Eligibility and Application

Welcome and congratulations on considering becoming a CAPP, respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking and mobility.

What does it mean to be a CAPP? You need only connect with any parking professional who earned the certification to know the CAPP community comprises the very best in the profession: mentors, innovators, and leaders who combine talent, skills, and a commitment to share their ideas and expertise to advance the parking profession. CAPPs warmly welcome new certificants to the fold, expanding what has become a close-knit family of colleagues with whom to network, share, learn, and grow.


Here’s what IPMI members say about the benefits of earning CAPP. Read more about the program, and apply or recertify today.

“As a newcomer to the parking and mobility world, I was looking for a credential that will show my commitment to excellence to everyone that I serve and work with. Once I started researching my options and talking to colleagues, it was clear that the CAPP program was exactly what I was looking for and the top credential for anyone in our industry. I was pleasantly surprise by the community response and the number of parking and mobility professionals that have reached out to me for advice and information after I obtained my certification. This has been a great journey and provided me an excellent opportunity to grow professionally an help others in the process. CAPP is the credential that believe every parking and mobility professional should have.”

Wady Burgos, CAPP Class of 2019, Parking & Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, City of Westminster, Colorado

“The CAPP program was invaluable for my transition to the parking industry. I would recommend the CAPP program to any professional entering the parking industry. The learning and exposure to the best and brightest parking professionals allowed me to become a benefit to my organization almost immediately upon my acceptance.”

Dan Fortinberry, CAPP class of 2014, General Manager, Parking Division Manager, City of Cincinnati, Ohio

“CAPP changed my life! I graduated in 2000 while working at IPI. There were those in the industry that questioned why I entered the program. I explained then it was one way to remain industry knowledgeable, especially in areas that were not my expertise. Today, many years later, my CAPP not only served me well as CEO of IPI, it was a requirement of my current position at Princeton University. Getting back into operations was easier than I imagined, with all my CAPP materials I use as ready reference and the many colleagues I can always count on!”

Kim E. Jackson, CAPP, Class of 2000, Director, Parking & Transportation Services, Princeton University

“I entered the CAPP program entirely for self-fulfillment purposes: I wanted to be the first in my company to earn a certification that no one else claimed. What I obtained from the program were not just initials to place after my name. I obtained a wealth of knowledge and valuable relationships with professionals that I will always be fond of. These professionals have helped me better understand the industry and are a great resource to turn to when I have questions or a particular need. The CAPP program truly offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, to build lasting relationships and help build careers. I strongly urge anyone interested in developing professional relationships and advancing their career and knowledge to participate in the program.”

Charles Reedstrom, CAPP, Class of 2003, Senior Practice Builder, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

“My involvement in the CAPP Program was a very good decision for me after 15 years working as a Director of Parking. The program challenged me to learn aspects of the industry that my day-to-day work could not have provided me. Learning from other colleagues gave me an instant network of friends that I now collaborate with often. Do not wait as long as I did to get your CAPP. This accomplishment will bring immense value to you and those you work with. Remember: ’It is never too late to be what you might have been’ — George Eliot.”

J. Diane Hale, CAPP, Class of 2007, Director of Parking & Access, Georgia Building Authority

“One of my proudest professional accomplishments is being a CAPP. This certification has opened doors for me within the profession. It has helped my employment prospects and it has helped introduce me to like-minded people from all over the world. It has even helped me give back to the profession through mentoring CAPP candidates. Those four letters behind my name give me instant credibility whenever the topic of parking becomes part of the discussion.”

Wayne Mixdorf, CAPP, Parking Manager, City of Lincoln Parking Services Division