to your garages, lots, and/or on-street meters that will support Tap to Pay Parking please reach out to sellers@arrive.com or ttucker@arrive.com for faster service.

IPMI News: IPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab

City Tech collaborative logoIPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a Cross-Sector Collaboration to Help Shape the Future of the Parking Industry

May 6, 2020

In partnership with the International Parking & Mobility Institute, City Tech Collaborative is launching a new Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a cross-sector consortium that will transform urban parking facilities – including Millennium Garages, which spans 3.8 million square feet beneath downtown Chicago – into testbeds to envision and implement new technology-enabled solutions and business models to help shape the future of the parking industry.

Founding Members of the Lab include Millennium GaragesSP+, and Arrive. As the world’s largest association of professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility, IPMI is a Strategic Partner to the effort.

The Millennium Gateway seeks to more fully integrate parking into the broader mobility landscape – including public transit, ride- and vehicle-sharing, electrification, and automation – as well as to explore innovative facility management, freight and logistics hub opportunities, and other creative space uses. City Tech will showcase the partnership at the IPMI Parking & Mobility Virtual Conference & Expo on June 1-2, 2020.

City Tech is an urban solutions accelerator that tackles problems too big for any single sector or organization to solve alone. The Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab is part of City Tech’s Advanced Mobility Initiative, which includes 25+ corporate, municipal, and civic partners working to create a more seamless, accessible, and far-reaching urban transportation systems. Learn more at CityTech.org.


About the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab:

The Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab is a groundbreaking partnership to shape the future of the parking industry and urban mobility. As a consortium of asset owners, parking and mobility operators, technology providers, policymakers, and other thought leaders, Lab participants work to integrate parking more fully into urban transportation systems, develop tech-enabled solutions for smart infrastructure management, and cultivate value-added services and space uses.

The Lab is part of the Advanced Mobility Initiative at City Tech Collaborative, an urban solutions accelerator that tackles problems too big for any single sector or organization to solve alone.  Founding members and strategic partners of the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab include Millennium Garages, SP+, Arrive, the National Parking Association, the International Parking & Mobility Institute, and the City of Chicago. Learn more at www.CityTech.org/Parking-Innovation.

Member News: ARRIVE adds innovative smart parking recommendation engine to its industry-leading enterprise parking platform, combining on-and of-street parking in a single solution

CHICAGO, March 5, 2020 — Finding parking is now easier than ever. Arrive announced today that it has added industry-first features to its enterprise parking platform that will radically transform the way we park: a smart parking recommendation engine that suggests the best on-street or off-street place to park and transacts seamlessly using your voice, in-dash system or mobile phone.

Arrive sPARK logo Arrive becomes the only parking technology company to integrate a variety of data sources into its platform, including navigation details, traffic, weather, on-street parking prices and availability, dynamically priced off-street parking, and deliver it through a cutting edge recommendation engine for customers.  Through the acquisition of sPARK Parking Technologies and their industry-leading technology, Arrive reinforces its position as the leading provider of transactional parking solutions for connected cars, autonomous vehicles, car share companies, and more, and provides drivers an unparalleled parking experience.

“Imagine having a personal assistant who helps you choose and navigate to the best spot while considering price, availability and parking restrictions from among the myriad options in real time. We are making that a reality today,” said Yona Shtern, CEO of Arrive. “We’re thrilled to be the first to offer customers and partners a single source for all types of parking and a profoundly better experience finding, paying for, and navigating to the best space possible in cities across North America. This is a game-changer — not only for our company but for our partners building smart cities and experiences in vehicles that will shape the future of mobility.”

When a driver selects a destination via an Arrive-powered mobile app or website or asks Alexa or other voice platforms to find a parking space near their desired destination, Arrive’s platform will recommend the single best space available in real-time by comparing on-street metered spaces with unmetered blocks and off-street options in a lot or garage. The recommendation provided will vary depending on the day of the week, time of day, how many people are parked in the area, other events happening and more.

Arrive’s recommendation engine will launch first through the ParkWhiz Alexa skill and on the company’s apps in select cities this summer before expanding nationwide. While Arrive had been building and testing a recommendation engine for some time, it is acquiring sPARK, a Tel Aviv-based technology company, to help scale the engine to multiple cities more quickly. On-street parking pricing and availability will be provided by a network of partner companies and providers.

“We’re delighted to be joining Arrive in its mission to transform mobility through its smart, connected parking services. Our team has been focused on making parking easier to find for a long time and we believe our technology and experience will further accelerate Arrive’s evolution into the backbone of urban mobility,” says Zohar Bali, CEO of sPARK.

sPARK employees will join Arrive’s existing team in Tel Aviv at the company’s Global Mobility Lab. Together, they will focus on building and enhancing technology that facilitates the last mile of mobility, including recently launched connectivity solutions that will enable frictionless garage entry and exit at tens of thousands of lots across North America.

About Arrive

Arrive powers the last mile of mobility through smart parking solutions. It offers the only seamless mobility experience that predicts and recommends the best parking solution for any journey. Arrive powers smart parking and other connected mobility services through apps, websites, voice platforms, and in-dash integrations to hundreds of clients including smart cities, automakers, fleets, venues, navigation and voice platforms, as well as to its own ParkWhiz and BestParking consumer brands. For more information, visit www.Arrive.com.

About sPARK

sPARK was founded in 2012 by Eran Balter and Zohar Bali in Israel to address a widespread urban problem: lack of parking in city centers. To address the problem, the company developed a recommendation engine that allows people to easily and efficiently find an ideal parking spot in cities. sPARK’s mobile app, Polly the Parking Fairy, and SDK utilize urban data, statistics, and real-time information help drivers reduce the time they spend looking for parking, saving them time and money