CAPP Certification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am interested in submitting my application for consideration in the CAPP Program. What is the application process?

Download the CAPP Candidate Handbook. This document will provide the application form and details regarding the process. The completed application form, all necessary documentation, and the application fee will need to be submitted together for processing.

What is the cost to apply?

The fee to apply for the CAPP credential is $475 (IPMI members) or $700 (non-members). The application fee includes a one-time testing fee. If you need to retake the test, this will be subject to additional fees.

Once I submit my application, when will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

Applications will be processed within 30 days of receipt. If an application is approved, applicants will receive email instructions concerning examination registration procedures and in-person and remote testing center options.

If I submitted an application in the past ten years and was not accepted into the program, will I need to resubmit an application and fee?

Any application that was declined in the past is null and void. All applications submitted for consideration are subject to the applicable application fee. A completed application form from the CAPP Candidate Handbook must be submitted to the CAPP Certification Department along with the required documentation and application fee.

Why was my application determined “incomplete?”

Most applications that are determined as incomplete require additional information and/or points. It is important to note the minimum required number of points in each section of the application and ensuring that those requirements have been met before submitting your application for consideration. Incomplete applications are allotted 30 days to obtain the requested documentation.

How do I study for the exam?

There are several ways to study for the exam.  First, access the CAPP Candidate Handbook . Begin by reviewing the “Exam Content Outline” which lists the Content Outline that comprises the exam. Complete a self-assessment to determine if you wish to take online or onsite courses prior to testing.  A list of suggested references is included, as well as important acronyms and their definitions. Then, visit the  CAPP Certification area of our website.

What courses do I need to take to prepare for the exam?

There are no course requirements but there are point requirements for professional development. It is suggested that each applicant self-assess against the CAPP Exam Content Outline to identify knowledge gaps.  A minimum of 25 professional development points are required in order to submit the CAPP application.  Courses taken must be applicable to the role of CAPP and must have been completed within the past five years. One point is awarded per one hour of professional development/continuing education.

When can I sit for the exam?

Once the application has been approved, you will receive official notification via email that your application has been accepted. Your Candidate Admission Letter will arrive via email with the subject line of “Online Candidate Registration Exam: CAPP.” This email will include a hyperlink to the scheduling portal, a personal login, and a password to register to sit for the CAPP exam either at a testing center or via remote proctoring.

Is there a deadline that I must test by?

  Your Candidate Admission Letter email also includes the testing timeframe. You must test within 365 days of your notification. NOTE: this 365 day timeframe includes any and all retakes.

I have received my Candidate Admission Letter email stating that I can register to schedule my day/date/time/testing location for the exam, but the testing site can’t find my name. What should I do?

  Be sure that you are entering your name exactly as you did on your CAPP application which should also reflect exactly how it is listed on your valid government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. If you have entered your name as it is shown on your photo identification and it is not recognizing you, contact the CAPP Certification Department at for further assistance.

Where can I take the exam?

The examination is offered via computer administration either at a Prometric Testing Center near you or via remote proctoring.  Prometric has over 2000+ test sites in over 180 countries. Operating dates and times vary for each testing center. You will be able to use your Candidate Admission Letter to find the closest testing center to you or to schedule your remote proctoring date and time.

How is the exam administered?

The examination is offered via computer administration at over 2000+ test sites in over 180 countries or via remote proctoring. The CAPP examination is comprised of 15 pre-test (not scored) and 150 live (scored) four-option, multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has four answer choices; only one answer choice is correct.

How much time is allotted to complete the exam?

You will be allotted three (3) hours to complete the computer administered exam. When you are taking the exam, there is a countdown clock that you will have the option to hide.

What do I need when I arrive at the testing center?

You must take the following with you the day of your exam:

A copy of your Candidate Admission Letter email. If you do not have this document with you, you will be denied entry to your scheduled exam and any fees paid will be forfeited. You will be required to pay a rescheduling fee and have to go back at another time to test.

You are required to provide valid, government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You should confirm that your Candidate Admission Letter reflects your name exactly as it is listed on your photo ID. If it does not, contact the CAPP Certification Department immediately at so that it can be updated prior to your testing date.

How will I know if I have passed the exam?

Upon completion of the exam either in person or remotely, you will be provided with a letter stating that you have passed the exam. No scores will be provided, only that you passed or failed.

I failed the exam; when can I take it again?

Applicants who fail can apply to retake the exam upon payment of a $150 re-exam fee. You will retake the entire exam, not just the failed section(s). To sit for a retake, you must email a written request to Once the payment is processed, you will receive a new Online Candidate Registration Exam email as notification that you can go into the testing portal and schedule your retake. It is an applicant’s responsibility to notify IPMI that they would like to retest.

How many times can I retest?

Candidates may retest up to three times before the testing deadline stated on the Candidate Admission Letter. An additional $150 re-examination fee must be paid for any and all subsequent retests. After the fourth failure there is a six-month waiting period, after which applicants may schedule an additional retest upon payment of the $150 re-exam fee.

I need to retake the exam but the testing center website can’t find my name. What should I do?

  Be sure that you are entering your name exactly as you did on your CAPP application which should also reflect exactly how it is listed on your valid government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Ensure your name is listed on the Online Candidate Registration exam email exactly as it is on your Government issued id. The database is very sensitive and will not find you if you are omitting something even if it is your middle initial. If you have entered your name as it is shown on your government issued photo identification, you should contact the CAPP Certification Department at for further assistance.

I have questions regarding my specific situation. Who should I contact?

You are always welcome to contact IPMI to speak with a member of the CAPP Certification Dept. or connect with us via email at