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Watch Your Assets! How to Monetize Most Effectively
In the next decade, a growing number of state and local governments, colleges and universities, airports, transit systems, and water and sewer authorities are likely to explore asset monetization. State and local governments own infrastructure properties of significant value and, despite a 10-year economic expansion, some remain fiscally pressured and unable to properly maintain their properties. The scale of today’s infrastructure decay, the declining fiscal health of the U.S. public sector, and a growing appetite from large institutional investors (private sector) for infrastructure properties make asset sales or leases more likely than in the past. Parking assets (garages, decks, on-street operations) are often eyed by political administrations as a possible cash cow for their pet projects. Now, we see these assets used to fund much-needed infrastructure and technology upgrades.

Riding the Micromobility Boom: Reinventing Urban and Suburban Parking Structures in the Age of Mobility Networks
Micromobility is transforming urban landscapes across the U.S. and the world. It promises to accelerate the transition away from personal automobiles and toward a mobility-based transportation system. This presents new challenges and opportunities for existing players with access to brick-and-mortar parking facilities in urban and suburban locations.

Accessible Parking and Placard Abuse
Accessible parking challenges and disabled placard abuse are continuing challenges. While some federal standards exist, cities and states take a wide variety of approaches. For the first time, the issues are being considered on a national level by a broadly based united group. The IPMI-led Accessible Parking Coalition (APC) includes transportation officials, government agencies, advocacy groups, parking management and technology experts, veterans’ groups, civil rights advocates, and independent living movement members. Gain insights from APC research and resources, and learn how a number of municipalities and universities are addressing the issues successfully.

Curb Management: Strategies and Tech to Define, Manage, and Enforce the Curb
Struggling with curb management or just starting to think about it? You’re not alone—balancing shared use of this limited and valuable real estate is a challenge, and it’s only projected to become more complicated from here. Learn what curb management is and how various technologies will support effective curb-sharing. This presentation explores four major categories of consideration and how technology will be applied to de-clutter and de-stress curb space.

Municipal Procurement: Repeating Mistakes on Purpose
Are your RFPs for technology products finding the best products for your operation at the best price? RFPs aim to introduce a level playing field for vendors and reduce any potential for favoritism, and garner the best prices. But it doesn’t always work that way; cities can achieve better outcomes by changing the way they buy software. Refocusing RFPs on the operation’s unique needs instead of product specs can bring much more effective results, but it’s a different way of thinking than the traditional. Join us and learn how to use the RFP process more effectively to get the products you want at the best possible price.

Dashboards! Science-Based Decision Making
For several years we’ve been given the gift of Big Data, available now as a result of connected systems and the internet of things. While we often have access to far more data that can help us make those decisions, it is important to understand what data is actually necessary and what is noise. The skill with which we analyze the data can make the difference between a good and bad outcome. One of the simplest methods in science-based decision making is understanding trends through visualizations at a high level. By monitoring performance on a daily basis using a real-time dashboard or simple graphic depictions of trends, you will know if it is necessary to access more data to make a business decision.

October 17, 2018
Being a Superhero in Your City
Whether it’s Superman, Spider-man or Wonder Woman, everyone loves a superhero.  Hear how you can bring this heroic task to your city by changing the parking.  Operate in a way that an administration looks for ways to keep you and not reasons to keep you (Sam Parker); all this can be done with how you promote your parking product.

September 25, 2018
Introduction to APDS Version 1.0, International Parking Data Standard
The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) offers this free webinar on the development of the first international industry-wide standard to streamline data transfer in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. The APDS, a collaboration of the British Parking Association, the European Parking Association, and the International Parking Institute, will develop and maintain the international data standard. This webinar will provide an overview of Version 1.0 of the APDS Standard, and review the technical documents contained in the release. There will be time provided for discussion and your questions at the conclusion of the webinar.

September 12, 2018
Park That Phone! The Road to a New Brand
After a difficult PARCS equipment transition, the University of Cincinnati (UC) needed to find a way to rebrand its image and improve its perception on campus. This archived presentation covers how UC developed the program, marketing, and program ideas that others can take back to their campus, as well as results from the campaign. Participants will be engaged through video and discussion throughout the presentation which will make them think about their own behaviors when driving.

July 18, 2018
Data Driven Success: Building a New Data Standard for Parking
IPI offered this webinar on the development of international industry-wide data standards designed to streamline data transfer. This webinar provides an overview of the IPI-DataEx Standard for parking as well as the international effort to create global standards. Please click the link above to watch the presentation.

March 8, 2018
Hello, Parking! Is Anyone There? / Alô, Estacionamento! Tem Alguém Aí? (Presented in Portuguese)
Technology is in the spotlight of most discussions when it comes to the future of parking, right? However, have you asked yourself about the people in this industry? How do you make sure your teams give parking customers the same importance you do? This archived webinar will provide parking owners, directors, and vendors with some insights and important tips to engage staff members and prepare them for a great customer service!

A tecnologia está certamente no centro das atenções quando falamos sobre o futuro dos estacionamentos, certo? Porém, você já se perguntou sobre como envolver as pessoas neste cenário? Como garantir que suas equipes dão a mesma importância que você ao negócio e aos clientes? Este seminário online irá auxiliar donos de estacionamentos, diretores e fornecedores com algumas reflexões e dicas importantes para engajar funcionários e prepara-los para um excelente atendimento ao cliente!

March 14, 2018
Parking Guidance and the Journey
Parking Guidance and the Journey is the ninth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPI’s Parking Technology Committee. This archived presentation explores the various technologies available to communicate parking information to consumers during the different parts of a journey (leaving your house, on the road, and in the facility).

January 17, 2018
Introduction to Parksmart
This archived webinar will provide information on Parksmart, the world’s only rating system designed to advance mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation, which provides garages with a pathway to harness this opportunity and redefine parking as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere. This webinar will address how parking structure owners and operators can utilize Parksmart to enhance bottom lines, embrace environmental responsibility and address emerging trends within the parking and transportation industries.

November 15, 2017
Data Analytics
Ever wondered just how big your world is? How many parking spaces are there in the United States? How many parking organizations, and parking professionals? What is the true economic impact of our industry? IPI has embarked on a project to find out – starting with our very own members. Register for this archived webinar to find out more.

October 18, 2017
Potential Impacts of City-Level Parking Cash-Out and Transit Benefit Ordinances
This archived webinar will provide an overview of cash-out policies; highlight the results of a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) analysis of six different possible cash-out ordinances, for nine different cities, to estimate their potential impacts; and offer information on the real-world implementation of cash-out policies at the municipal level.

March 15, 2017
Connected Vehicles: Understanding the Revolution
This archived webinar will explore the world of connected vehicles and bring a little order and definition to this emerging landscape, showing what technologies are leading the race to bring standardization to the market while making the customer experience frictionless.

February 15, 2017
Transformational Services and Efficiencies
This archived webinar will demonstrate great leadership strategies learned from Walt Disney World with specific tactics around strategies for parking and transportation.

January 18, 2017
Adaptive Reuse — The Next Generation of Parking Facilities
This archived webinar will demonstrate how the parking garage has evolved over the past century and it is still evolving. This webinar will address practical designs to accommodate future flexibility.

December 14, 2016
Parking Enforcement for Frontline!
In this archived webinar, we look at the reason for enforcement in the scheme of parking management. We explore the ethics of enforcement and the role of the Parking Enforcement Professional.

November 16, 2016
The Path to APO — Benchmarking Success and Advancing Your Organization
This archived session will present an overview of the new Accredited Parking Organization (APO) standard, and summarize the range of industry practices and features that are state of the industry in institutional, municipal, medical, university, airport, private, and other parking programs nationally and internationally.

October 26, 2016
Cracking the Code to Sustaining a Customer Service Culture
This archived webinar will demonstrate how you can obtain the culture of customer service – everyone wants it, but getting there can be a challenge.

August 17, 2016
Suicide in Parking Facilities: Prevention, Response, and Recovery
This archived webinar will cover a wide range of topics, from installing physical barriers and signage that offers crisis line information to on-the-scene intervention and post-traumatic care for employees and witnesses.