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Member News: Access Professional Systems Expands into Arizona

Access Professional Systems Expands into Arizona

Leading Parking Technology Company Becomes Arizona’s Sole Supplier of Cutting-Edge TIBA PARCS Equipment

Phoenix (October 13, 2020)— Access Professional Systems (APS) announced today that it has expanded into Arizona, becoming the state’s sole provider of TIBA Parking Solutions parking access and revenue equipment. In addition to selling and installing TIBA’s industry-leading parking equipment, APS will also maintain and service all TIBA equipment installed in Arizona, including previously purchased equipment.

“APS is recognized throughout southern California for extraordinary customer service and for taking a customer-for-life approach to our business,” said Chris Scheppmann, president of Access Professional Systems. “We are excited to be partnering with TIBA Parking Solutions to bring this level of service to Arizona, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation, with a booming demand for smart parking solutions. TIBA and APS are 100% committed to providing world class project delivery, service, and support for parking owners throughout Arizona, just as we have done in southern California for over 40 years.”

Access Professional Systems is an experienced TIBA Certified Value-Added Reseller and the leading TIBA sales and support partner in Southern California. APS is particularly well-known as a premier provider of maintenance and servicing of parking equipment. In addition to parking technology, APS will be bringing its other services to the market providing installation and support of gate automation systems, commercial doors, and building access control systems. As part of APS’ expansion into the state, the company will be opening a new Arizona office in the coming weeks.

“TIBA’s partnership with APS is great news for our customers in Arizona, as well as parking owners who install TIBA equipment in the future,” said Kirk Hillquist, Vice President-Sales for Tiba Parking Solutions. “APS and it’s people are extraordinarily skilled at keeping TIBA equipment running smoothly and seamlessly, and we are excited that they will be bringing their skill and experience to our customers in Arizona.”

About Access Professional Systems

Access Professional Systems (APS) is a leading provider of parking technology. Founded in 1977, APS has been providing comprehensive parking and gate automation, access control, video surveillance, and parking guidance solutions for over 40 years. APS can be found online at https://www.accessprofessionals.com

Member News: Access Professional Systems Chosen to Install State-Of-The-Art Parking Technology at Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

Palm Desert, CA (Feb 24th, 2020)— Access Professional Systems (APS) announced today that it has been selected by The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California to install an advanced TIBA parking technology suite. The equipment will be paired with Westin’s Opera PMS interface to provide an exceptional and seamless parking experience for hotel guests. The project is part of the hotel’s initiative to help provide a better, more secure guest parking experience.

“We’re extremely excited and honored to have been chosen by the Westin family for their inaugural transition to automated parking controls,” said Chris Dix, Director of Business Development for Access Professional Systems. “With several large annual events taking place just down the road, the hotel had been wanting to make this move for many years in order to secure their parking inventory. We’re extremely pleased to be a part of these important improvements.”

The Westin Mission Hills parking technology suite will include six lanes of TIBA revenue control equipment. The parking technology suite will be fully integrated with Westin’s Opera PMS, which will permit guests to use their room keys to enter and exit the parking facility. The state-of-the-art parking technology suite will provide an extraordinarily convenient parking experience for hotel guests.

About Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort

Located just six miles from the Palm Springs International Airport, the resort features 65,000 square feet of indoor event space and 26,000 square feet of outdoor event space, with audiovisual, catering and event-planning specialists on-site. Set on 360 acres, the Palm Springs resort showcases Mediterranean architecture, picturesque mountain views, and a secluded natural desert landscape. Listed as one of Golf Digest’s® Top 75 Golf Resorts in North America, the hotel features two championship Troon golf courses, The Pete Dye course and the Gary Player Signature Course. Resort amenities include family programs and kid’s activities, three pools with a 60-foot slide, the Spa at Mission Hills and a Fitness Studio. There’s also an array of unique dining experiences including Italian, American and California cuisine.

About Access Professional Systems

San Diego-based Access Professional Systems (APS) is a leading provider of parking technology. Founded in 1977 by Russell L. Scheppmann, APS has been providing comprehensive gate automation, access and revenue control, video surveillance, and parking guidance solutions for over 40 years. APS can be found online at https://www.accessprofessionals.com.

An Automatic Winner

A Philadelphia project adds automated parking and gains fast loyalty with residents.

By Ian Todd

PRESCRIBED PARKING MINIMUMS and concern about the anticipated effect of TPP article P&M Automatic winnerautonomous vehicles (which some would argue is overhyped) may help form developers’ views on the importance of parking. However, some developers view parking, or rather fully automated parking, as an essential amenity in their developments and have even found it to be the amenity buyers value the most. One such developer is Scannapieco Development Corporation (SDC) based in Philadelphia, Pa.

SDC recently implemented an 86-space fully automated parking system in its 500 Walnut project. 500 Walnut, a 26-story residential tower at the corner of Philadelphia’s Fifth and Walnut streets features 35 condominium residences and an impressive list of high-end amenities that make it one of the city’s most exclusive, luxurious residential projects to date.

The 500 Walnut Project Targeting the ultra-high-end residential market, SDC has had the ongoing record of the highest condominium sale price in the city for almost 10 years. To help to ensure this project’s success, SDC looked to improve its list of high-end amenities for 500 Walnut by implementing an automated parking garage. SDC sought a vendor that could provide a system that used multiple pieces of equipment to park and retrieve vehicles, providing greater system redundancy, which minimizes system downtimes and increases convenience for residents. The system also had to provide full support services
such as 24-hour remote monitoring and support and the ability to be onsite within a very short timeframe should an issue arise.

The Parking System

The state-of-the-art, 86-space automated parking system is located in the basement of 500 Walnut. Westfalia worked closely with SDC and project architect Cecil Baker + Partners to ensure the parking system efficiently integrated with the building structure and maintained the ultra-luxury aesthetics where the residents interacted with the parking system in the two transfer areas on the first floor. Opened in early 2018, 500 Walnut uses a system that collects vehicles directly from the concrete floor of the two basement levels, allowing a high throughput.

Residents of 500 Walnut drive up to the building and a transponder in their vehicle sends a message to open the outer garage-style door, allowing them to enter the luxurious marble auto court area. Once in the auto court, the outer door closes and a transparent transfer area door opens in front of them, allowing them to park their vehicles in the correct position with guidance from an instruction screen. The residents then use a sleek touch screen immediately outside the transfer area to answer a set of standard questions and confirm they wish to park their vehicle in the system; the transfer area door then closes, and the automated system handles the rest. Residents have then completed the parking process in a private, hassle-free manner and then take the personal elevator to their condominium. No one has to get into the resident’s vehicle, meaning residents can safely leave their personal belongings in the car without fear of tampering.

Once the transfer area door has closed and locked, the system scans the transfer area to ensure there are no people present. The vehicle is then lowered to a basement level where the mechanism drives under the vehicle, clamps its wheels, and transports it onto the transfer car. The vehicle lift can then return to the ground floor to allow another vehicle to enter the transfer area while the previous vehicle is being parked.

To retrieve their vehicles, residents can either swipe their fob at the reader in the personal elevator or at one of the fob readers immediately outside the transfer areas (or they can call down to the concierge to retrieve their vehicle for them). Once their fob has been read, the system retrieves the vehicle from its parked location and moves it to the vehicle lift, which raises the resident’s vehicle to a transfer area on the ground floor. On one of the touch screens adjacent to the transfer areas, the residents are given an estimated wait time—which averages just over two minutes—for their vehicle to be returned to the transfer area. When the vehicle lift is at the ground floor, the door opens, allowing the resident to enter the vehicle and drive it forward out of the transfer area to exit the property on to Fifth Street. The transfer area door closes as soon as the sensors indicate the vehicle is no longer present.

The parking system at 500 Walnut is equipped with two levels of parking with two individual transfer cars that can move within an aisle to store and retrieve vehicles. The palletless system transports vehicles into the parking garage and positions them directly on a concrete or steel deck. Building construction can be based on concrete or steel or a combination of both, depending on project location and the client’s construction preference.

The Amenities

This system was customized for this specific development. Pictorial representations of the system and equipment pieces and simplified user screens were created to allow non-technical personnel to easily interact with the parking system. The concierges at 500 Walnut also have access via a terminal at their desk, allowing them to perform certain functions such as retrieving vehicles and permitting residents’ visitors to use the system.

500 Walnut’s facility offers:

■■ Cost- and time-efficient parking.

■■ Increased safety.

■■ Less human involvement and fewer human errors than traditional systems.

■■ Convenient 24/7 access.

Read the article here.

IAN TODD is director of automated parking systems at Westfalia Technologies. He can be reached at itodd@westfaliausa.com.