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To Build or Not to Build?

By Josh Naramore There are many news stories that purport the end to parking and that our autonomous future will drastically reduce cities’ needs to provide parking. However, we don’t know when or if that future may come to pass and still need to provide parking services to the customers Read More »

The Gift of Teaching

By Brian Shaw, CAPP I was contacted recently by a group of students interested in starting an airport shuttle service as a sustainability project. They believed they could reduce vehicle trips using TNCs (Uber/Lyft) while providing students a more affordable and cleaner way to get to the region’s airports during Read More »

Preparing for a Connected, Autonomous Future

By Michelle Wendler, AIA The development of connected and autonomous technology has opened up a future of endless possibilities for the parking and mobility industry, all with the potential to not only change the way we park and move but also open up new avenues of sustainable design that will Read More »

Opening Up a Whole New Frontier: Storytelling for Sustainability

By Paul Wessel The air quality in Delhi is among the poorest in the world; it’s so bad that many people are quite literally allergic to the air. Doctors told Kamal Meattle, CEO of the Paharpur Business Center, that his lung capacity had diminished by 30 percent, that he should Read More »

Personal Ad

By Justin Grunert Mentee Seeking Mentor You: Experienced parking professional. Must have knowledge about general management, project management, financial and operational auditing, operational management, marketing and public relations, and technology. Must be a current, active CAPP. Willing to mentor for six to 18 months and will receive CAPP recertification points Read More »

Mobility and Societal Considerations: What’s Happening?

More people than ever are enjoying the convenience of shared-mobility services: transportation network companies (TNCs–Uber, Lyft, etc.), bike-share, scooter-share, and other easy ways to get around. Eric Haggett, senior associate with DESMAN and a member of IPMI’s Planning, Design, & Construction Committee, found himself pondering this recently and wondered if Read More »

Bringing Bike-share to Underserved Populations: A Case Study

By David Sorrell, MOL About 10 years ago, I received my undergrad from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill., about an hour west of Chicago. I was one of many without a car and getting around town, especially nights and weekends, was especially difficult. At the same time, I didn’t Read More »

Chemical Dependency and the Circle of Safety

By Casey Jones, CAPP If you haven’t read any of Simon Sinek’s books or listened to him speak, you’re missing out. He covers leadership, teamwork, and communications. I’ve just finished his second book, Leaders Eat Last,  which appeared on both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists Read More »

Survey: Love of Cars Possible Roadblock to Mobility-as-a-Service Growth

Hopes for widespread adoption of mobility-as-a-service have grown as car ownership numbers among young adults have dropped. But a new survey says the picture may not be as rosy as once thought. Simply put, many older drivers have no interest in giving up their cars. Ito World, a British company Read More »

Civility Begets More Civility

By Shawn Conrad, CAE I’ve always been something of a political junkie. For years, I’ve followed congressional, senate, and presidential races and have even helped friends seek state offices. Running for office is both an honor and a humbling experience. If you ever wanted to know how people truly feel Read More »