Role of an APO Site Reviewer

Each Accredited Parking Organization (APO) accreditation applicant will be required to seek an IPMI designated and authorized, third-party reviewer to confirm their application facts and evidence, and provide a detailed recommendation by way of a written report to the APO Board supporting their request for accreditation. The APO Site Reviewer makes a final recommendation in a detailed report and IPMI, through its APO governance process, may award the APO designation at the appropriate level. It is imperative that site visits are conducted as consistently as possible among all the Site Reviewers.

The services an APO Site Reviewer offers include:

  • Evaluate all items in the APO scoring matrix in consultation with the applicant by telephone.
  • Organize and evaluate evidence for the accomplishment of each applicable item.
  • Conduct site reviews to confirm existence of evidence for paperwork documentation and physical facility assessment according to the matrix.
  • Make accreditation recommendation.

The APO Site Reviewer guides the applicant in organizing and presenting the evidence of each required item on the matrix. The reviewer will visit the applicant site and evaluate the evidence to determine suitability, and whether the evidence item is material (applicable or not applicable) to the application.