APO Site Reviewer Training – Renewal/Refresher Course

The Accredited Parking Organization (APO) program establishes a benchmark of the quality by which a parking management organization conducts its business and maintains its facilities and services.

The site review is a required component for applicant organizations, and must be completed by an IPMI-approved site reviewer who has successfully completed this training.

APO Site Reviewers are solely trained by IPMI to evaluate organizations pursuing accreditation under the program. This brief course will address the role of the site reviewer, review best practices for each site, and discuss how to determine if evidence meets the standard.  Participants receive a copy of the APO Manual for Applicants and the matrix, a planning tool for implementation.

APO Site Reviewer Renewal training is offered as a 90-minute live webinar.  Participants who are not able to attend the live session may watch the recorded webinar.  This course is intended for previously IPMI-approved APO Site Reviewers who wish to renew their training to maintain their status.

IPMI-approved APO Site Reviewers whose status expires by 12/31 of the current year.

Reviewers must attend either the live or watch the recorded webinar and pass a short assessment to renew their APO Site Reviewer status through the next three years cycle.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and qualified participants will be listed as trained site reviewers on the IPMI website.

Course Credits: 1.5 CAPP Points

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate what a standard is and the importance of the quality management of the third-party reviewer when on a site visit.
  • Explain the role of third-party reviewers, including communicating information regarding the final status of the application.
  • Illustrate satisfactory and unsatisfactory examples encountered during site visits by referencing criteria provided in the 14 content areas of the checklist.
  • Review ethics expected of a third-party reviewer and ways to handle potentially questionable situations that could arise during a site visit.
  • Determine whether site-provided evidence items are applicable or not applicable to the application when determining a recommendation to award the APO designation.

This training offers 1.5 CAPP points toward application or re-certification.

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