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    IPMI Launches Parking & Mobility Accessibility Survey

    IPMI Launches Parking & Mobility Accessibility Survey October 18, 2023 IPMI has just issued a new national survey to capture critical benchmarks and data on the state of the industry’s policies, programs, and practices on accessibility in parking, transportation, and mobility operations and programs. We are seeking your feedback as Read More »

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    ITE & IPMI Open Call for Data to Update Parking Generation Manual

    ITE & IPMI Open Joint Call for Parking Data to Update Landmark Parking Generation Manual  Data collection open through June 1, 2023. The Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) opened the joint Call for Data to revise ITE’s landmark publication, the Parking Generation Read More »

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    ITE & IPMI Launch Strategic Partnership to Update Landmark Parking Generation Manual

    ITE & IPMI Launch Strategic Partnership to Update Landmark Parking Generation Manual   The Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) announced a new strategic partnership in support of an updated version of ITE’s landmark publication, the Parking Generation Manual (PGM).  Currently in the Read More »

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    IPMI Releases Industry-Wide Electric Vehicle Readiness Survey

    IPMI Releases Industry-Wide Electric Vehicle Readiness Survey March 8, 2023 IPMI releases landmark survey to capture critical benchmarks and data on industry readiness to prepare for electric vehicles and charging needs to support national initiatives. Electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure are poised to transform the parking, transportation, and mobility Read More »

  • Employee Engagement Requires a Strategy and a Plan

    Employee Engagement Requires a Strategy and a Plan   By Liliana Lasso Rambo, CAPP We often hear about the value of having engaged employees at work and how we can monetize an organization’s culture by enhancing the way employees feel at work.  How do you monetize/measure the positive or negative Read More »

  • IPMI Shoptalk: Diversity: Rising through the Ranks

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  • Self Check-Up 

    Vanessa R. Cummings, CAPP When was the last time you gave yourself a once-over? I mean, gave yourself a full body scan to check yourself out? We spend so much time taking care of others that we often fail to take care of ourselves. What or who comes ahead of Read More »

  • Resiliency and imagination; a post-pandemic plan

    Resiliency and imagination; a post-pandemic plan. Harry Delgado, CAPP, ED.S. We are a parking authority in the City of New Brunswick, N.J. (NBPA). Pre-pandemic, we experienced the highest occupancy rates, with garages and surface lots running full and a thriving valet business. New Brunswick is the county seat serving court Read More »

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    Telecommuting at UCLA: Featured Article from Parking & Mobility Magazine

    Telecommuting at UCLA: Avoiding gridlock, finding parking, and having room to breathe. By David J. Karwaski THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES (UCLA) sits within the Los Angeles Basin, one of the most traffic congested areas in the U.S., that unfortunately has some of the worst air quality—if not the Read More »

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    New brunswick performing arts center transit-oriented development

    Parking and Transit-oriented Development: Featured Article from IPMI’s Parking & Mobility Magazine

    The Orientation Toward Transit: Has COVID cooled the hot market of parking and transit-oriented development? By Jim Zullo, CAPP As we look ahead to life in a post-COVID world, there will certainly be some level of return to commuting, transit, and parking normalcy. But are the benefits that have traditionally Read More »

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    Parklet Design: Featured Article from IPMI’s Parking & Mobility Magazine

    Never more popular, tiny park spaces are seeing more use than ever next to the curb. Here’s everything you need to know to launch a parklet program in your operation, including parklet design elements. By Jonathan Wicks, CAPP, and Chrissy Mancini Nichols IF THE CURB IS THE GATEWAY TO YOUR Read More »

  • IPMI’s Mobility Framework

    IPMI’s Mobility Framework May 12, 2021 IPMI’s Mobility Framework was developed by the IPMI Mobility Task Force, with expertise from our volunteers across our community, committees, subject matter experts, and volunteers.  As our industry evolves, we anticipate that this Framework will also change and adapt to both innovations and disruptions Read More »


    IPMI Shoptalk: For Suppliers Only: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion From Your Perspective Moderated by Gary Means, CAPP Executive Director, Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority Please note, this forum is restricted to industry suppliers (vendors, suppliers, commercial operators, and consultants) only to ensure the ability to discuss openly. Open to all suppliers, Read More »

  • Important Conversations

    By Gary Means, CAPP THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT OF CONVERSATIONS lately about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the Fireside Chat On Industry Inclusion back on August 20, 2020, I would encourage you to do so (click here). I was joined by a Read More »

  • Continuing the Conversation

    By Kim Jackson, CAPP GARY MEANS, CAPP, began the conversation for our industry of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the October issue of Parking and Mobility. I have the ex­treme pleasure of continuing the conversation for this issue. DEI is a topic I am and have been passionate about Read More »

  • IPMI News: IPMI Releases Roadmap to Recovery, University Planning, Strategies, and Benchmarking for 2021

    IPMI Releases Roadmap to Recovery, University Planning, Strategies, and Benchmarking for 2021 Download or read the document online.   The fall 2020 semester for higher education campuses has been a mixture of trial and error, adaptation, and survival. With the impacts of the global pandemic continuing to evolve, ensuring some Read More »

  • IPMI COVID-19 Response & Recovery for Universities: Video Resources

    IPMI interviewed members from the academic sector to find out more about how the pandemic has impacted operations and their plans for the future.  Check out these short video segments here: Flexible Permit Options Adapting Policy & Practice for COVID Operations Planning & Adapting for Operations & Transit Enforcement & Read More »

  • IPMI News: CAPP Scholarship Recipients Awarded Nearly $10,000 in 2020 to Advance the Profession

    CAPP Scholarship Recipients Awarded Nearly $10,000 in 2020 to Advance the Profession The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) this year provided nearly $9,000 in CAPP Scholarship funds to 17 industry professionals to further their professional educations. CAPP is the premier credential for parking, mobility, and transportation professionals and is Read More »

  • IPMI News: International Parking & Mobility Institute and Veterans in Parking Announce Strategic Partnership

    International Parking & Mobility Institute and Veterans in Parking Announce Strategic Partnership The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) and Veterans in Parking (ViP) are joining forces to get esteemed military veterans back to work by helping our members and allies in parking, mobility, and transportation post available positions and Read More »

  • A Win-Win: Improving Post-Event Traffic Flow

    A Win-Win: Improving Post-Event Traffic Flow By Jennifer I. Tougas, CAPP, PhD IT’S A COOL FEBRUARY NIGHT and Western Kentucky University (WKU) is hosting Louisiana Tech in an end-of-season men’s basketball game to determine placement in the upcoming Conference USA tournament. This season marks the first for activating the university’s Read More »

  • University Plans and Strategies for Fall 2020

    University Plans and Strategies for Fall 2020 A panel of experts discusses recovering from COVID-19 in the academic world. OUR PANELISTS JOSH CANTOR, CAPP, is director of parking and transportation at George Mason University. He was previously at Cal State Fullerton. He serves on IPMI’s Board of Directors and served Read More »

  • Can PARK(ing) DAY Help in Combating COVID-19?

    Can PARK(ing) DAY Help in Combating COVID-19? Applying the lessons from an annual celebration of parklets to pandemic recovery in cities. By Michael Connor and Brian Bartholomew RETAIL SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS IN CITIES across the country are starting to open under mandated social distancing guidelines. However, maintaining six feet of Read More »

  • Is COVID-19 a Force Majeure?

    Is COVID-19 a Force Majeure? By Michael Ash, Esq., CRE THE PARKING AND MOBILITY INDUSTRY (like most industries) is held together through a series of interconnected contracts and agreements for goods and services. The on­going pandemic resulted in federal, state, and local jurisdictions issuing declarations of emergency and stay-at-home orders Read More »

  • Modern Mobility and Commercial Office Towers

    Modern Mobility and Commercial Office Towers By Michael Cramer A YEAR AGO, this article would have contained a plethora of pie-in-the-sky ideas and innovations. Cars and trucks were changing, mass transit was improving, Uber, Lyft, bicycles, work from home—it all seems so Jetsons now. Millions of people now work from Read More »

  • How real-time, stall-based, occupancy monitoring can help cities understand current and future parking requirements

    How real-time, stall-based, occupancy monitoring can help cities understand current and future parking requirements By Mark Hall and Domenic Sorbara PARKING HAS QUICKLY BECOME A MAJOR AREA OF FOCUS (typically as a pain point) for cities and municipalities of all sizes. As urban municipalities grapple with the impacts of parking Read More »

  • Navigating the New Normal

    Navigating the New Normal By Michael Drow, CAPP THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has had a significant impact on individuals, businesses, cities and society. While some of its effects will be short-lived, others will be long lasting and in many cas­es, the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of trends that have been Read More »

  • The Motor City Becomes Comeback City

    The Motor City Becomes Comeback City By Bill Smith IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN FOCUSED on what’s happening in Detroit, you’re missing one of America’s best stories. The Motor City is in the midst of a revival that has seen an eruption of development. Businesses are return­ing to the downtown, restaurants Read More »

  • The Fundamental Things Apply

    Joe Scuilli, CAPP Some 22 years ago, a team of parking consultants completely turned around Washington, D.C.’s then-underperforming meter program in a relatively short time, implementing privatized meter installation, maintenance, and collection and counting functions for the District’s Bureau of Parking. From March through August 1998, broken housings, faded domes, Read More »

  • IPMI’s Roadmap to Recovery, October 5, 2020

    Download the document and find out how the industry is adapting and shaping steps for recovery. 

  • IPMI News: ParkHouston’s Maria Irshad, CAPP, Recognized as Industry Professional of the Year

    International Parking & Mobility Institute hails Irshad as its James M. Hunnicutt, CAPP, Industry Professional of the Year The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is pleased to announce Maria Irshad, CAPP, as its James Hunnicutt, CAPP, Industry Professional of the Year. The award is part of IPMI’s Professional Recognition Read More »

  • IPMI News: Philadelphia Parking Authority Lauded as 2020 Organization of the Year

    PPA recognized by IPMI for its exemplary leadership, comprehensive programming, and innovation August 2020 — The Philadelphia Parking Authority is the recipient of the International Parking & Mobility Institute’s 2020 Organization of the Year Award. The award, recognized during the 2020 IPMI Parking & Mobility Virtual Conference & Expo and Read More »

  • Do you have a mantra? (Stay with me here…)

    Rachel Yoka, CAPP It’s a statement or slogan you repeat frequently. It’s a short phrase that centers you, helps you tackle tough days, and really enjoy the great ones. (I promise I am not asking you to meditate – although the practice has terrific benefits and you should try it.) Read More »

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    IPMI News: IPMI Releases Roadmap to Recovery, Special Edition: July 2020

    Download IPMI”s Roadmap to Recovery, a special edition capturing the latest on the parking, transportation, and mobility industry’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Share your experience and your expertise.  Complete the 2020 IPMI COVID-19 Industry Response and Impact Benchmark Survey before July 30, 2020. One lucky participant will win a Read More »

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    Member News: Gabe Klein, Founder of Cityfi and Former Chicago & D.C. DOT Commissioner joins Automotus Board of Advisors

    Gabe Klein has joined the Automotus Board of Advisors. Gabe has been a leader in the transportation industry for both the public and private sectors for nearly 20 years, having held positions as the Commissioner of the Chicago and Washington D.C. Departments of Transportation and as a Vice President at Read More »

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    Member News: Rich & Associates Names David Rich Vice President

    Southfield, MI (June 18, 2020)—Rich & Associates is pleased to announce the promotion of David Rich to vice president. As vice president, David oversees the firm’s national business development efforts. “David has been an integral part of the Rich & Associates team since 1986,” said Richard C. Rich, president of Read More »

  • podcast / video

    The Parking Podcast Episode E30: An Interview with Industry Leaders and a Conversation about Encouraging Stories Part 2

    Topic: Leaders from around the parking and mobility industry share encouraging and optimistic stories during COVID-19. The sequel. Check it out here

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    Member News: SKIDATA Ex-CEO Hugo Rohner Joins Get My Parking as Board Advisor and Investor

    June 3, 2020 After empowering over 2000 parking lots worldwide to go digital and contactless, the leading smart parking startup, Get My Parking, has announced a major addition to its team. Hugo Rohner, former Global CEO, SKIDATA, has joined the board of Get My Parking as an Advisor and Minority Read More »

  • blog

    What Do We Do Next?: COVID-19 and the Triple Helix Model of Innovation

    By David C. Lipscomb This blog is part of a special series on curb management and COVID-19. A joint effort of the International Parking and Mobility Institute, Transportation for America, and Institute of Transportation Engineer’s Complete Streets Council, this series strives to document the immediate curbside-related actions and responses to Read More »

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    Learning from COVID-19: Connecting with the Research Community

    By Stephanie Dock, AICP, and Katherine Kortum, PhD, PE This blog post is part of a special series on curb management and COVID-19. A joint effort of the International Parking & Mobility Institute, Transportation for America, and Institute of Transportation Engineer’s Complete Streets Council, this series strives to document the Read More »

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    A 10-Point Roadmap for the New Normal in Parking and Mobility

    By Kevin White, AICP Like many other sectors of the economy, the parking and mobility industry has been affected significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite significant impacts on revenue, staffing, and other functions, municipal operations have deftly adjusted to local conditions and are planning in earnest for an uncertain future Read More »

  • Free Online Shoptalk: Leadership on Their Terms to Ease Stress and Enable Focus

    Wednesday May 6, 2020- 2:00 PM EST Free Online Shoptalk: Leadership on Their Terms to Ease Stress and Enable Focus Free to all Industry Professionals Access the Recording here IPMI invites all industry professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted your various mobility Read More »

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    My First Virtual Conference

    By Justin Grunert In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, IPMI decided to transition from an in-person Conference to a virtual event. Our first priority was to keep all of our attendees, sponsors, and vendors safe. It saddens me that I won’t be able to see many of you in Read More »

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    Member News: ParkHub Launches ‘Attendant Academy’ to Support Industry Advancement During the COVID-19 Crisis

    The company’s online courses aim to help prospective parking professionals develop skills for future employment. DALLAS, May 7th, 2020 — ParkHub, the leading B2B parking technology company, has launched online courses designed to support the professional advancement of parking attendants during the COVID-19 crisis. The curriculum, coined Attendant Academy, provides Read More »

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    IPMI News: IPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab

    IPMI Partners with City Tech to Launch the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a Cross-Sector Collaboration to Help Shape the Future of the Parking Industry May 6, 2020 In partnership with the International Parking & Mobility Institute, City Tech Collaborative is launching a new Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a cross-sector consortium Read More »

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    Member News: Kimley-Horn Named Best Workplace in Consulting & Professional Services 2020

    Kimley-Horn is excited to be again named one of the Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services by Great Place to Work®. More than 357,000 U.S. employees were anonymously surveyed about 60 elements related to how their company creates a Great Place to Work For All™, including experiences of innovation, leadership Read More »

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    Member News: SKIDATA Names Matt Gambardella Sales Manager for Denver Office

    Denver, CO (April 30, 2020)—SKIDATA has named Matt Gambardella to oversee sales for the company’s Denver office. In his new role, Gambardella will manage all new business development and project management throughout Colorado. He joins the Denver office from SKIDATA’s Las Vegas office, where he served as a sales professional. Read More »

  • webinar

    Free Online Shoptalk: Planning for Future Municipal On-Street Operations

    Wednesday April 29, 2020 @ 2:00-3:30 PM EST Free Online Shoptalk: Planning for Future Municipal On-Street Operations Free to all Industry Professionals Access recording here IPMI invites all industry professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted your various mobility programs and options, including Read More »

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    Remote Work

    Free Online Shoptalk: Leading Remote Teams and Best Practices

    Wednesday April 22, 2020 – 2:00 PM EST Free Online Shoptalk: Leading Remote Team & Best Practices Pre-Registration is required to attend Free for all Industry Professsionals Access the recording here IPMI invites all industry professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted your Read More »

  • Guide to PARKSMART Certification

    GUIDE TO PARKSMART CERTIFICATION For use with Parksmart Certification Version 1.0 with Addenda Guide Version 2.3 April 2020 Congratulations on your decision to pursue Parksmart certification! You’re on your way to increasing the value and performance of your project. This guide will lead you through the process. There are four Read More »

  • article

    McKinsey & Company: COVID-19 – Implications for Business

    March 30, 2020 By Matt Craven, Linda Liu, Mihir Mysore, Shubham Singhal, Sven Smit, and Matt Wilson The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide Read More »


    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. ► PAID LEAVE ENTITLEMENTS Generally, employers Read More »

  • Happy Anew Year!

    By Tiffany Smith, MBA Everyone is returning to work after vacations, holidays or maybe even returning to normal routines after the slowdown from closing out one year and opening another. Jumping back in can be a little challenging. How do you reignite the enthusiasm, motivation, and drive in your team? This is Read More »

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: The Disney Way Author and former Disney EVP Lee Cockerell talks about hiring, training, customer service, and parking—and why it all matters.

    By Kim Fernandez A COMMON REACTION IN ANY CONVERSATION ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE is to reference The Walt Disney Company, whose resorts, where no detail is left to chance, are known as the pinnacle of outstanding service. If you bring up customer service at Disney, though, they’re likely to mention Lee Read More »

  • Chautauqua National Park: How the City of Boulder managed parking demand in one of the country’s most popular historical landmarks.

    By Julianne Wilhelm FOR NEARLY A HALF CENTURY, the state of Colorado has been a leader in the stewardship of land, environment, and sustainability, striving to achieve cleaner air and water and improve public health for its residents. On any given crisp, cool day, you can see bikers, mountain climbers, Read More »

  • Civil Discourse

    By Julius Rhodes, SPHR THIS IS DESIGNED TO PROVOKE YOU, BUT NOT IN A NEGATIVE SENSE. I want you to think deeper and start a dialogue with others that addresses the concept of civil discourse in our society and at work. Where once we were actively taught to mind our Read More »

  • Parking Spotlight: The Sweet Smell Of Success: Arizona State University Leads The Way

    By Shasta Philpot HOW DO YOU EFFICIENTLY MANAGE A PARKING PROGRAM for a university with 11 parking facilities spread across four campuses, and that serves more than 100,000 students? Obviously it’s a monumental task. Arizona State University Parking and Transit Services (PTS) has found that the secret of success can Read More »

  • Insider’s Guide to Professional Development

    Download this comprehensive resource here!

  • When Measuring Up Leaves You Falling Behind

    Shontel Zamora, MPA “Really, that person? Why? I don’t get it?” Have you ever found yourself comparing your life to someone else’s? How many times have you compared your educational milestones, financial status, career progression, home, family, car, vacations, or even your looks with those of another person? Have you Read More »

  • article

    Making Accessible Parking More Accessible

    By Helen Sullivan, APR, Fellow PRSA “I am a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Parking is the biggest obstacle in my life.” READ AND RE-READ THIS QUOTE from the 2018 Accessible Parking Coalition (APC) National Survey and take in the full meaning of what this survey respondent shared with us. A Read More »

  • IPMI Video: CAPP Certification for Industry Professionals

    Take your career, and your team, to the next level with CAPP Certification. Check out this short video about the program and what it meant for todays’ leaders in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. To find out more about the program and download the Certification Handbook, visit Read More »

  • IPMI Video: Parking Matters

    Check out this short video about IPMI and the work we do to promote parking, transportation, and mobility.  

  • Leading with Graciousness

    By Thomas W. Gaffery IV, MBA, CAPP Years ago, I attended a mentor’s workshop entitled “The art of graciousness.” The topic is something that has crossed my mind many times since. The idea of graciousness in the workplace is fascinating because it can be a nebulous thing and takes ongoing Read More »

  • article

    The Business of Parking: Learning to C.O.P.E. with Culture

    Why do so many organizations and leaders get culture so horribly wrong? By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR IN BUSINESS TODAY AND IN SOCIETY IN GENERAL, we are bombarded with the notion of culture. In our organizations it is widely believed that if you don’t get culture right, nothing else matters. Read More »

  • Seizing Opportunity

    Jorge Aja Banos, CAPP Opportunities will not come knocking on your door—you must go search for them. Some are right in front of our eyes and others are hidden gems that must be found. Opportunities are all over the place: at home, at work, in our relationships, in our personal Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Understanding Group Dynamics

    This course provides attendees with basic concepts related to how groups interact within an organization. Topics include how groups form and interact, understanding the stages of development and the effect on productivity, and identifying and correcting the behaviors that can negatively impact organizational performance. Learning Objectives: Identify the stages of Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Courageous Leadership

    This interactive course is designed to help participants gain a broader understanding of their impact on employee engagement. Topics include the concept of inspirational leadership and its impact on employee behavior, critical/strategic thinking and reasoning, and understanding organizational metrics. Learning Objectives: Develop interpersonal skills and improve methods of communication Recognize Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Difficult Conversations: Giving and Receiving Feedback

    This course will provide attendees with an understanding of how to give and receive feedback in a positive manner. Topics include providing feedback while maintaining an individual’s personal needs, understanding and responding to facts and feelings, and encouraging personal responsibility for actions taken. Class discussion will include review of an Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Strategic Process Development

    This is an interactive course designed to help participants think strategically about how they ‘get things done’. The training focuses on identifying productive and unproductive processes and how to approach them with an eye for improvement.   Presentation topics include developing action items for change, identifying effective tools that support moving Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Change Management: The Human Factor

    This course provides attendees with concepts related to the human response to change in the workplace. Topics will include defining workplace change, the change IQ continuum, steps to facilitate effective change, and recognizing group dynamics and the specific behaviors that may contribute to poor group dynamics. Learning Objectives: Identify workplace Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Implementing Organizational Change

    This is an interactive course designed to help participants understand the benefits of change within an organization. Presentation topics include developing action items for change, identifying effective tools that support moving forward during the change process and identifying individuals resistant to change. In the full day session, participants will develop Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Effective Business Communication

    This is an interactive course designed to provide participants with a framework for communicating in challenging business environments. With a focus on electronic communication, participants will be provided with models for responding professionally to different customer concerns. Employing real world examples from the parking industry, the course offers explanations and Read More »

  • On-Site Training: Motivating, Training and Coaching Your Team

    This course is designed to provide an overview of how to create a work environment designed to retain and develop staff through motivating, training and coaching programs. Participants will gain insight into the importance of harnessing generational talent in the workplace and how effective leadership shapes organizational value. Learning Objectives: Read More »

  • Overview: How to Become an Accredited Parking Organization

    Download the summary here. 

  • The Immeasurable Value of Pursuing Employee Feedback

    By Maria Irshad, CAPP Last year, a few team members approached me to express concern relative to their jobs. This is not new: I have an open-door policy and always want to make sure that anyone can approach me when they have something on their mind. Sometimes the concerns are Read More »

  • Ready, Set, Engage!

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SHPR IN THE 19TH CENTURY, an individual whose philosophy is widely mis­understood said that people are disconnected from their work and each other. Now mind you, during the 19th century there was no internet and nothing remotely related to the technology we take for granted in Read More »

  • The Art of the Organizational Apology

    By Bill Smith “EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES.” Growing up, we heard it over and over from our parents or teachers or friends. No doubt they were just trying to make us feel better about doing something stupid, but they were right. We all screw up now and then. Companies, government agencies, Read More »

  • Self-Evaluation: Making the most of this annual task can propel your career forward.

    BY MONICA TANKSLEY IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN— you can hear the sighs and the moaning and groaning among the troops as you go down the hallway. It’s annual self-assessment time! Eyes are rolling, smirks are on employees’ faces, and the dread in the office is so thick Read More »

  • Leadership vs. Management: The Difference Is Ethics

    By Cindy Campbell BEFORE JOINING THE STAFF AT IPI, I spent more than three decades working on a university campus. Over the years I learned about manage­ment style and technique from a wide range of managers and supervisors. I paid attention to the way they interacted with peers, subordinates, and Read More »

  • Making the Most of a Campus Transformation

    By Doug Mayhew, CAPP Colorado State University (CSU) is building for success. The physical environment around campus has changed more than the Colorado seasons. The university has seen unprecedented growth in both campus infrastructure and attendance and, with the goal of being a 35,000-student campus by 2020, has invested $1.4 Read More »

  • The Psychology of Parking

    By Megan Leinart, LEED AP BD+C For years, I have considered the idea of writing about the psychology of parking. Since studying psychology for my minor in college, I’ve been fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, and I’m constantly analyzing people (friends, family, random people at the store Read More »

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Great ways to leverage big data to enhance parking programs. By Nicole Ybarra IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EVIDENCE that we are in the midst of a parking renaissance, look no farther than the street right outside your door. In bustling city centers to sleepy suburbs once lined with coin-only Read More »

  • A calming effect

    Parking anxiety is a real thing for drivers. Here are some ways industry professionals can help mitigate it. by Victor A. Hill, CAPP, MPA It was the third time the employee insisted our parking garage was full, but I knew we had spaces on our upper levels because I’d sprinted Read More »

  • Caffeine, Attitude, and Dressing for the Job You Want

    By Cindy Campbell I’M NOT MUCH OF A MORNING PERSON. If you know me, you can appre­ciate what an understatement this is. On a recent business trip, my schedule required me to rise and shine several hours earlier than normal. It was 5 a.m. when I stumbled into the hotel Read More »

  • Moving from Where You Are to Where You Need to Be

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR THERE IS A FAMOUS ROLL­ING STONES SONG that says, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you find you get what you need.” This song made me think about how we must take an opportunity to examine the differences between Read More »

  • Creating a Parking Technology Ecosystem

    By Andy Santana THERE ARE SEVERAL DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS that can be used to manage all types of parking infrastructures, and many have the capacity to share common data to help make the parking experience ideal. When implementing new technology, integration and compatibility between systems is key to achieving a Read More »

  • Let’s Change the World’s Perception of Parking

    By Bill Smith, APR Is there anything people complain about as much as parking? They complain they have to pay for it. Or when they can’t find any. Or when they can’t park for as long as they want to. Or when the space they found isn’t convenient enough. I Read More »

  • SPARKS OF CREATIVITY: A mural project at the Downtown Eugene Transit Station was paid for with parking revenue.

    Parking. What’s the first thing in customers’ minds when they see that word? It might be tickets or meters or parking garages, but no matter what it is, the feeling associated may not be a good one. The parking services program in Eugene, Ore., Epark Eugene, aims to change that Read More »

  • Is Your Harassment Policy Up-to-Date?

    By Leonard T. Bier, CAPP, JD; and Michael J. Ash, Esq. TOWARD THE END OF 2017, a wave of high-profile media personalities resigned amid investigations into accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. This trend is expected to continue this year and reach into all employment sectors. It is Read More »

  • Hematology & Parking: Two Peas in a Pod

    By Cindy Campbell                                                                                      YOU MEET THE MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE ON AIRPLANES. On a recent cross-­county flight, I was seated next to an interesting gentleman. David was about my age and appeared to be a fellow business traveler. The conversation between us started out much the same as they always do—we Read More »

  • From here to there: The best ways to shift from strategic planning to strategic doing.

    Colleen Niese It’s quite satisfying to gather all key players from across the organization around the con­ference table to talk about completing strategies for the upcoming year. People become energized by envisioning how the company will function differently, clients and custom­ers will be retained, and new business targets will be Read More »


    The biggest 2018 social media trends and how parking professionals can make the most of them. ONCE DISMISSED AS JUST A PASSING FAD, social media use for business is rapidly increasing. According to SocialMediaToday, the average person now spends 116 minutes on social media every day. The Parking Professional recently Read More »

  • Being Well

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR This is the time of year when many of us are trying to stick with resolutions. It presents us with an excellent opportunity to be well, which begins with doing what we can and should to secure our own wellness. We are all familiar with Read More »

  • Prepared Confidence Speaks Volumes

    By Cindy Campbell I AM A PUBLIC SPEAKER. Honestly, it was never one of my original career goals. Having said that, it’s now what I do for a living and I love it. If someone would have told me 20 years ago that this would be my next professional endeavor, Read More »

  • Your 2018 Marketing Checklist

    By Bill Smith, APR THE NEW YEAR IS ABOUT GETTING A FRESH START, RIGHT? Well, that certainly goes for marketing. The beginning of a new year is a great time for reviewing your organization’s marketing to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Strategy As hard as it may be to Read More »

  • IPMI Parking Data Analytics Snapshot (2017)

    Download the full pdf here.

  • special publications

    2020 Insider’s Guide to the International Parking & Mobility Institute

    Download the full document to explore member benefits, member survey results, and more.

  • Planning for the Short Term

    Industry experts talk about their strategies for sustainability and efficiency. Compiled by Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C 17-12 planning for the short term EVERY ASPECT of garage planning, design, construction, and operation has sustainability effects. The choices we make affect the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit—but Read More »


    By Leonard T. Bier, CAPP, JD; and Michael J. Ash, Esq. Parking requires facility owners, operators, and users to occupy physical space. Therefore, real estate is an essential component of parking. A basic understanding of legal property rights can help guide parking owners and operators in making decisions about the Read More »


    By Ron Steedley, CAPP, MEd Bike share used to be an “if” but now it appears to be a “when.” We need to plan, prepare, and be ready to roll out this mobility option in our jurisdictions when vendors come knocking. As transportation professionals, we already know bike share is Read More »

  • The Future of Parking

    By John Dorsett No one can know what the future holds, but I am optimistic parking will play a meaningful role and not be buried somewhere with all of the buggy whips. Parking has changed in past decades, it will continue to change, and the change will likely be incremental. Read More »

  • SWOT Analysis: A Valuable Tool For Your Program

    By Jennifer I. Tougas, CAPP, PhD Director, WKU Parking & Transportation Services, Member, IPMI Board of Directors Our department held a staff retreat last week. It was the first time in a very long time that we had all operating units together for staff development. Given the nature of our Read More »

  • Training is Not a One-way Street

    by Kathleen Federici, M.Ed. Keeping your skills current is one of the most important ways you can do your job well and remain resilient when faced with the ever-changing demands of the workplace. Training can also prepare you for new opportunities and help you keep your job in a difficult Read More »

  • Online Course: Dennis Snow Virtual Training: Lessons From Disney

    Level: Foundational/basic course About the course: Learn How to Create Magical Customer Service Experiences with Dennis Snow. Based on his 20 years with the Walt Disney World Organization along with many years of consulting with organizations around the world such as the International Parking and Mobility Institute in 2016, Dennis Snow Read More »

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    Parking Craves Inspiring Leaders

    By Ana Hengist Looking back at everything I’ve learned so far in parking, I think about people who taught, inspired, and engaged me. Some of them were parking owners and directors, with great knowledge and power. Others were not necessarily decision-makers. Yet, they had an incredible ability to influence and Read More »

  • 2018 Emerging Trends in Parking Survey Report

    The 2018 Emerging Trends in Survey reveals that more than 60 percent of parking professionals surveyed now identify as “parking, transportation, and mobility professionals,” their jobs increasingly integral to design, management, and operations of parking that are part of the broader movement to ease traffic congestion and create more livable, Read More »

  • A Guide to Parking

    IPI’s mission to advance the parking profession manifests in a number of ways – through top-notch education, certification and accreditation, and connecting our community through the conference and expo and now online through Forum.    Publications are another hallmark program of our organization; take a look through this magazine and the Read More »

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    In today’s world, communication is often shortened to emojis and cell phone texts with words misspelled (or made up) for brevity. If we need to find something, we can get that piece of information the moment we need it as long as we have Wi-Fi.  If an email goes more Read More »

  • null

    Forum, IPI’s New Online Community

    Forum is an online community that gives members a powerful new way to access and share parking, transportation, and mobility-industry information and on-the-job experiences. IPI members can log in and join vibrant discussions, gain others’ perspectives on questions and challenges, access a robust, online library of member knowledge and resources, Read More »

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    Parking Work is Emotional Customer Service Work

    By Teresa Trussell, CAPP  “I love my job, I need my job, I need my paycheck, and I cannot say what’s inside my head right now.” How many of you have repeated this to yourself as you attempt to maintain a professional demeanor while an angry customer completely unloads on Read More »

  • null

    Six Tips for Better Networking

    Networking: The joy of extroverts excited about making new connections, and the bane of introverts who find small talk and introductions in crowded rooms pretty painful. Either way, it’s a necessary thing in business. Inc. this week released its list of six things smart people do to have interesting conversations. Read More »

  • null

    Escalating Hostility

    By Larry J. Cohen, CAPP I’ve been in the parking business a long time and have pretty much seen it all, but a new day always brings a new experience. When it comes to paying for parking or paying for a citation, people’s normal reactions go out the door. I’m sure Read More »

  • null

    A Parking Pro Becomes City Manager: Meet Howard Chan

    Thriving cities need managers who can juggle, stay organized, negotiate like masters, and get along with everybody else—city officials and employees, special-interest groups, the media, and the public. So what’s a city to do when it needs a new manager? It turns to a parking professional. That’s exactly what Sacramento, Read More »

  • APO Manual for Applicants, May 2019 Edition

    The  updated edition of the APO Manual for Applicants outlines guidelines and requirements for facilities interested in the Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Program. APO Manual For Applicants, May 2019 Edition

  • publications

    Ahead of the Train

    By Robert Ferrin and Brett Wood, PE, CAPP Building a parking program from the ground up.  What if you could build a parking program from scratch? Where would you start? What would your central tenets be? How would you integrate the wealth of knowledge gained by parking professionals during the past Read More »

  • null

    Wow Your Customers

    By Dennis Snow Three keys for delivering great service.  The term “customer service” evokes different images in people’s minds. One image could be that of friendly, smiling, helpful employees who go out of their way to serve you. Or it could be the opposite—indifferent, unfriendly employees who can’t wait for you Read More »

  • null

    IPI Rocks Music City

    By Kim Fernandez This May, the 2016 IPI Conference & Expo offers more than ever before. Nobody knows more about staying in tune than the people of Nashville, Tenn.—Music City, USA. And nobody knows more about staying in tune with parking than IPI, the biggest association of professionals in the industry. Read More »

  • null

    Hold that Post

    by John V. Collins, CAPP What hiring managers say employees and candidates should think about before using social media, even on their own time.  I know I am getting up there in age and have to accept that technology may be starting to pass me by (if you ask my Read More »

  • null

    Smarter than the Average Detective

    by Charlie Francis   How municipal parking finance professionals can catch parking bandits with data visualization.  I FIRST ENCOUNTERED the parking industry in the early 1970s as an entry-level accountant. I had to manually count the number of parked cars in each of Denver’s public parking lots between downtown and what Read More »

  • null

    Rolling It

    by Mark A. Vergenes Changing jobs? 401(k) rollovers come with lots of choices. Learn how to make the best ones.  If you’re changing jobs, you may be wondering what to do with your 401(k) plan account. No matter what stage you are in your career or how close you are Read More »

  • null


    By Cindy Campbell Customer service is an interesting thing, isn’t it? As with most service industries, it seems as if parking agencies talk about customer service and how to deliver it ad nauseam. We all want to be on the receiving end of superior service delivery, but many still struggle Read More »

  • null

    Watch It!

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR I have have heard it said many times that if there is a choice between what you say and what you do, people will always pay attention to what you do. While I do not disagree with this statement, I would like to add another point of view Read More »

  • null

    Becoming Cyber-Super Man

    By Kyle Cashion How to transform into a superhero and battle back evil (and dangerous) ransomware. COMPUTER VIRUSES have long been a problem. Initially, they were often developed simply to cause havoc and give their developers some malicious entertainment. Today, however, computer viruses are more likely to pose a serious Read More »

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    What’s What in Parking Technology 2016, Third Edition

    Glossary of nearly 100 parking technology terms and definitions, from Access Control to Yield Management. What’s What in Parking Technology, 2016

  • publications

    Pay, Park, Tweet

    By Chris Blondell Like most working people, those in the parking industry have good days and bad days. You’ve probably been in a situation where you’re having a great day, everyone’s car is parked where it should be, traffic is moving in great order, and then suddenly, a man who’s Read More »

  • publications

    Future Thinking

    By David Kubik, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Within the Past decade, cities have become home to more than half of the global population, and the United Nations projects that the proportion of urban dwellers will reach 66 percent by 2050. Growing populations are putting a strain on the physical infrastructure Read More »

  • publications

    Why Cash May Still be King

    By Bryan Alexander The data breaches that hit the parking industry in 2014 offered a stark reminder that parking is just as vulnerable to credit card fraud as any other industry. Worldwide, credit card fraud has reached $14 billion a year, and while the hit experienced by the parking industry Read More »

  • publications

    Is Big Data Coming to a Parking Facility Near You

    By Mike Robertson When many industries consider big data, they envision large dollar signs. In certain industries, big data is the magic ingredient for guaranteed success into the future. But how could big data affect the parking industry? Big Data Defined If you are unsure what is meant by big Read More »

  • null

    Lost In Translation – Speaking Clearly

    By Bill Smith Have you ever traveled abroad to someplace where people speak a different language? How did it go? Was it difficult to order a meal? Or check into a hotel? Or maybe get directions from someone on the street? When you are in a foreign country, it’s easy Read More »

  • null

    Going Green with LED Lighting Retrofits

    By Jennifer I. Tougas, PhD, CAPP If you are looking for ways to save money in your operation, take a hard look at your lighting system. Recent advances in the lighting industry allow us to save energy with more efficient fixtures, more intelligent controls, and lower maintenance needs. All of Read More »

  • null

    APO Summary

    Snapshot of how to become an Accredited Parking Organization (APO). Overview: How to Become an Accredited Parking Organization

  • null

    Parking Management — Planning, Design and Operations

    The third volume in the Parking 101 Series provides you the best information and training available to succeed as a parking and transportation professional. Learn from the top experts in the parking industry through chapters such as: Parking Demand Studies Projecting Parking Usage Successful Parking System Organizational Models Essential Elements Read More »

  • null

    Parking Management – The Next Level: Volume 2 in the Parking 101 Series

    The International Parking Institute is pleased to present the second publication in the Parking 101 Series, PARKING MANAGEMENT – THE NEXT LEVEL. This publication is designed to serve as a continuation and deeper exploration of basic topics covered in the first publication, PARKING 101 – A PARKING PRIMER. This publication Read More »

  • null

    Parking 101 – A Parking Primer: A Publication of the International Parking Institute (The Parking 101 Series)

    The International Parking Institute is pleased to provide this handbook, PARKING 101 — A Parking Primer. It is designed to serve as a “first source” for those faced with an unfamiliar parking issue. This handbook is also designed to provide the user basic information on a wide variety of topics Read More »

  • Parking Safety Matters PSA and Fact Sheet: Heatstroke

    Combined public safety ad and fact sheet on preventing heatstroke deaths of children in parked cars. Get the fact sheet only.

  • null

    Industria del Estacionamiento – Winter 2016, Volume 1

    Industria del Estacionamiento, launched in January 2016, is IPI’s Spanish-language magazine, bringing news, trends, case studies, and analysis to Spanish-speaking parking professionals with a focus on Mexico and Latin America. Each biennial issue of the electronic magazine includes a note from IPI and four to six features, incorporating original content Read More »

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    Going Green with LED Lighting Retrofits

    By Jennifer I. Tougas, PhD, CAPP If you are looking for ways to save money in your operation, take a hard look at your lighting system. Recent advances in the lighting industry allow us to save energy with more efficient fixtures, more intelligent controls, and lower maintenance needs. All of Read More »

  • Inspiration Galore

    Looking for inspiration? The 16 winners of IPI’s second annual Parking Matters® Marketing & Communications Awards will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll find ideas you can adapt to your own organization that help advance the parking profession, educate audiences about the value of parking expertise, communicate about parking and Read More »

  • Shining Stars

    By Larry Cohen, CAPP, and Gary Means, CAPP You’re about to meet a parking services officer with a characteristically friendly smile who is well-known for her high level of service; an excellent leader and respected supervisor who keeps his team motivated to do its best; a municipal authority whose independent Read More »

  • Form and Function

    By Tracey Bruch, CAPP, and Anderson Moore Lots of people don’t think “gorgeous” when they think “parking.” Members of IPI know they should because the parking lots and garages currently under construction and being renovated are often things of beauty, offering amenities and aesthetics to their communities and often serving Read More »

  • null

    EVs Everywhere

    By Sarah Olexsak When it comes to parking, employers and facility managers are working together to make plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations the next bike racks. Parking providers that offer charging to workplaces can have a competitive advantage when attracting clients in ­cutting-edge industries. Employers have long recognized that Read More »

  • Transforming Green

    The U.S. Green Building Council (USBGC) was founded in 1993 to promote sustainability in the way buildings are designed, built, and operated. It developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and professional credentials and hosts the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, billed as the world’s Read More »

  • null

    Making the Garage Green in Every Way

    By Brian Shaw, CAPP I recently started working for Stanford University as its director of parking and transportation services. Stanford is known as one of the leading sustainable universities in the country, and a number of ranking and recognition programs have given the university high marks for its sustainability programs Read More »

  • Simplifying the EV Charging Equation

    By Michael Nichols The statistics are compelling and the pressures are mounting: It’s almost a foregone conclusion that at some point in the future, your facility will add electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities. In other words, it’s not a matter of if, but when, your facility will adopt EV charging. Read More »

  • The Right Moment

    By Phill Schragal When it comes to independent parking operators, owners, and property managers often adhere to the old adage, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” However, when assessing the bottom-line performance of an operator, it makes sense to take a closer look every now and then—“broken” can be Read More »


    By Cristina Lynn The introduction of paid parking is complex, and owners and managers justifiably worry about public reaction. Embarking on a paid parking exercise may be motivated by a range of issues such as: The parking facility is being abused by commuters and other drivers who are not visiting Read More »

  • Before I Do

    By Brian Mitchell The average parking facility operator or owner may be involved in one or two major purchases a year, while the average parking sales rep is involved in hundreds. At any given time, a sales rep could be involved in initial discussions with a potential customer, preparing a Read More »

  • Internal Affairs

    By Jeff Reichman We often hear stories of the inventor working alone in a basement lab for hours, searching for a breakthrough. When that breakthrough comes, everything else just falls into place. That might work for basements, but it’s not the case for parking organizations. Simply put, one person’s idea Read More »

  • General Direction

    What could an Army general and former high-ranking government official have to say about parking? Turns out, plenty. General Colin L. Powell (Ret.) served as the U.S. National Security Adviser from 1987 to 1989, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1989 to 1993, and Secretary of State under Read More »

  • Writing Specifications—Words Matter

    By Chuck Reedstrom, CAPP When writing specifications, the wording you use can make all the difference in ensuring the client receives the exact product or service expected. Too often, the person writing the specifications includes wording that is not specific, not measurable, and just too wordy. Many specifications include wording Read More »

  • Illuminating

    By Philip Lavee The historic Hills Plaza building in San Francisco’s South of Market waterfront district is home to high-profile companies including Google and global architecture and design firm Gensler. When global commercial real estate services company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) decided to upgrade the lighting in the parking garage, Read More »

  • Predictive Parking

    By Robert C. Hampshire and Tayo Fabusuyi The Pittsburgh Cultural District is home to the arts and entertainment scene supported by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (PCT), a nonprofit arts organization established in 1984 to lead the cultural and economic development of downtown Pittsburgh, primarily through the use of the arts. Read More »

  • There are Many Steps to Sustainability

    By Mike Drow, CAPP and Rick Decker, CAPP Many facility owners and operating managers seek to operate in a more sustainable manner. We can use many technological methods to achieve this goal, from installing solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity, to using improved construction materials. Many of the Read More »

  • Little Rock Parking Enforcement Goes All-Out for the Cure

    The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was recently held in Little Rock, Ark., and the city’s parking enforcement division went above and beyond to help out. The 5K race is run through the heart of the downtown area and has not only the second-largest number of participants of Read More »

  • Papal Preparations

    By William Wasser In late September, Philadelphia was honored to host Pope Francis and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. From near and far (sometimes very far), they flocked to Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway to catch a glimpse of the pontiff as he celebrated Mass in front of the world-renowned Philadelphia Read More »

  • null

    And the Winners Are…

    By Michael Myer and Marye Hefty In 2015, 18 organizations won Phase II Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign awards by saving an average 60 percent in parking lighting energy. Since LEEP was launched in 2012, award winners have achieved 200 million square feet of high-efficiency-lighting parking for combined Read More »

  • Sustainability and Parking

    By Megan Leinart, LEED AP BD+C One of the most popular and likely heavily debated subjects in the parking industry is sustainability. The topic has been one to elicit a significant amount of interest and excitement in public gatherings and mediums, along with a certain level of skepticism in more Read More »

  • A Class Apart

    By Bill Smith It wasn’t so long ago that “sustainable parking” was a bit of an oxymoron. But times change, sometimes drastically, and parking has embraced green practices. This year, seven facilities became the first in the world to earn Certified Green Garage designation—a milestone indeed. IPI is proud to Read More »

  • Green Thoughts

    Green parking is more than a catchphrase: It’s a new way of thinking about the parking industry and doing business in a way that’s attractive to employees, customers, and the bottom line. And it’s moving super fast, with advances and new developments almost every day. We asked four leading experts Read More »

  • Municipal Residential Permit Parking Programs Legal or Not

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP Resident permit parking (RPP) is a well-established parking management tool throughout the United States. However, what we take for granted today was not a legal certainty until 1977. Steve Monetti, former executive director of the Fort Lee Parking Authority, N.J., as well as a Read More »

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Parking

    By William F. Kavanagh, AIA A ccessible parking requirements are fairly straightforward and easy to comply with if you understand what all of the applicable requirements are for a given garage location. This article will focus on some of the basic accessible parking requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act Read More »

  • Learning to Flex

    By Matt Darst When hourly parking meter prices don’t keep up with demand, finding parking can be a real burden. Static prices force static behavior. When every meter is priced the same every hour of the day no matter how many spaces are filled or how many drivers want them, Read More »

  • An Outstanding Operation

    By Alejandra Argudin, LEED AP, CAPP The Miami Parking Authority (MPA) is proud to offer outstanding service to residents of and visitors to our large city and even prouder to have recently been recognized as one of the first five Accredited Parking Organizations (APO) by the International Parking Institute. Getting Read More »

  • Fact or Fiction Taking A Fresh Look At Old Views

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR How many of you have heard that lightning never strikes the same place twice? How about the one that says opportunity never knocks twice? Then there are the popular “rules” that relate to the work world: You cannot turn a bad employee into a good Read More »

  • Incorporating Green Parking Into a Community

    By Jody Miller There is a range of unique ways parking facilities—both renovation projects and new builds—are incorporating sustainable practices. Some are quite unique and step outside the box of standard parking-facility thinking. Across the nation, more and more parking facilities are implementing interesting ways to make parking garages more Read More »

  • Artsy Parking

    By Melonie Curry Despite being one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the nation, there’s one thing the City of Houston can’t get enough of: free parking. In Houston’s Warehouse District, streets fill rapidly with the vehicles of employees and university students, leaving area residents and business owners searching Read More »

  • The Lost Art Of Networking

    By Bill Smith, APR Networking has always been a hallmark of successful businesses. But at many organizations today, it’s a lost art. I spoke with Whitney Taylor, president of Whitney Inc., a professional services firm based in Los Angeles that provides business development strategy, marketing/communications, PR/outreach, and government relations services. Read More »

  • A Five-Year Approach to Protecting Your Parking Investment

    By John Dorsett, AICP You have a lot invested in your parking assets. Parking can be capital intensive and represents a significant investment for owners. In light of this, it’s remarkable how often parking owners take a set-it-and-forget-it approach to their parking assets. How can owners ensure their parking is Read More »

  • 2015 Emerging Trends in Parking

    According to the results of a new survey by The International Parking Institute (IPI), technology and the desire for more livable, walkable, sustainable communities continue to transform the ever-evolving parking industry. In addition to tracking trends, IPI’s 2015 Emerging Trends in Parking survey explores perceptions of parking, zoning issues, accessible Read More »

  • The 2015 IPI Conference & Expo Sets Records, Makes History

    Were you in Las Vegas this summer? More than 3,200 parking professionals landed at the Mandalay Bay in late June for the biggest and best conference and expo in the industry, and the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo delivered. More than 250 exhibitors in a hall the size of three Read More »

  • Extra Points

    By Kim Fernandez If you’ve ever had your car valet parked in Spartanburg, S.C., and thought the guy behind the wheel—the one with the big smile and friendly greeting who hustled a little bit more than usual to get you where you were going—looked vaguely familiar, you probably saw him Read More »

  • Caitlyn Jenner and the Parking Workplace

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP The rights of same-sex partners have been legislated and tested in the courts on a state-by-state basis. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, definitively decided the issue of same-sex marriage for all of America, ruling that same-sex Read More »

  • Case Study Greening a Campus

    By Mark Pace and J. Michael Whitcomb, PE Montgomery College in Maryland has incorporated ice thermal storage in its campus central plants as a summertime electrical demand management strategy since the early 1990s. Highly efficient rotary screw industrial chillers that use ammonia refrigerant (R717) operate at night when electrical demand Read More »

  • Embracing Change

    By Joseph Balskus, PE In the June issue, I wrote a story on millennials in the parking industry—we need to embrace them as our customers and employees. As a follow-up discussion in this column, I am including their successors, the Z Generation or the New Century Generation, which is also Read More »

  • How to Speak Parking Matters (Spanish)

    How to Speak Parking Matters (Spanish)

  • How to Speak Parking Matters

    How To Speak Parking Matters

  • Inside Your Cloud-Based LMS by Kathleen Federici

    Inside Your Cloud-Based LMS

  • Up for the Challenge

    By David Hill, MA, CAPP, CD Those of us approaching middle age are fortunate to have seen many firsts in our lives—first computer microchip, first mobile phone, first email message, first solar-powered airplane. I remember the first man on the moon; as a kid, I was glued to the television Read More »

  • Saving Lives

    By Larry J. Cohen, CAPP This is the story I never wanted to write. I have published many stories over the years but fought the urge to share my experiences on a topic we would hope to never encounter as parking professionals: dealing with a suicide from one of our Read More »

  • Solutions To Disabled Parking Placard Usage

    By Mark Wright The 100-foot walk from a parked car to a building entrance is nothing for most people, but it is a slow slog for someone gripping a walker or crutches and shuffling forward a few inches at a time. The trip is not especially fun in a wheelchair, Read More »

  • A Bright Horizon

    By Kim Fernandez A lot of people say I have the toughest job on campus,” says Princeton University’s director of transportation and parking services. “But I think I have the best job on campus because I get to interact with everybody.” Parking is definitely a people business as far as Read More »

  • What’s Love Got to Do with It

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR I once heard someone say that people long for the good old days and that for our children, these are the good old days. It’s true—most of us remember with great fondness our childhoods and the things we did to make those times special. Recently, Read More »

  • Not-So-Mysterious Millenials

    By Joe Balskus, PE, PTOE It is often said that if you want to learn something, you must experience it. So I did something different while researching this article—something a millennial would do. I researched my topic totally online, including newspaper and magazine articles I would have searched for in Read More »

  • Releasing the Parking Brake

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP, and Josh Kavanagh, MBA, CAPP Parking has come a long way as an industry. We were once the back-door experience located at the front door of business. As such, our goal was often little more than to be a non-event, removing the drag on commerce Read More »

  • Parking Management for Smart Growth

    Rick Willson’s new book, Parking Management for Smart Growth, is a how-to guide on strategic management of parking to let communities better use existing resources and avoid overbuilding. It covers strategies from shared parking arrangements and digital tools that make the most of every space and includes case studies of Read More »

  • Mentoring the Next Generation of Parking Professionals

    By Deara M. Person, CAPP It only takes a moment to look back at the history of the parking industry to see numerous reasons why it is important to keep reaching, teaching, and developing young adults to take over the business of parking. John Crosby wrote, “Mentoring is a brain Read More »

  • Constant Change

    By Colleen M. Niese Never before has the parking industry had readily available big data to exploit its parking revenues and space utilization. With the help of a number of emerging tech partners, we can now analyze our parking customers in a number of different ways and cater to their Read More »

  • Viva Las Vegas!

    By Kim Fernandez Viva parking! The world’s largest gathering of parking professionals will be held next month, and if you haven’t made your reservations for the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, it’s time to claim your space, reserve your hotel room, book your tickets, and block off Read More »

  • Emotional Leadership

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR Each year, more than 2,000 books are published about leadership. What that says to me is that no one has it exactly right and/or people realize that there’s gold in them there hills and they want to mine their share. I contend there is a Read More »

  • Time to Celebrate

    By Mark Santos, PE If you’ve watched the Super Bowl, your evening might have included a gathering with friends, excessive amounts of food, laughter, and tears during the variety of commercials, and maybe even a glance or two at the actual football game. I enjoy watching football and have for Read More »

  • An Image Turnaround

    By Marc Denson It was a beautiful morning when I reported to work years ago, but within a few hours the real picture began to unfold: a parking unit in chaos with only one employee remaining after an internal affairs investigation; 70 percent of meters were more than 30 years Read More »

  • Jurassic Parking

    By Duke Hanson While a lot of people take parking for granted, the one thing I’ve learned in my 35-year career in the business is that you can never stop learning. And while registering for the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo (my 22nd annual), I was pulled back to the Read More »

  • Locking Down

    By Bill Smith During the past decade, data breaches have become increasingly common. Retail and healthcare leaders such as Home Depot, Target, TJX, and Anthem, Inc., have been the targets of sophisticated attacks through which millions of customers’ information was compromised. In this electronic age when our personal and financial Read More »

  • Mixing It Up

    By Bill Kavanagh, AIA, NCARB Mixed-use projects with parking facilities are becoming more common. As land becomes ­scarcer, building a freestanding garage may be a missed opportunity. Often, parking authorities and other parking entities are involved in mixed-use projects that include multiple owners, both public and private. Let’s examine issues Read More »

  • Leading the Discussion

    By Bill Smith In more than 20 years of working with parking planners, one of the most common frustrations I’ve heard is that municipal decision-makers are sometimes hesitant to try new planning approaches even though their benefits are clear. The problem is that decision-makers sometimes worry about public opposition deriving Read More »

  • Five Key Drivers for Financial and Sustainable Success

    By Daniel Ciarcia Most of us are keenly aware of the changing global climate and resulting critical environmental challenges. A recent Yale University study reported that 87 percent of Americans believe mankind is more (or at least equally as) responsible for climate change than natural events. We agree on the Read More »

  • Invaluable Resource

    By Douglas Holmes, CAPP Long before we all embraced Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, the World Wide Web, or even Google, there was CPARK-L, a parking-specific email list. CPARK-L was created out of my selfish desire to obtain information to help me do my job but also to Read More »

  • Boosting Credit Security

    By Randy Vanderhoof The U.S. is more than three years into its migration to Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) chip payments, and 2015 is expected to be a year of great progress. Last year, there were approximately 120 million chip cards in the market, and this number is expected to leap Read More »

  • Legal Updates

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP Since 2011, this column has addressed actual and hypothetical legal issues based on new state and federal laws, employment situations, parker conduct, and litigation that affects the operation of public and private sector parking operations. Here, we review some subjects we’ve covered and bring Read More »

  • Marketing Green Parking in the Social Media Age

    By Megan Leinart, LEED AP BD+C The year 2015 will be a pivotal milestone in the history (and future) of green and sustainable parking. At the 2015 IPI Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, June 29–July 2, IPI and the Green Parking Council (GPC, an affiliate of IPI) will present Read More »

  • Benefits of an Integrated Life Cycle

    By Jeremy Rocha, PE It’s just a garage. Most parking consultants have heard that statement too many times to count. As members of the parking industry, we know parking shouldn’t be an afterthought or mere code requirement. We also understand that the parking experience offers the first and last impression Read More »

  • A Personal Reflection

    By Pierre Koudelka News of APD’s demise is heartbreaking. To say I’m upset is an understatement. I think it’s worth noting what APD meant to this industry. I came to know APD when I graduated from college and a headhunter told me to interview at this firm that had to Read More »

  • Rethinking Parking

    By Danette Perry, CAPP, and Willa Ng, PE Berkeley, Calif.: the birthplace of the Free Speech movement, the first city to pass a tax on sugar, and the latest city to take on demand-based parking pricing? Though it sounds out of place at first, the City of Berkeley’s goBerkeley pilot Read More »

  • Salary-Based Rates Take Off

    By Melinda Scott Anderson, CAPP Instead of employing new and exciting rate strategies designed to maximize revenue and space utilization or simply continuing with proven strategies, sometimes we are required to go in a direction that runs counter to our understanding of best practices in the industry and even our Read More »

  • SANDAG Parking Management Toolbox

    By Antoinette Meier, AICP, Marisa Mangan, and Brett Wood, CAPP For cities well-staffed and versed in all things parking, it may seem easy: Assess the problem, apply the solution, and keep moving along. But what about communities or towns who have never even considered the benefits or impacts of parking Read More »

  • Tech Check

    By Pierre Koudelka I had the pleasure of attending the Airports Council International (ACI) conference in Atlanta recently. Like any participant, I spent a good deal of time attending the seminars and walking through the exhibit hall. It became clear early on that ACI is a tight organization in that Read More »

  • Starting On The Right Foot

    By Casey Wagner, PE When I first set out to choose a career, I didn’t picture myself as a parking professional. In fact, as a college student in 1993, I probably didn’t even realize that there was such a thing. But more than 20 years later, I’m a confirmed parking Read More »

  • Spiraling Upward

    By Juan Ramos, LEED AP BD+C The City of Allentown, Pa., is experiencing a significant makeover of its downtown as a result of many exciting development plans. During the course of two short years, the city and its downtown core have transformed from a rather uninviting stretch of pawnshops, tattoo Read More »

  • The Two Tier Solution

    By Donald Shoup and Fernando Torres-Gil Almost everyone can tell an anecdote about disabled placard abuse. One of mine stems from a visit to the California capitol building in Sacramento. After noticing that cars with disabled placards occupied almost all the metered curb spaces surrounding the Capitol, I talked to Read More »

  • Reset Your Marketing in the New Year

    By Bill Smith Don’t you hate New Year’s resolution articles? Now that the calendar has changed over, experts are climbing over each other to offer top 10 lists about how to run your organization better, blogs are full of pithy entries with Father Time references, and social media outlets are Read More »

  • Setting the Airport Ground Transport Road Map

    By Cristina Lynn and Shane de Wit We’ve all been told, “Don’t run before you can walk.” How many times have we tried to do so, whether physically or metaphorically? And what were the results? Airports around the world find themselves in various states of development, whether due to demand Read More »

  • Playing a Critical Role

    Todd Litman is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems. There, he works to expand the range of effects and options considered in transportation decision-making, improve evaluation methods, and make specialized technical concepts accessible to Read More »

  • Stakeholder Communication To Infinity and Beyond!

    By Vanessa K. Solesbee, MA Any conversation about building an effective municipal operation is incomplete without a discussion about stakeholder communication. According to ­Merriam-Webster’s definition, communication is “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings Read More »

  • Looking Into The Crystal Ball

    By Bill Smith, APR The installation of the original parking meter in Oklahoma City in 1935 represented the first time a technology was introduced to improve parking management. But we can hardly call that the dawn of parking’s Technology Age. After all, the parking meter served as the zenith of Read More »

  • Mixed Use Dreams

    By Per Linde Frank Lloyd Wright designed gorgeous houses. Frank Gehry dreamed up amazing concert halls and museums. An architect known for incredible parking garages? They’re few and far between, but an architectural competition that challenged participants to design just that might have found the industry’s future stars. Combo Competitions, Read More »

  • Changing Perspectives

    By Rob Ley Eskenazi Hospital was established in the 1850s in Indianapolis to treat soldiers with smallpox. It has since become one of the largest hospitals in the Midwest and primarily cares for low- to medium-income patients. A few years ago, the hospital began construction of a massive expansion. Included Read More »

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of The Bully Pulpit

    By Bill Smith, APR In my April column, I talked about the power of publicity. It doesn’t matter what type of parking organization you represent—an owner, operator, institution, supplier, or consultant—publicity can offer extraordinary reach. It can raise your credibility as an authority, make prospective clients and strategic partners aware Read More »

  • Utility Meets Beauty

    By Wendy DeCapite According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 105 million commercial parking spaces in the U.S. As cities grow more crowded and new businesses emerge in the suburbs, the need for parking garages has increased. Despite its status as a functional necessity, the parking garage Read More »

  • Five Ways to Go Green at Your Garage for Free

    By Isaiah Mouw, CAPP One of the core principles of sustainability is the triple bottom line. You’ve heard it before: people, profit, and planet. Too often, profit can be undervalued. Spending money without regard for return on investment (ROI) is not truly sustainable in the long term. Funds (from revenue, Read More »

  • Planning a Rehabilitation Project

    By John M. Porter, PE You took the first step to evaluate the condition of your parking garage by hiring a specialist to perform an assessment. The condition assessment report identified the extent of deterioration and distress, rehabilitation alternatives, and estimated construction costs. Although you’ve been budgeting for this rehabilitation Read More »

  • Very Important Parking

    By Rudor “Dori” Teich In 1926, 18 years after Henry Ford invented the Model T, American merchants said downtown traffic was their most serious problem; poor parking habits and hazardous conditions were the most predominant causes of their challenges. Enter the new millennium. Tens of millions of vehicles travel our Read More »

  • Simple Savings

    By Jon Martens, AICP, CAPP Every parking owner is concerned with parking facility operations costs. Those who depend on parking to produce revenues want to make sure their costs don’t cut too deeply into profits. Owners who rely on parking to support their residential, commercial, or retail developments need to Read More »

  • Are We Prepared

    By Dan Barion If someone had asked me on Sept. 10, 2001, what I thought I would be doing in 2014, at the very bottom of my list of responses would have been serving as chief of public safety for the City of Tampa Parking Division. Back then, I was Read More »

  • A Path to Profitability

    By Saloni Vastani Your latest financial forecast shows modest improvement over last year. Most economists are predicting a 2 percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, which is lower than the 3.7 percent increase we experienced during the second half of 2013. How will you increase profitability and Read More »

  • Real World Results

    By Matt Davis and Michelle Wendler, AIA While communities often add parking to meet existing demand, some forward-thinking areas, such as Pasadena and Baldwin Park, Calif., have flipped their thinking to see parking as a catalyst for redevelopment. Pasadena has a successful track record in its historic downtown of building Read More »

  • Resetting Public Opinion

    By Frank Ching Santa Monica, Calif., is more than a quintessential Southern California city—its status as home to the world-famous Santa Monica Pier and a vibrant downtown area make it among the most celebrated beach cities in the world. Each year, more than 20 million vehicles transcend on 8.5 square Read More »

  • Giving Back

    By Michele Wojciechowski For Tim Haahs, founder and CEO of Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc., a design/architecture/engineering firm that specializes in mixed-used facilities and parking, being involved in the community is of the utmost importance. In fact, it’s even part of his company’s mission. His desire to help his community Read More »

  • Moving On Up

    By Henry Wallmeyer Does the International Parking Institute (IPI) take itself too seriously? Perhaps its recent move 40 miles north to Alexandria, Va., after 25 years in Fredericksburg was the ultimate practice-what-you-preach—after all, the association says that parking is about moving people forward. Or was the motivation a famous quote Read More »

  • Building the Invisible Garage

    BY K. Vance Kelley, AIA Tradition and modernity come together seamlessly at the Kansas Statehouse, where a 550-space underground parking garage has transformed the visitor and staff experience, while solving a host of logistical and practical parking concerns for the 140-year-old capitol. “The most noticeable thing about this garage is Read More »

  • Being Prepared

    By Scott Kangas, CAPP Every business—and parking is a business—should have a business continuation or emergency action plan (EAP). This is a plan of action should something (weather, hazardous chemical, fire, vandalism, etc.) occur that affects normal operations. The plan needs to address local, regional, and even national circumstances and Read More »

  • Pot on the Job Employer Rights

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP I spent the first nine months of my legal career defending and monitoring the legal process of three American citizens accused of conspiring to smuggle marijuana into Bolivia. Thirty-seven years later, two of the last three U.S. presidents have admitted to smoking pot (the Read More »

  • Navigating the Maze

    By Thomas Szubka, CAPP I recently had the opportunity to share a presentation about the City of Tampa, Fla., Parking Division’s experiences implementing new technology during the past few years. Later, in a roundtable-type discussion, I heard a smaller municipality’s parking professional mention that it was the role of larger Read More »

  • Parking Without Apology

    By John P. Blood, AIA and Elizabeth Danze, AIA Parking in central Austin, Texas, is at a premium. Faced with the challenge of locating a much-needed garage along a leafy boulevard adjacent to a residential neighborhood and across from a large park, we at Danze Blood Architects sought to create Read More »

  • Lessons on Leading from Nature

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR Every year sees more and more books published on the subject of leadership. From the playing fields to the battlefields to daily life in homes around the world, the ability to lead is discussed everywhere. While this is not surprising to anyone, I would like Read More »

  • Automated Facilities Sustainable Problem or Solution

    By Vicki Pero, SPHR Believe it or not, the first automated parking facility, in which the customer leaves his or her vehicle at the entrance for facility equipment to park, was built in Paris in 1905. These structures have become very popular in Europe and Japan in more recent years Read More »

  • Hiring an Expert

    By Patrick Wells While the argument is out there for construction companies to be more diverse and have more variety in their pursuits, I have found that there is tremendous value in searching out and hiring a true specialist for new projects. Coming from the construction industry and having experience Read More »

  • Free Wheeling

    By Bill Smith, APR Airports are always striving to find new ways to make the traveling experience more convenient and enjoyable. Competition for travelers can be fierce, and terminals need to offer the amenities and services that travelers are looking for. Entrepreneurs are helping many airports in their quest for Read More »

  • Resolve To Market More Effectively

    By Bill Smith, APR It’s a new year, which means it’s time for resolutions. Have you thought about a resolution for your business? If not, I have one for you: commit to marketing your parking organization more effectively. Many parking organizations struggle with marketing. Some view it as a luxury Read More »

  • Urban Parking as Economic Solution

    By Andrew R. Long The past generations have been ominous for many cities as urban sprawl, prompted by easier transportation and cheaper land outside of cities, has caused an increased population migration from urban to suburban areas. In the past decade, however, cities have seen a divergence from this trend. Read More »

  • Lessons Learned

    By Diane Confer, CAPP What do you do when you have a large garage that’s nearly half empty despite rates that are already lower than other garages in the area? As parking professionals, isn’t our job to fully utilize our resources and keep garages at full occupancy to maximize our Read More »

  • Greening the Lot

    By Isaiah Mouw, CAPP, LEED Green Associate It’s an overcast day in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but that doesn’t stop dozens of parking professionals from boarding a shuttle bus to tour a recently upgraded sustainable parking operation. On the way, Green Parking Council (GPC) Executive Director Paul Wessel and Rachel Yoka, Read More »

  • Mission Critical

    Seth Goldman is founder and ­TeaEO of Honest Tea and co-author of Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently—and Succeeding. The bestselling graphic book tells the story of Goldman’s 15-year-old organic tea company and its growth from kitchen experiment to national brand sold in more than Read More »

  • By the Parking Industry, for the Parking Industry

    By Rachel Yoka, LEED AP BD+C, CPSM I recently had the opportunity to participate in the first joint meeting of the boards of directors of the International Parking Institute (IPI) and the Green Parking Council (GPC), which became an affiliate and the “sustainability arm” of IPI last summer. Our recent Read More »

  • Time Bandit, or To Catch a Thief

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP Technology has made it easier for employers to track the performance and location of their field employees using GPS locators embedded in company vehicles, cell phones, and tablets issued to employees in the ordinary course of business. In the June 2011 The Parking Professional, Read More »

  • The Ties that Bond

    By Bill Smith, APR When we think about different cities, we tend to think about what sets them apart. Omaha, Neb., with 421,570 residents in 130.58 square miles, may seem like a middle-American oasis where the pace of life is slower and old-fashioned values still reign. Beverly Hills, population 34,290 Read More »

  • Common Ground

    By Helen Sullivan, APR, Fellow PRSA Parking professionals in the United States are keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in their own country, but what about their counterparts around the world? Do professionals in other countries have similar priorities, successes, and frustrations? Do they prioritize sustainability Read More »

  • Open Possibilities

    By John Barnett Architect John Capdevielle, II, Baton Rouge, La., says the tendency for those in his profession to get set in their ways is natural. Despite being in his mid-60s, he is resisting that tendency because new technology and new construction materials can bring improved performance and reduced costs Read More »

  • Dispensing the Future

    By Kim Fernandez It’s not often one can win an architecture award for a structure that hasn’t been built, but that’s exactly what Boston firm Moskow Linn Architects did a few years ago. Better yet, they did it with a parking garage. This wasn’t any parking garage, mind you. The Read More »

  • Psychological Contract vs. Employee Engagement

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR When I was a child and my dad worked in the stockyards of Chicago, he often said, “Son, get a job where you can build a good career, stay for 50 years, and then retire.” After I completed graduate school and started to explore various Read More »

  • A Prolific Partnership

    By Gina Fiandaca Public private partnerships (P3) between major local governments and private companies are critical to the successful development and execution of sophisticated, high-volume programs such as the processing and collection of parking tickets. These partnerships allow governments to allocate resources to establishing policies, building core competencies, providing oversight, Read More »

  • A Chip on the Old Card

    By Tom Wunk, CAPP Now what? This seems to be the prevailing response when I bring up the subject of open-standard Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) credit card processing with parking operations folks. Like many industries, parking is slowly emerging from economic malaise and finally seeing some light at the Read More »

  • Evaluating Parking Programs

    By Jack Santa I am sometimes assigned to evaluate the parking and/or transportation operation of an organization using my experience as both a consultant and as a commercial parking and transportation operator. The evaluation is usually commissioned to recommend methods to enhance service delivery and/or reduce costs. While parking operations Read More »

  • Branded

    By Mark E. Hairr The University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) recently embarked on a campus infrastructure improvements effort that resulted in an historic level of campus construction. This extensive upgrade to campus facilities is a key element in supporting the high level academic and research programs necessary to move Read More »

  • Forward Momentum

    By Kim Fernandez Don’t tell anyone, but newly-elected IPI Chair Liliana Rambo, CAPP, fell into parking because she wanted a space, well, for free. A student at Miami-Dade Community College-Downtown Campus in 1987, Rambo was chatting with a friend who worked as a cashier in the garage nearest the administrative Read More »

  • Why Going Green Makes Business Sense

    By Dominick Brook With pressures from stakeholders, customers, and, to some extent, government entities and regulations, many companies are increasing their focus on sustainability strategies. Along with these motivations, certain green initiatives, particularly focused around the reduction of electricity use, have a quick and positive payback and can help a Read More »

  • One Year Later NYC’s EStar Test

    By Guillermo Leiva Last year, I wrote about the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Bureau of Parking’s audition of all-electric eStar vans in our meter collection fleet (see the July 2012 issue of The Parking Professional). We began our tests as optimists, hoping this new, sustainable technology Read More »

  • What’s the End

    By David Feehan A remarkable story continues to unfold in the United States: the rebuilding and reinvention of our core cities. One of the fundamental lessons we’ve learned is that there aren’t really any silver bullets. After many years of building and implementing the projects and programs du jour, we’ve Read More »

  • Maximizing Change Minimizing Pain

    By Garrett Coleman Does the idea of upgrading your parking facility’s payment systems raise the hair on the back of your neck from the thought of lanes being shut down, traffic jams, issuing new monthly access credentials, and facing a complete database transfer? Upgrading a garage parking system does not Read More »

  • Find It Fix It Then Raise the Bar

    By Wanda Brown Is your parking operation riddled with staff excuses? Can’t get your employees to produce excellence? Feeling frustrated and sometimes defeated? Every parking manager has had to deal with less-than-favorable performance from frontline and administrative staff. Whether poor performance is due to motivational or training issues, it is Read More »

  • Hands Free Heaven

    By Mark Wright Whoever created the old “God is my co-pilot” bumper sticker was ahead of his time. Today, a lot of companies are praying that drivers will accept a future in which vehicles are piloted by technology instead of by humans. Whether drivers will find such a future heavenly Read More »

  • Outstanding Accomplishments

    By Anderson C. Moore and Molly Winter Every so often, a photo or description of a parking facility or operation can nearly take your breath away. A design, an idea, a technique, or a strategy can be so brilliant and so unusual, even it its simplicity, that it sticks in Read More »

  • In the Blink of an Eye

    By Kim Fernandez Gina Fiandaca completed the 2013 Boston Marathon run at about 2:42 p.m. on Monday, April 15 and started making her way through the congested finish-line stations. It was, she noted later, the first year in 14 that she didn’t have family members waiting for her behind the Read More »

  • Do You See What I See

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR Quick, take a look around. What do you see? If you are in your office, you probably see the usual office stuff: phone, computer, files and papers, desks, chairs, and people scurrying around. At home, you see the comforting surrounding you have created and grown Read More »

  • The Importance of People

    By Vanessa K. Solesbee, MA This issue of The Parking Professional—the one that celebrates excellence in our industry and highlights some of the talented men and women who exemplify the term “parking professional”—is the issue I look most forward to reading each year. I am deeply inspired by the stories Read More »

  • Tourist Transitions

    By Brian Andersen, CAPP, MBA Over the years, I have witnessed the parking metamorphosis of Park City, Utah, which is a resort town. The city’s skiing is legendary and attracts many to this beautiful region, but its proximity to an urban area and major airport hub has generated some parking Read More »

  • To Market To Market

    By Michael Klein, CAPP Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use market forces to allocate on-street parking without incurring the wrath and ire of the public? Would you like to improve customer service, support efficient development, and improve your financial performance? One paradigm shift will allow you to Read More »

  • Beyond Supply & Demand

    By Brett Wood, CAPP, PE The parking supply and demand study is one of the oldest staples in the parking professional’s toolbox. It happens in all sorts of parking departments and operations, and is always intended to answer the questions: How much parking do I have? How much parking do Read More »

  • Rolling Controversy

    By Kim Fernandez The City of Chicago followed several other major cities last July when it passed an ordinance banning food trucks from parking within 200 feet of fixed businesses that serve food. Their ordinance, which also required the trucks to broadcast their whereabouts via GPS devices, went a bit Read More »

  • Find Balance In Your Marketing

    By Bill Smith, APR As Buddy Holly sang, “It’s so easy to fall in love.” It’s as true in business as it is in life. We see something new and shiny and we want it, or we are introduced to a new best practice and want to implement it. It’s Read More »

  • Concrete Steps to Sustainability and Profits

    By Tom Nickell, MBA Concrete. Gray, dull, boring. Not something to think about, right? Well, it’s also the most common man-made material. We walk on it, drive on it, and park on it. It’s no exaggeration to say that concrete and steel make up 99 percent of the materials used Read More »

  • The Lasting Influence of Oz

    By Barbara J. Chance, Ph.D. At a recent conference, I had the great experience of listening to Craig Hickman, co-author of The Oz Principle. This publication has remained a top-selling leadership book for many years, and hearing Hickman reminded me why this is so. The basic idea is that accountability—both Read More »

  • How Can I Ever Thank You

    By Rhonda Kissane, CAPP In tight budget times, the norm has become “do more with less.” Employees are absorbing a larger workload, and usually doing it with no additional compensation. If you, like many, have experienced budget cuts and still have a smooth-running operation, it’s time to thank the people Read More »

  • Managing Moped Parking

    By Patrick J. Kass, CAPP The University of Wisconsin-Madison is located in downtown Madison and is home to 75,000 employees, students, and visitors on a daily basis. The campus has 13,000 parking spaces to meet its daily need. To support the access needs of the campus, a number of alternative Read More »

  • For Love of Parking

    By Kim Fernandez It’s not unusual to hear about people falling in love with old buildings. It’s why historic commissions exist, after all, and there are entire online communities dedicated to abandoned hospitals, homes, and schools that feature photos, commentary, and ponderings of what might become of them. But a Read More »


    By David Sandalow and Levi Tillemann, Ph.D. For the U.S. parking industry, the question of electric vehicles (EVs) is not if they’ll come, but how soon? The answer is now. The U.S. is already the world’s leading market for electric vehicles. In fact, EV sales in the U.S. tripled in Read More »

  • Let There Be Light

    By Kyle Leighton Michigan State University (MSU), East Lansing, Mich., is a public research university ranked as the ninth-largest university in the U.S., with 47,800 students and 2,954 faculty members. It is home to the renowned Wharton Center for Performing Arts, whose massive facility hosts 17 Lansing Symphony Orchestra concerts Read More »

  • Sowing Seeds Harvesting Rewards

    By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP My job as a consultant provides three great benefits I treasure. The first is that, when done right, it is a continuous learning experience. The second is that the travel allows me to see and keep in touch with a wide network of professional colleagues Read More »

  • Always on Stage

    By Stephen Rebora, R.A. Mr. Rebora, I am pleased to inform you that your firm has been selected to present its qualifications at an interview that is scheduled for next week.” Being short-listed for a new project is always great, but it also sets a chain of efforts in motion Read More »

  • Forward Thinking

    By Chris Gray, PE Leaders in the county of Berks, Pa., understands the importance of long-term maintenance and doing things right the first time. In the spring of 2011, the county set out to undertake a large restoration project for its main office/courthouse building. The Berks County Services Center, a Read More »

  • Absolutely Automated

    By Iris Sharon The City of West Hollywood, Calif., is undertaking a capital improvement project to develop premiere public facilities, parks, and open spaces. The 25th Anniversary Capital Project, launched in 2009, includes three major components. One of them is the West Hollywood City Hall Automated Parking Garage and Community Read More »

  • Total Revolution

    By Dennis Carter and Clarence W. Kemper, Jr. Parking technology: where is it heading? Everyone wants to go faster and be greener and more efficient. The parking industry is incorporating and adapting new technologies to meet the needs of the industry and the public. Mechanical to Digital Over the past Read More »

  • The Power of Observation

    By David Cummins and Ellen Isaacs Breakthroughs are often born in the lab or boardroom, but they live or die in the real world where people determine their value through real use. Xerox has employed ethnography for many years to gain a better understanding of human behavior in naturalistic settings, Read More »

  • Here Comes the Sun

    By Mark Botts and Isaiah Mouw, CAPP The American road system is breaking. As materials age and wear from weather, time, and traffic, the infrastructure suffers breakdowns. Traditionally, a patch-and-repair method has been applied to the problem, but that solution lacks the ability to keep pace with decay. And if Read More »

  • Culture Club

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR I may be dating myself this month. Some of you will remember the group of which I am about to speak with great fondness, while others will have to go to the internet to get my references. Back in the 1980s there was an English Read More »

  • Whistles and Pom Poms

    By Frank Giles What is a parking manager’s greatest resource? It’s not the parking equipment, it’s not the customers, and it’s not even the coffee maker. You guessed it: his or her greatest resource is the organization’s workers. The trick is successfully molding frontline workers and office staff into a Read More »

  • The Parking Manager is In

    By Jeff Petry Remember Lucy’s stand from the cartoon, “Peanuts?” Instead of dispensing a sweet drink, she offered customers the chance to unload and try to figure things out. We recently brought her concept to life in Eugene, Ore., had a great time doing it, and connected with our community Read More »

  • At a Crossroads

    There’s no question that the parking industry has seen massive change in recent years. Technology, sustainability, and a growing perception of professionalism have all deeply affected the way people in parking think about their work. But what’s ahead for the future? We asked industry leaders who work in airports, universities, Read More »

  • Successful Marketing Is Always Strategic

    By Bill Smith, APR Marketing can be an elusive topic for parking organizations and businesses that serve the parking industry. If you ask 100 parking professionals what marketing is, you might get dozens of different answers. Is it advertising? Or public relations? Or direct mail? Or maybe exhibiting at parking Read More »

  • Parkaholics Anonymous

    By Suzanne Williams Parking professionals come into contact with parkaholics every day—you probably recognize them as pesky repeat offenders who refuse to follow the rules. But how many of us are willing to admit we may have a problem ourselves? If your operation is struggling to manage peak demand and Read More »

  • A Sustainable Parking Frontier

    By Jeff Petry Leading practitioners of sustainable parking practices are incorporating electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels, bike corrals, shared car programs, LED lighting, green operational policies, and renewable energy sources. In many ways, these characteristics are off-the-shelf purchases that can be made by any parking operation or municipality. Further, Read More »

  • Structured Training and Job Success

    By Vicki Pero Ready. Fire. Aim. When you see these three words in this order, it is obvious that the steps are out of sequence, but employees are often asked to perform their duties without receiving a sufficient amount of training. Comprehensive training plays a key role in ensuring job Read More »

  • Growing Pains

    By Justin Bean Roosevelt Island is a small community with big aspirations. Located on New York’s East River between Manhattan and Queens, it is a prime two-mile by 800-foot section of real estate that features housing developments, parks, and commercial areas. The island is linked to Manhattan by a three-minute Read More »

  • Reforming Parking Policies

    By Valerie Knepper Parking policies are emerging as a key and sometimes volatile issue in land use development and transportation planning efforts. A growing group of public and private interests are seeking changes in parking policies, pointing to problems such as inefficient usage of limited land, negative economic effects of Read More »

  • Walking the Line

    By Hal King, CAPP On-street parking might seem to work against the principles of Transportation Demand Management (TDM). To most observers, it promotes single vehicle trips and undermines mass transit. So how does on-street parking fit into TDM? How do we use it to reduce increasing congestion in urban centers Read More »


    By Allen Greenberg The U.S. Secretary of Transportation recently announced discretionary funding awards for 12 different programs, including the Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP). The VPPP awards include seven parking pricing projects. Before this announcement, the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) comprehensive Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer (visit Read More »

  • Answers and Questions

    By Brad Johnson, CPA, MS Perhaps you read the thoughts of former U.S. Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell about the parking industry in the August issue of The Parking Professional. One of his themes was that useful knowledge about a business comes from visiting and talking with the people Read More »

  • Mixed Use Parking Structure Design

    By John Purinton, PE, SE A trend in the parking industry for the last decade, especially in downtown, urban, or educational settings, has been to include some type of mixed-use in new projects. Most of these mixed-use applications are retail and are located on the ground floor, where pedestrians will Read More »

  • Set Adrift

    By Jasper Mulder With real estate at a premium, especially in crowded city centers, developing new parking lots and garages is becoming increasingly difficult. Obstacles to potential locations include financial viability, planning procedures, environmental considerations, and infrastructural implications. New solutions have to be found, and in the Netherlands, floating and Read More »

  • Diamond Outside the Ballpark

    By Art Noriega As is true near many major league baseball stadiums, community concerns about parking convenience and availability at the new Miami Marlins Park ran high before opening day this spring. Skepticism subsided quickly once the season was underway, thanks to advance research and planning by the Marlins organization Read More »

  • Reach the Beach

    By Ken Stewart If you fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico for IPI’s Latin Parking Conference & Expo, Dec. 9-12 (, from the north during daylight hours, the view from the plane will be of sandy beaches, high rise hotels, and condos. Just to the north of the city, you’ll Read More »

  • What Has Your Parking Deck Done for You Lately

    By Joey D. Rowland, PE and Thomas Carlson-Reddig, AIA, LEED AP Parking decks were once considered necessary evils and relegated to secondary status in the minds of campus planners. While much attention was lavished on academic buildings and student unions, parking was shoved onto the outskirts of campus on undesired Read More »

  • City of Wonders

    By Mark Wright Gehry is one of a small constellation of star architects who have arguably raised parking garage design to that ideal in Miami Beach, Fla. “We are very lucky in Miami Beach, because we have a wealth of world-renowned designers and architects who have discovered new opportunities to Read More »

  • Reconnecting

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR Reconnecting! Reconnecting. Reconnecting? It’s one word with three different potential interpretations. The first way implies excitement. The second implies a statement of fact, and the third implies uncertainty, as in to what or with whom am I reconnecting and why? Reconnecting in the workplace seems Read More »

  • Taxi Hydrant Zones

    By Troy McLeod Like many large cities, Alberta, Canada’s Calgary has a high demand for on-street, short-stay public and taxi parking space. Calgary’s taxi industry faced changing restrictions in 2010. Taxis were no longer allowed to wait for fares at the airport, but had to move to the downtown core. Read More »

  • Degrees of Hilarity

    THINK YOU’VE HEARD SOME GREAT STORIES from people trying to talk their way out of tickets and fines? (We’re partial to those featured in the June issue of The Parking Professional.) Wait until you hear the best ones from higher education. Late summer and early fall mean one big thing Read More »

  • America’s Parking Lot

    By Kim Fernandez IT STARTED, AS MANY THINGS HAVE, WITH A BET. Aspiring filmmaker Jonny Mars was tending bar in Texas in 2006 and talking smack with a longtime customer about football. The trash-talk wasn’t about the game itself, though. It was about the best way to watch. “I’d never Read More »

  • Between the Lines

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP Conventional wisdom says the first rule of parking in an off-street parking facility is: park your car within the lines of the marked parking stall. However this was recently found not to necessarily be true. In Gilmore vs. Maryland, the Maryland Court of Appeals Read More »

  • On Parking Discussions and Innovation

    By Joseph P. Sciulli Highway Administration’s white paper, Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer (see p. 46 in that issue), which was presented at the 2012 IPI Conference & Expo. The paper’s stated purpose is to “encourage discussion and innovation within the parking field.” We welcome this input, as Read More »

  • What She Said

    By Teresa Davis, Ph.D., CAPP Nine years into my position as the director of transportation services at Penn State, I began work on my dissertation. My professor advised, “Write what you know,” so I opted to study women managers in university transportation departments. I came across information provided by the Read More »

  • A Star is Born

    By Kim Fernandez Several times a year, Lance Lunsway, CAPP, senior director, parking and transportation, Georgia Institute of Technology, clears the decks—literally—on campus to make room for movie and television stars, production crews, and lots of people and vehicles. Location scouts have discovered that the school is a great place Read More »

  • Setting Priorities

    By John M. Porter and Greggrey G. Cohen Parking structures are exposed to severe conditions such as rainwater, snow, de-­icing salts, and temperature and moisture changes that can lead to structural ­deterioration and damage to other building systems. Owners can implement routine maintenance programs to repair damage and reduce the Read More »

  • Shining Examples

    Perhaps as no other time in history are so many parking structures being heralded as architecturally significant. 2011 was the first time in memory that a parking garage (a parking garage!) was featured in Vanity Fair, and architecture and consumer publications are abuzz with news from all over the world Read More »

  • On Leadership

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR You might have read the headline above and wondered, “What is Julius up to now?” After all, leadership is debated repeatedly from the halls of academia to boardrooms near and far. With this as a backdrop, why am I even asking a question about leadership? Read More »

  • Changing Debit Card Rules

    By Michael Mintz New rules went into effect on October 1, 2011 that lower the debit card interchange fees Visa™, MasterCard®, and Discover® charge as the pure cost to process a debit card. These changes resulted from the Durbin Amendment that was passed as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Read More »

  • Parking Garage Fires

    By Mark Wright When Katie Stanciel answered her home phone early in the morning of Sunday, May 1, 2005, she knew her day would not go as planned. Stanciel, aviation parking manager at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, was alerted to a multiple-vehicle fire burning on the third level of the Read More »

  • Legal Immunity and Part-Time Employees

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP The United States Supreme Court in Filarsky v Delia recently considered the issue of whether someone who was hired by the government as a part-time special counsel for an employment matter was entitled to the personal limited liability or immunity granted a full-time employee. Read More »

  • Financing the Sustainable Parking Facility

    By Michael Cramer Can incorporating sustainable elements in a parking facility affect the revenue models used for attracting capital? In only a short time, it’s likely that this could become an area of focus for investors in green facilities. Posing the question creates challenges, because most garages are on a Read More »

  • Mission Possible

    By Frank Giles What is your mission and how do you get each member of your team to adopt it as their own? How do you refine your team so they are not only willing but also able to take on the mission? Failure to explore these questions can allow Read More »

  • Transit parking best practices deliver sustainable benefits to parking facilities and communities

    By Matt Davis As communities develop and refine walkable, transit-friendly environments, stakeholders experience challenges associated with parking. These vibrant neighborhoods become popular destinations, which increases congestion and the demand for parking. The following transit parking best practices are designed to help stakeholders navigate these challenges and achieve efficient and effective Read More »

  • An MIT professor rethinks parking lots as the centers of their communities

    By Eran Ben-Joseph, Ph.D. I had very big shoes to fill in the early 2000s. I was just starting my career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and part of my teaching obligation included a course titled “Site Planning.” This is not just any other course at MIT: it Read More »

  • The Information You Need

    By Brad Johnson, CPA, MS In an intermediate accounting class I taught in the 1980s, we began the semester with a Real World Accounting lecture. My point was that when you get tired or lazy with a homework problem, you surrender because you know you will get the answer in Read More »

  • The People Factor

    By Bridgette Brady, CAPP Becoming a sustainable organization means creating a new approach to supporting the organization’s mission and achieving its goals. Truly sustainable organizations take a holistic approach by deeply embedding the principles of the triple bottom line—environment, economic, and social—into their business practices. This creates a dynamic sustainable Read More »

  • Get Er’ Done

    By Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR It’s hard to believe but already one-third of 2012 is in our rearview mirror. If you are like me and many others, you went into this year with some high hopes and possibly some new resolutions that you believed could help you have a better Read More »

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    Lancaster Parking Authority Lights the Way to Savings

    By Larry J. Cohen, CAPP Budgets for parking organizations across the nation have been strained from declining or flat patronage, steadily rising operating expenses, and increasing maintenance costs. Raising rates can alienate long-time customers, especially in a struggling economy. But that doesn’t leave parking professionals without options to improve the Read More »

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    The 179D tax deduction for energy- efficient lighting investments in parking structures

    By Dominick Brook This article is about a tax deduction. I’ve got my work cut out for me in making this interesting, but let me try: it’s also about money in your company’s pocket. How does a $300,000 federal tax deduction for a lighting retrofit of a 500,000 square-foot parking Read More »

  • null

    Being Prepared

    By Geary L. Robinson, Ph.D., CAPP Do you have a disaster plan for your parking facility? Safety and security planning is used to protect the nation’s critical infrastructures and key assets, and parking facilities have a role to play. Threat analysis requires a true understanding of a facility’s purpose, be Read More »

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    Government Public Records Transparency

    By Leonard T. Bier, JD, CAPP The public has always had a common law right of access to government records and information, balanced by needs for individual privacy, government confidentiality, and the efficient operation of the government. A public record under the common law is one that is required to Read More »

  • null

    Then and Now

    By 1962, downtown merchants and officials had reached their limits when it came to parking—or the lack thereof. People couldn’t find places to park their cars in cities and began flocking to the suburbs to do their shopping and business, leaving downtown areas hurting and merchants failing, all because of Read More »

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    Parking Professionals Predict the Future in 50 Years

    If you were cool 50 years ago, you likely pined after Motor Trend magazine’s car of the year—a shiny Buick Special with a newfangled V6 engine they declared almost indistinguishable from everybody else’s V8. Your jaw hit the floor when grainy video of Marilyn Monroe crooning “Happy Birthday” to President Read More »

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    By Kim Fernandez What do you do if you’re in an historic district that’s popular for its shopping, dining, offices, and waterfront scenery, but people say has a lack of parking? If you’re Alexandria, Va., you get to work differentiating perception from reality and finding solutions. “The city has, for Read More »

  • null

    Founding of IPI

    By James A. Hunnicutt, CAPP The International Parking Institute is 50 years old and few members are aware of how it started, who the players were, and what motivated them in the early days. This article is intended to provide readers with an understanding of the founding of IPI (formerly Read More »

  • null

    Ergonomics is for Everyone

    By Julius E. Rhodes The topic for this column is ergonomics. Some of you may be saying, “What is a guy who is versed in human resources doing talking about ergonomics? Isn’t ergonomics more the province of safety, operations, or even production?” Ergonomics is not and should not be relegated Read More »

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    Press Release, 9/25/15, Hospital Parking

    Two-Day Symposium Provides Insights on Best Practices and Latest Technology  Register now for third annual Cleveland Clinic CARES about Parking Symposium October 28-29 (Cleveland – Sept. 25, 2015) How can the parking experience at your healthcare facility efficiently and effectively meet patients’ needs and still meet the parking needs of Read More »

  • Texas A&M University Sweeps IPI’s Professional Recognition Awards

    Texas A&M University Sweeps IPI’s Professional Recognition Awards Peter Lange is named 2015 James M. Hunnicutt, CAPP, Parking Professional of the Year Clint Willis is Parking Supervisor of the Year Cindy Ishaq is Parking Staff Member of the Year LAS VEGAS – JUNE 30, 2015) — The International Parking Institute Read More »

  • null

    Pittsburgh Parking Authority Named IPI’s 2015 Parking Organization of the Year

    Pittsburgh Parking Authority Named IPI’s 2015 Parking Organization of the Year Organization recognized for sustainability, efficiency,  and use of revenue to help fund city services and activities (LAS VEGAS — June 30, 2015) — The International Parking Institute (IPI) named the Pittsburgh Parking Authority as the 2015 Parking Organization of Read More »

  • IPI Launches New Accreditation Program

    IPI Launches New Accreditation Program for Parking Organizations The Accredited Parking Organization (APO) establishes national and international standards for professionalism, accountability, innovation, responsibility, and performance (ALEXANDRIA, VA – June 30, 2015) The International Parking Institute (IPI) launched the Accredited Parking Organization (APO), a new certification for parking organizations that have Read More »

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    Press Release, 6/13/14 IPI CAPP Credential Program Marks 20th Year

    International Parking Institute’s CAPP Credential Program Marks 20th Year with Largest Class of Graduates CAPP is respected worldwide as leading credential for parking professionals The International Parking Institute (IPI) announced the 2014 graduates of the CAPP parking credential program at the IPI Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas last week. Read More »

  • Press Release, 10/21/14, IPI Now Offering Continuing Education Credits

    IPI Now Offering Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for All Online Parking Courses International accreditation body IACET designates IPI as “Authorized Provider” The International Parking Institute (IPI) has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), the only standard-setting organization approved by the Read More »

  • Press Release, 6/4/14, IPI Announces Top Parking Professionals of 2014

    International Parking Institute Announces Top Parking Professionals of 2014 Josh Kavanagh, CAPP, of University of Washington is Parking Professional of the Year Joseph Wlostowski, Binghamton University, is Parking Supervisor of the Year Wendy Glenn, University of Georgia, Athens, is Parking Staff Member of the Year (DALLAS, TX) – JUNE 4, Read More »

  • Press Release, 9/17/13, IPI Launches New Online Training Courses

    International Parking Institute Launches New Online Training Courses to Help Staff Excel Self-paced courses cover technological trends, customer service, conflict resolution, and other subjects key to industry professionalism and success (FREDERICKSBURG, VA – September 17, 2013) Parking facility owners and managers have a new tool for educating new employees and Read More »

  • 2013-05-20 IPI Announces 2013 Parking Professional Recognition Awards

    International Parking Institute Announces 2013 Parking Professional Recognition Awards (FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – May 20, 2013) – The International Parking Institute (IPI) has announced the 2013 recipients of its Professional Recognition Program, created to honor parking industry professionals who exemplify excellence in the industry and who are changing the perception Read More »

  • 2012-10-29 Smart Parking, Smart Cities

    Smart Parking, Smart Cities: World’s Leading Parking Experts to Share Insights with Latin American Architects, Urban Planners, Developers, Government Officials, and Business Leaders Latin Parking Conference & Expo to Convene Dec. 9-12, in San Juan, Puerto Rico An increasing number of government leaders, architects, urban planners, transportation officials, and economic Read More »

  • 2012-10-08 IPI Launches Parking NewsLink

    IPI Launches Parking NewsLink: A New Online Forum for Industry News IPI Members Can Now Upload News Releases about Parking People, Products and Services (FREDERICKSBURG, VA – October 9, 2012) International Parking Institute members have a new, cost-free way to share their news about parking, people, and products, thanks to Read More »

  • 2012-07-31 General Colin Powell Shares Leadership Lessons Learned

    General Colin Powell Shares Leadership Lessons Learned from…Yes, Parking In the August cover story of The Parking Professional magazine, the former U.S. Secretary of State attributes some of the important life lessons he’s learned to parking people (FREDERICKSBURG, VA – July 30, 2012) According to former U.S. Secretary of State, Read More »

  • 2012-05-24 General Motors’ Innovator Britta Ross

    General Motors’ Innovator Britta Gross to Keynote International Parking Institute Conference in Phoenix, June 10-13 (Fredericksburg, VA) May 24, 2012 – How are plug-in electric vehicles changing consumers and their expectations of parking? Do we fully grasp the big picture implications of electric car technology? Few are better equipped to Read More »

  • Why Parking Matters – 2015 White Paper

    Explains why parking and the expertise of parking professionals are integral to the future of cities. Why Parking Matters – 2015 White Paper

  • What’s What in Parking Technology 2015

    Glossary of nearly 100 parking technology terms and definitions, from Access Control to Waiting List. What’s What in Parking Technology 2015

  • Tale of Two Cities Smart Parking Infographic

    Illustrated comparison of a city with and without smart parking solutions. Tale of Two Cities Smart Parking Infographic

  • null

    GPALS Survey

    A report on surveys conducted by the Global Parking Association Leaders (GPALs) at the 2013 GPALs Summit in Dublin, Ireland. GPALS Survey

  • null

    EMV and Parking White Paper

    Developed by IPI and the Smart Card Alliance, the publication offers parking-related guidance and recommendations on managing EMV chip-based payments. EMV and Parking White Paper

  • DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

    Led by the U.S. Department of Energy, the initiative urges employers to install workplace plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations. DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

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