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TOPIC: Transportation and Mobility

  • APDS News: UK on verge of revolution to make parking easier and help British high streets

    New national parking data standards introduced which could mean the end of outdated parking systems. Read the full story here. Published 30 May 2019 Department for Transport  

  • CURBSIDE MANAGEMENT: Managing access to a valuable resource.

    by Charley DeBow and Mike Drow, CAPP Curbside management is the collection of operating concepts, techniques, and practices that enable a municipality, university, or any entity to effectively allocate the use of their curbs and other high- demand areas. While the curb has been managed for decades, in the past Read More »

  • Parking’s Role in the New Transportation Ecosystem

    By Brett Wood, CAPP, PE EVERYWHERE YOU TURN THESE DAYS, you hear that the personal auto­mobile will be replaced by autonomous cars and drones, advanced ride-shar­ing services, and hyperloops—technologies to improve personal transporta­tion. And some of our constituents’ outlook is that the parking industry will be gone within the next Read More »

  • Your 2018 Marketing Checklist

    By Bill Smith, APR THE NEW YEAR IS ABOUT GETTING A FRESH START, RIGHT? Well, that certainly goes for marketing. The beginning of a new year is a great time for reviewing your organization’s marketing to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Strategy As hard as it may be to Read More »

  • To Share or Not to Share

    By Josh Naramore TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND CULTURAL CHANGE as the sharing economy continues to grow are forcing parking operators to adapt. New services are challenging local government regulatory approaches, making it difficult to differentiate between public and private, personal and business, and creating a chaotic, but positive, disruption. Transportation is Read More »

  • A New Generation of LPR: Application as the Core Technology

    By Christopher Perry and Kevin Woznicki THE RENAISSANCE OF URBANIZATION brings with it side effects and challenges. An increasing number of vehicles is one of its side effects and brings with it new demands to existing infrastructure, particularly those that rely on license plate recognition (LPR) systems such as parking, Read More »

  • The SHAPE of Disabled Parking Enforcement

    An innovative parking enforcement program deputizes volunteers to police parking spaces reserved for the disabled, and they take it very seriously. By Bill Smith, APR Anyone who has a disability or loves someone with a disability has experienced the frustration of not being able to find parking because the designated Read More »

  • Room for a City to Come to Life

    With a capacity of up to 1,000 cars, Dokk1 Parking in Aarhus, Denmark, is the largest fully automated parking system in Europe and an example for big-city parking of the future. By Peter Fangel Poulsen Cars are a natural part of the city’s heartbeat, and many people are dependent on Read More »

  • The Evolution of Urban Parking

    By Clement Gibson, CAPP, and Randy Jones Charlotte’s Park It! program has revolutionized parking in the city center. Charlotte’s Park It! Program has grown and changed with transportation trends to serve city residents and guests beautifully. Charlotte, N.C., is a captivating, colorful, and cosmopolitan city. Center city has three professional Read More »

  • Going Autonomous …or Not

    There’s a lot of talk about driverless vehicles taking over transportation, but how long until we’re really ready? By Thomas Curtis, CAPP It has been more than two years since I last wrote about autonomous vehicle acceptance—where I thought it was heading and how long it would take to get Read More »

  • Embracing My Inner New Bee

    No one chooses parking; you kind of just fall into it. It’s the common storyline I came across while networking at the 2018 IPI Conference & Expo, and I relate. See, I was a recent college graduate, who had worked customer service for transportation at the University of California, Riverside Read More »

  • IPMI Parking Data Analytics Snapshot (2017)

    Download the full pdf here.

  • Planning for the Short Term

    Industry experts talk about their strategies for sustainability and efficiency. Compiled by Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C 17-12 planning for the short term EVERY ASPECT of garage planning, design, construction, and operation has sustainability effects. The choices we make affect the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit—but Read More »

  • A Green Year in Review

    Sustainable parking case studies that made 2017 greener. MEGAN LEINART, LEED AP BD+C 2017 has been another year for the books, and the parking, trans­portation, and mobility industry is no exception. We continue to see significant advancements in sustainability in parking design and construction, technologies, and management and operations. Experts Read More »


    By Ron Steedley, CAPP, MEd Bike share used to be an “if” but now it appears to be a “when.” We need to plan, prepare, and be ready to roll out this mobility option in our jurisdictions when vendors come knocking. As transportation professionals, we already know bike share is Read More »

  • Going Green: How parking can become a part of the global green infrastructure

    By Sarah Stanley AS THE WORLD’S LARGEST CAR MARKET, China is making significant moves to spur the growth of electric vehicles (EVs). The Chinese government announced this past fall that it will be moving toward banning the sale and production of fossil fuel vehicles. China is not the first to Read More »

  • The Future of Parking

    By John Dorsett No one can know what the future holds, but I am optimistic parking will play a meaningful role and not be buried somewhere with all of the buggy whips. Parking has changed in past decades, it will continue to change, and the change will likely be incremental. Read More »

  • An Autonomous Future Right Now

    By Kim Fernandez The tour of your new neighborhood begins on an eight-passenger, electric, autonomous shuttle. You settle in and enjoy watching the scenery go by outside—houses and townhouses, shops and restaurants, offices and parks, and the massive solar farm that powers it all. When you reach the edge of Read More »

  • At A Glance: Fundamentals of Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

    Transportation Demand Management (TDM) can be defined as: Programs, policies, and services that help the traveling public make use of alternatives to driving in single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) and reducing traffic demand. At A Glance: Fundamentals of Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

  • Smart Parking: Transforming the Experience of Parking

    Smart parking can benefit citizens, businesses and the environment, Julian O’Kelly from the British Parking Association outlines the importance of smart parking solutions. Smart parking is a term increasingly used by governments, manufacturers and tech developers to cover the many innovations designed to deliver more consistent, user centred and economical Read More »

  • A Guide to Parking

    IPI’s mission to advance the parking profession manifests in a number of ways – through top-notch education, certification and accreditation, and connecting our community through the conference and expo and now online through Forum.    Publications are another hallmark program of our organization; take a look through this magazine and the Read More »

  • Forum, IPI’s New Online Community

    Forum is an online community that gives members a powerful new way to access and share parking, transportation, and mobility-industry information and on-the-job experiences. IPI members can log in and join vibrant discussions, gain others’ perspectives on questions and challenges, access a robust, online library of member knowledge and resources, Read More »

  • Many Great Reasons for New Mobility Services

    By Alex Thibault We are in the middle of a tectonic shift in the market for mobility services. Organizations small and large are diving in every week and becoming operators in a space they wouldn’t have considered 10 years ago. For a number of good reasons, car manufacturers and distributors, Read More »

  • Transformed Urban Planning

    The Economist last week ran an article about “The Chance to Transform Urban Planning.” It covered new ways cities can be designed in the future, including the possibility of the “garden city” becoming a real thing, thanks to one big technology. What is it? Autonomous vehicles. Using data and trends Read More »

  • Plug in When You Park?

    By David M. Feehan I drive a 2013 Chevy Volt, which I bought new. Chevy sells about 25,000 Volts a year, and the new Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid expects sales to be about the same. There are other at least 20 manufacturers that now offer PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles), Read More »

  • The Future and Your Operation

    By James C. Anderson We live in interesting times! Driverless vehicles, autonomous vehicles, alternative-fuel vehicles, artificial Intelligence, ride-sharing, intermodal transportation, and the AV START Act. Some people are inspired and excited by these prospects while others are uncertain, uneasy, and feel angst about the possibilities and its broad implications. If Read More »

  • He Gets Us

    Pricing on-street parking, as readers of this blog already know, is about finding a balance between what people will pay, how much time they really need to occupy a space, and how far they’re willing to walk to their ultimate destinations. Parking people know this. But it appears word is Read More »

  • Transportation, Mobility, and an Aging Population

    Much has been researched and written about the need for housing and healthcare as the next generation ages. But there hasn’t been a lot said about that generation’s transportation needs and what they’ll need to get around, which is a huge part of aging comfortably. TransitCenter, a foundation dedicated to Read More »

  • When Your Car Takes Over Tinder

    Autonomous cars are here and driver-operated automobiles are illegal. What does that mean? What does it really mean—how will it affect our day-to-day lives? The New York Times took on that question last week with an extensive report from a team of experts who addressed different ways self-driving cars will Read More »

  • Tracking Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP Tracking the emergence of autonomous vehicles is filling up my inbox! Here is the latest headline from one great source, the ITS America SmartBrief: “Senate Committee Adopts Bill on Autonomous Vehicle Regulations.” The article shares a number of things: Based on a report by Reuters, Read More »

  • Parking Policy Explained: A Two-Minute Crash Course

    By Giuliano Mingardo Everyone who is professionally involved in our sector knows parking (policy) is a very emotional issue. Very often, a lack of understanding of how parking works leads to very emotional debates among politicians, decision-makers, retailers, citizens, project developers, and other urban stakeholders. Should parking be free of Read More »

  • Got Modes? You’re Probably Healthier

    Multi-modal transportation and cities that encourage it through smart design and offering several choices of getting-around methods are greener and seemingly the wave of the future, but it turns out that they also make us healthier. A study released last week found that people in metro areas with lots of Read More »

  • Welcome Back to Parking … Creative Ways to Welcome Students Back to Parking

    College and university parking organizations dream up creative ways to welcome students back to school and find it’s well worth the effort. Remember when you went to college? After moving into the dorm and spending a small fortune on books, you probably had the not-so-pleasant experience of waiting in a Read More »

  • Zero-Occupant Vehicles?

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP From an urban transport perspective, what is potentially worse than the dreaded single-occupant vehicle? The answer may be a zero-occupant vehicle! In the most recent Mobility Lab newsletter, Howard Jennings, managing director, discusses the potential impacts to communities and traffic systems autonomous vehicles might have. Read More »

  • Mobility Incubator Welcomes its First Two Members

    Jaguar Land Rover this week chose the first two startups to be part of its new transportation and mobility incubator project. The incubator, based on Portland, Ore., plans to work with about 120 startups in the next 10 years—six at a time—with a goal of developing new innovations in mobility Read More »

  • Atlanta’s Bridge Collapse Puts Mobility Front and Center

    By Kim Fernandez Last week’s fiery bridge collapse in Atlanta was top news all around the country, but the real story may end up being a new appreciation for—and much more use of—mass transit in and around the city. “It was nuts,” says Mark Vergenes, chair of the Lancaster (Pa.) Read More »

  • The Design of Future Carpooling

    What happens when private vehicles become a public resource? That’s the question addressed in a new project from IDEO, a global design firm that focused its creative and collaborative eye on driverless cars and carpools. Cars, they say, have always been designed for families and groups of friends. So what Read More »

  • TED Talks and Parking and Mobility Pros

    The mighty TED Talk—about 15 minutes of brilliance, humor, and information we can use. They’re a great way to kick off the week—after all, who doesn’t love them? We sure do, and we featured five of our favorites in this month’s The Parking Professional—check out our list here. IPI member Read More »

  • IPI Members Shine Among Best Workplaces for Commuters

    By Helen Sullivan, APR, Fellow PRSA Check out the just-released list of colleges and universities that are among the larger list of Best Workplaces for Commuters published by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida. The majority of the academic institutions on the list Read More »

  • Online Course: Transportation Demand Management: Parking Strategies

    Level: Foundational/basic course. About the course:   This course will review Transportation Demand Management strategies with a focus on those involving parking. These strategies will be illustrated using examples from various organizations that have used TDM successfully to improve employee and patron commutes, improve the overall transportation experience, and help mitigate Read More »

  • No Decal? No Problem

    Excerpted from the September 2016 issue of Business Officer, the publication of the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). By Margo Vanover Porter These days, when students and visitors pull up to a parking meter on a campus, they expect multiple payment options, whether they stay five minutes Read More »

  • IPI Rocks Music City

    By Kim Fernandez This May, the 2016 IPI Conference & Expo offers more than ever before. Nobody knows more about staying in tune than the people of Nashville, Tenn.—Music City, USA. And nobody knows more about staying in tune with parking than IPI, the biggest association of professionals in the industry. Read More »

  • Rethinking Transit

    by Steven Higashide What’s next for the commuter parking benefit? LATE LAST YEAR, Congress finally permanently addressed a longstanding imbalance in the federal tax code that allowed commuters to exclude up to $250 per month from their income toward the cost of parking associated with their trip to work, but Read More »


    By Ryan J. Givens, CAPP The unusual parking challenges faced at Penn State (and the creative solutions that worked) when a new ice arena was constructed on campus.  What university wouldn’t love a brand-new ice arena for its hockey team? While it was certainly exciting (for all the right reasons) Read More »

  • Boosting Intelligence

      by Jason M. Jones An IPI task force takes on intelligent transportation systems and how they might work with parking, and members want your input.  As I write this, I’m heading off to the New York State Parking Association conference to see many old friends and hopefully meet a few Read More »

  • Facing the Sharks

    by Kim Fernandez  Last year’s IPI Park Tank™ contestants say the competition was fierce but came with huge benefits to their fledgeling companies. ARE YOU READY TO JUMP INTO THE PARK TANK™? IPI launched its live game show, modeled after television’s “Shark Tank,” at the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo in Las Read More »

  • Myths Busted

    by Thomas E. Curtis, CAPP Will autonomous vehicles really lead to the demise of the parking garage?  Parking garages will be obsolete by 2025 (2020 if you believe Uber CEO Travis Kalanick). Of course, the paperless office was hinted at in 1964 and predicted by 1975. Decades later, the use of Read More »

  • Shared Mobility Ecosystem Mapping

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP I recently came across a document that illustrated how far we have come in the evolution of shared mobility resources and options. This map was created for the Silicon Valley Mobility as a Service project, where mobility aggregators integrate various services. It maps out the Read More »

  • Four Great Ideas to Steal

    The Smart City Challenge is over. Columbus, Ohio, may have taken home the $40 million prize but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great things for other cities to get out of the competition. In fact, our friends at the Shared-Use Mobility Center think there’s lots to learn from the contest. Read More »

  • Think International!

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP More and more, the work we are doing as parking professionals is highlighting the critical role that parking plays in helping to create functional and sustainable urban environments. Linking effective parking management as a key ingredient of sustainable urban mobility planning is becoming increasingly accepted Read More »

  • Commencement Tricks of the Trade

    By Jason M. Jones Each year during commencement, many of us are faced with the daunting prospect of parking more vehicles then we are used to. Friends and family of graduates are often overcome with joy, selecting their best outfits and booking hotel rooms well in advance. Additionally, many staff Read More »

  • California Audits its DMV’s Disabled Parking Program

    Disabled parking permit abuse is a hot topic and there’s lots of debate about how to fix systems around the U.S. Yesterday, lawmakers in California said consumer complaints about people improperly using ADA permits have led to an audit of the way the state DMV issues the permits to ensure Read More »

  • Bikes Storm Manhattan

    Love your bike? Do you love your bike as much as New Yorkers love their bikes? Because there, new apartment and condo buildings are not only incorporating bike storage rooms, but they’re tricked out with repair tables, tire pumps, their own entrances or elevators, cushioned hooks for helmets, and sometimes, Read More »

  • Just Released: Bike Share Siting Guide

    Parking facilities—lots and garages—can be a natural fit for bike-share stations. After all, it’s often the last mile or two of a multi-modal trip that offers the best opportunity for bike transportation, and having a bike sharing station at either end of that journey makes it a no-brainer. Last week—same Read More »

  • Every Day is Earth Day

    Every day is Earth Day, and a  new opportunity to make sustainable decision(s) a priority. Follow along with our afternoon blog every day this week to see how parking professionals are making a big impact on the triple bottom line.  IPI’s Sustainability Committee is highlighting programs and initiatives from progressive Read More »

  • Transportation: The Proverbial Road to Success

    Education is an essential part of one’s growth. It provides learning that is necessary to help develop a person’s personality and helps form opinions and one’s identity. Of course, it also affects a person’s  ability to achieve higher-paying employment and prospects for a brighter future. In a recent Washington Post article, Read More »

  • Going Greener by Rachel Yoka

    Did you hear?  Green Garage Certification and our industry have taken a great leap forward.   Here comes the alphabet soup—glossary provided! The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the certification arm of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), acquired the program as of January 1 of this year. The USGBC’s Read More »

  • Sustainable Parking Design & Management: A Practitioner’s Handbook

    Sustainable Parking Design & Management: A Practitioner’s Handbook is the parking industry’s first reference book on sustainability. The parking industry has a tremendous role to play in sustainability, and this handbook will guide parking professionals in their green initiatives. Available through in hardback or on Amazon, this is a must-have Read More »

  • IPI Webinar: EVs and DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge

    Recorded on February 25, 2015 (60 minutes) EVs and DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge When it comes to parking, employers and facility managers are working together to make plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations the next bike racks. Parking providers that offer charging to workplaces can have a competitive advantage when attracting Read More »

  • Online Course: Sustainability in Parking and Transportation

    Level: Foundational/basic course About the course: Sustainability in Parking and Transportation defines how the parking industry works with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. The course includes decisions, actions, and impacts on parking design, facilities, and operations based on IPI’s Framework on Sustainability and the United States Read More »

  • EVs Everywhere

    By Sarah Olexsak When it comes to parking, employers and facility managers are working together to make plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations the next bike racks. Parking providers that offer charging to workplaces can have a competitive advantage when attracting clients in ­cutting-edge industries. Employers have long recognized that Read More »

  • Making the Garage Green in Every Way

    By Brian Shaw, CAPP I recently started working for Stanford University as its director of parking and transportation services. Stanford is known as one of the leading sustainable universities in the country, and a number of ranking and recognition programs have given the university high marks for its sustainability programs Read More »

  • Where Mobility Meets Facility

    By Joachim Hauser As the director of mobility for BMW, I am often asked, “Why did BMW, a German premium car manufacturer, become a Titanium Launch Partner of the United States-based Green Parking Council (GPC)?” There are many facets to the answer and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the Read More »

  • We Challenge You: Park Your Park by Rachel Yoka, CAPP

    We know parking isn’t just about cars—it’s all about people, mobility, and transportation systems that work together to build community. Who knows better how to transform a parking space than the leading organization of parking professionals? From a one “park” in 2005 to nearly 1,000 tiny parks around the world Read More »

  • Life Between Buildings by L. Dennis Burns, CAPP

    I have been doing my homework in preparation for the upcoming IPI Conference in Las Vegas.  Josh Kavanagh, CAPP, and I are developing a presentation exploring the unique opportunities those of us in the parking and transportation industries have to leverage opportunities inherent in owning our customer’s first and last Read More »

  • In Search of Utopia by Brett Wood, CAPP, PE

    I just wrapped up major evaluation and documentation efforts on one of the coolest (and most challenging) projects I’ve done in a while. The City of Aurora, Colo., which has a population of more than 325,000 east of Denver, is largely a suburban-based community with no real parking vision—just a Read More »

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