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Because You’re Worth It!

By Kathleen Federici, MEd Industry-recognized credentials (IRCs), such as CAPP, are increasingly in demand. They are used by employers to certify that an applicant is qualified for a job. People who earn industry certifications have an advantage finding high-demand jobs with good wages because the certifications are globally portable and Read More »

San Diego State University Bans Micromobility Devices

Electric scooters, powered skateboards, roller skates, and e-bikes are among the micromobility vehicles banned on the San Diego State University campus starting this fall. Citing safety, the university announced that the vehicles may be parked in eight designated parking areas, but won’t be allowed for use on the main campus Read More »

Reducing Parking Pain at Penn State

There is a spoken and unspoken hierarchy and tenure that go into parking assignments on university campuses, and decisions about who parks where can be challenging. The tough question is, who should be making these decisions? At Penn State’s University Park campus, individual departments decide who parks where, using a Read More »

Brand Yo’Self

By Madison Huemmer The first step in personal branding is to identify what presence you want to exude. Many people do not realize that your personal world and professional world world differ–but not as much as you think. If you fully cut off your true persona from your work life, Read More »

World’s Largest Bike Parking Garage Opens

A parking garage that holds 12,656 bikes opens today in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s the largest garage for bikes in the world and includes nearly 500 spaces for tandem, double, or odd-shaped bikes along with standard cycles. The garage is three stories tall, features electronic wayfinding and bike-finding technology, offers Read More »

D.C. Launches Shared Mopeds

Bikes, scooters, and now a new entry into the shared micro-mobility space: The shared moped has arrived. Washington, D.C. will welcome up to 400 mopeds this weekend into its growing micro-mobility system. The battery-powered vehicles will each come with two helmets, hold two riders, and travel at speeds up to Read More »

When Fear of Failing Stops Us From Starting

By Jess Cisco I had a realization as I fell asleep last night: the fear of failure sometimes causes me to avoid even starting.  Here’s how I came to that conclusion. Several years ago, I bought a book called Brilliant Memory Training by Jonathan Hancock.  I began reading it but Read More »

Parking in Brooklyn

By David Feehan We make a couple of trips to Brooklyn each year. My son and his family live in the Kensington neighborhood, just off Ocean Parkway. Our twin grandsons have a summer birthday, so we scheduled a weekend in the city. Expedia gave us an attractive price on a Read More »

What Summer Can Teach Us About Surviving the Long Grind

By Michael Pendergrass, AIA Ah, the traditional summer road trip. Packing the family up in the car and heading out to see far-off destinations feels like a rite of passage in the U.S. When you pull out of the driveway, you’re fueled by the excitement of the adventure to come. Read More »

Researchers Investigate How Passengers Feel About Autonomous Vehicles

How would you react as a passenger in a self-driving car? Would your hands sweat? Heart race? Would your muscles tense? Or would you sit back and relax as the automakers advise? A group of researchers wants to find out. University of Waterloo experts are recruiting volunteers to go for Read More »