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Inny or Outie?

By Casey Jones, CAPP The first time I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I was convinced that I misunderstood some of the questions and didn’t answer correctly or that the test was flawed and therefore unable to accurately identify my personality type. I took the same test two more Read More »

A Conversation About Talent Acquisition

By Vicki Pero, SPHR Most people are familiar with the term “recruitment” and consider it a challenging (not the good kind of challenging) administrative task, especially when it comes to filling frontline positions. I prefer to describe these activities as talent acquisition, because the tactics associated with this approach are Read More »

Correction and Encouragement

By Tiffany R. Smith How do you reprimand a good employee? As leaders, we know good employees do bad things. The conundrum comes in how you correct bad behavior while still encouraging good. We all make mistakes but some cause more detriment than others. And when this occurs, what do Read More »

Driverless Shuttle Pilots Show Limitations of Technology

Driverless shuttles are on the road in Reston, Va., a suburb of Washington, D.C., and while things are going pretty well so far, the pilot has also highlighted why driverless cars may still be some time away. The shuttles take people to and from remote parking in an area largely Read More »

Five Behaviors Necessary for Organizational Agility

By Bonnie Watts, CEM Our lives are so busy these days, we’ve learned to power everything. Power read. Power walk. Power nap. You can get a snapshot of how 100 of your closest friends and their families are by spending 15 minutes on social media. Technology has definitely changed how Read More »

Proving the Possibilities

The iconic University of Kentucky in Lexington has a long history of setting trends and being a leader in academics, athletics, and development. One great example of this is the university’s use of public-private partnerships (P3) to deliver products at its campus. Since 2011, the university has engaged in a Read More »

Are You Available?

By Robert Ferrin No, we aren’t talking about a dating pickup line. In Columbus, Ohio–America’s Smart City–our team is piloting multiple parking availability technologies to improve the customer experience and reduce congestion. In our dynamic Short North Arts District, the city selected three vendors to test sensing technology during a Read More »

The Parking Vigilante

By Frank Giles If you’re like me, when you think of a vigilante you think of Batman or some other superhero jumping from rooftop to rooftop. What about parking vigilantes? You know the ones–the people who take it upon themselves to leave a nasty note or worse on a person’s Read More »

European Scooter Startup Gets Huge Investment

Tier, a scooter-share startup with a presence in 40 cities in 12 countries, received a $60 million (U.S.) infusion it will use to further expand across Europe. With 10 million rides in less than a year, Tier claims to be the fastest growing micro-mobility startup to date. In an interview, Read More »

I Like Fun

By Helen Sullivan, APR, Fellow PRSA I recently got proposals from a few suppliers for a communications project. In the email the company representative sent me with the proposal was this line: “You will get the best results, the best client service, and have the most fun with us.” Well, Read More »