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THE IPMI WEBSITE IS ONE OF THE FIRST PLACES parking, transportation, and mobility professionals go when they’re searching for practical information, proven tools, and innovative products and solutions. Make work for your company to
achieve your marketing and sales goals.

2021 website advertisers receive detailed monthly reporting, including pageviews, unique pageviews, impressions, click-throughs and more to your dedicated URL.

Static (Non-Animated) Banner/Image Ads
Acceptable file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png; 150 kb or smaller. Destination URL required.

Rich Media Banner Ads
Rich media is defined as interactive features that engage the user and initiate new content experience. Interactive features could be animation or elements that trigger ad expansion or other interactive
experiences. Rich media experiences requires files or creative assets in addition to load and subload limits that should be user initiated.

In all rich media, close buttons must be present for all ad experiences or ad units that interrupt or partially obstruct the publisher content experience. The close button needs to be clear, discrete, and available from the start. The close button must be on the top right corner of the ad. The cancel/close
button must include an “X” image of minimum size 50×50 dp. Additional language to indicate user destination on close may be included in addition to the close button.

Animation is moving images or other rich experience. Length of animation must not exceed 10 seconds. No looping beyond 10 seconds. Acceptable file formats are .gif, .jpg, .png. May externally link to your YouTube channel. Destination URL required.