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Member News: ParkVia Wins Dortmund Airport Business in Competitive 4-Way Tender

ParkVia Wins Dortmund Airport Business in Competitive 4-Way Tender

Airport parking aggregator ParkVia has won a competitive tender for Dortmund Airport 21 that will see the airport’s parking products delivered across the global ParkVia network.

The initial agreement allows ParkVia’s 4m customer base to book both multi-storey and outdoors parking spaces at the growing airport.

Crucially, the deal will also see the parking spaces surfaced on partner websites including the rapidly expanding Eastern European giant Wizz Air – allowing the airport to secure parking bookings at the same time as the customer books their flights.

Speaking of the collaboration, Jörg Adolphs, Non-Aviation Area Manager for Dortmund Airport 21, said; “This new digital path-to-purchase further enhances our passengers’ experience by allowing them to book on their platform of choice at a time that is convenient. Being able to integrate with airlines increases booking lead times allowing us to better manage our parking service monetisation.”

ParkVia’s Head of Strategic Accounts, Ilaria Vacca, said of the deal; “Dortmund Airport 21 is an important part of the North Rhine-Westphalia infrastructure and we are delighted to have won this competitive tender. Our hope is that this new collaboration will enhance the airport’s already excellent experience by allowing passengers to pre-plan more of their journey.”

Dortmund Airport 21 carparks go live on the ParkVia network as of April 2020.

To find out more about ParkVia, please visit www.parkvia.com.


As Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces in 44 countries. Its online retail platform allows consumers to book parking as part of their journey, working with both car park operators and travel industry market leaders to ensure that parking is visible at the right time.

Encouraging its philosophy of ‘Choose Parking’, ParkVia believes pre-booking is the key element in the travel process, allowing customers to plan in advance and giving them freedom of choice to select the parking product that suits their specific journey type.

Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown in popularity and reputation over the last 12 years, particularly within the wider airport parking sector. As an established partner for many of the world’s leading international airports, ParkVia  maximises visibility for official car parks and ancillary products by covering more points of entry with its targeted marketing expertise.

Today the services of over 2,000 parking providers are promoted to ParkVia’s 4m registered users, as well as a large network of partner websites, that includes airlines, travel partners, online travel agents and in-car navigation technology - making it an attractive and lucrative proposition for partners looking to collaborate for white label and in-path projects.

ParkVia. Choose parking.  https://www.parkvia.com

Member News: ParkVia Scoops Prestigious Parking Provider of the Year

Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia, has beaten off tough industry competition to be crowned Parking Provider of the Year at this year’s British Parking Awards.

ParkVia was presented with the esteemed industry accolade having impressed the 20-strong jury of experts from the parking, transport and motoring sector with its examples of exceptional service, innovation and team collaboration.

Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown remarkably over the last 12 years, taking bookings through its ecommerce platform from drivers in more than150 countries and holding contracts with 81 of the world’s leading airports.

Having invested in the brand’s development significantly over the last 12 months, ParkVia was able to validate its claim to the winner’s title by demonstrating proficiency across all key areas of its business, in addition to detailing unique initiatives that position ParkVia ahead of its competitors.

Dr Valentina Moise, Commercial Director at ParkVia, said:

“As a British-born company, it’s a great achievement to win a British Parking Award, especially for Parking Provider of the Year, which in itself is recognition of the work our fantastic team do to create such exceptional service not just across the UK, but for all our global markets.

“We have worked extremely hard over the last 12 months in particular to create a dominant digital brand that is recognised worldwide as the ‘go-to’ airport parking reservation provider; this award takes us one step closer to establishing that vision and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Created and presented by Parking Review magazine, the 18th annual British Parking Awards was hosted on 6thMarch at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and recognise the leading examples of car park management, enforcement, design and team work.

To find out more about ParkVia, please visit www.parkvia.com.

About ParkVia

As Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces in 43 countries. Its online retail platform allows consumers to book parking as part of their journey, working with both car park operators and travel industry market leaders to ensure that parking is visible at the right time. 
Encouraging its philosophy of ‘Choose parking’, ParkVia believes pre-booking is the key element in the travel process, allowing customers to plan in advance and giving them freedom of choice to select the parking product that suits their specific journey type.
Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown in popularity and reputation over the last 12 years, particularly within the wider airport parking sector. As an established partner for many of the world’s leading international airports, ParkVia is able to maximise visibility for official car parks and ancillary products by covering more points of entry with its targeted marketing expertise.
Todaythe services of over 2,500parking providersarepromotedto ParkVia’s 3.8m registered users, as well as a large network of partner websites, that includes airlines, travel partners, online travel agents and in-car navigation technology – making it an attractive and lucrative proposition for partners looking to collaborate for white label and in-path projects.

Parking Demand Down Due to Ride-Share at Atlanta Airport

airport parking signOfficials at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport say parking demand is down so much that a planned garage expansion is no longer necessary, and they say ride-share is behind the drop.

So many passengers are using Uber and Lyft to get to and from the airport that plans to double the size of its parking garages have been scrapped. Instead, the existing garages will be renovated to stretch their lifespan by 10 to 15 years.

Hartsfield-Jackson has the most passenger volume of any airport in the world; 110.5 million people went through it last year. Read the whole story here.


How Congestion Affects Airport Parking

By Tim Maloney

With airports adapting to ride-share disruption with extra fees or complete overhauls of their drop-off and pick-up stations, many have questioned how to get more travelers parking. Their concerns are valid: According to the Worcester Business Journal, Uber and Lyft drivers made 12 million trips to and from Logan International Airport in 2018. Even though ride-share has disrupted the decades-old airport parking ecosystem, driving is still a transportation route many travelers take and parking represents a significant revenue opportunity for airports.

As ride-share popularity grows, so does the cost to the rider. The industry has already seen fee spikes at airports where ride-share is taking over the curb. Those fees are passed onto the passenger and can make the cost of their ride more unpredictable than ever. Between charges and surge pricing during peak hours, unpredictable amounts of money leave the traveler’s pocket and the airport customer experience weakens. Travelers try to pick their driver’s silver sedan out from a sea of identical cars while their post-trip frustration grows.

One way airport customers minimize this frustration is with planning. The end goal is to make it to the gate at the perfect time by controlling as many factors as possible. Travel factors include stops between home and the airport, the accuracy of the driver, and the overall ride-share experience. Parking is a solution to airport travel frustration. By making it easier for travelers to plan their trip in advance and park, we give airport customers control.

Regardless of how the everyday traveler is getting to and from the airport, everything will need a place to park–temporarily while waiting, or for the long-term. Getting ride-share vehicles off the road and into queue lots reduces frustrating congestion around the terminal. In the future, autonomous vehicle fleets will need rest spots while they wait to be summoned. While airport parking adapts to the mobility revolution, integrating our technologies can solve urban congestion.

Driving and parking remain at the root of the industry, regardless of the limitless options travelers are given. Figuring out a way for airports to maximize parking revenue by making it easy for all vehicles, whether personally owned or ride-share, to park and not contribute to congestion is vital. The mobility revolution has created space for technology, integrations, and partnerships

Tim Maloney is director, strategic partnerships with SpotHero.

Parking the Friendly Skies: How Airports are Humanizing the Passenger Experience

By Michelle Wendler and Michael Pendergrass

Whether it’s parking, renting a car, or finding a ride-share, air travel begins and ends with ground transportation. So how can parking design mitigate stress and create a smoother, more enjoyable experience?

Functional design such as reducing congestion to creating a streamlined car rental process or revamping parking layouts to accommodate for ride-sharing pick up and drop off can have a significant effect on the passenger experience by making it easier for travelers to get where they need to be. Technology that allows users to reserve parking spaces in advance facilitates faster entry and exit and takes the stress out of finding a space by pointing users directly there, not only make parking more sustainable by reducing emissions, but also creating a smoother, more efficient experience.

In addition to convenience, elements such as public art, pedestrian gateways, and scenic views provide a means for travelers to relax, take a deep breath, and get to know the places they’re visiting.

Want to learn more? At this year’s  IPMI Conference & Expo, we will be part of an exciting panel featuring Bob Bolton, director of airport design and construction, San Diego International; and Bob Lockhart, deputy director of operations, Mineta San Jose International. Discover how they have used customer-first airport parking to enhance and extend the passenger experience.

Michelle Wendler is principal and Michael Pendergrass is associate principal with Watry Design, Inc. They will present on this topic at the 2019 IPMI Conference & Expo, June 9-12 in Anaheim, Calif. For more information and to register, click here.