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Town Cancels Free Holiday Parking, Blames Freeloading Commuters

Bayonne, N.J., pulled the plug on its traditional offer of free municipal parking during the December holidays because, the mayor said, too many NJ Transit riders abused it, parking in the free municipal lots all day instead of lots for commuters. “In recent years, the city … has offered free Read More »

The Great Balancing Act

By John Mason, CAPP, PMP, QIR Whether we travel for work or just go back and forth from the office to home, we need balance. For me it’s a suitcase and a plane just about every week. I like life on the road but it will wear on you. Sometimes Read More »

The Future is Here. Almost.

By David M. Feehan It came much faster than I anticipated–the future, I mean. Two events told me that the future of mobility is closer than I realized, because my wife and I experienced it. My wife works for a federal agency here in the Washington, D.C., area. A couple Read More »

2020: Year of the EV?

Driverless cars aren’t ready for prime time yet but analysts say electric vehicles definitely are, and that 2020 could go down as the year of the EV. The Motley Fool says, “Range anxiety isn’t completely gone, but today it shouldn’t be any harder to drive an EV a long distance Read More »

Los Angeles Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions, Boost EV Charging for Olympics

Los Angeles, Calif., launched a massive plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost electric-vehicle charging before it hosts the Olympic Games in 2028. According to Forbes: Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city, surrounding communities, companies and other entities are part of a Transportation Electrification Partnership with specific goals for Read More »

Uber Loses License in London due to Safety Concerns

After drivers switched their profile photos for those of other drivers in Uber’s system, London’s transportation authority refused to renew the ride-share operator’s license. Passengers were picked up by the wrong driver more than 14,000 times, the authority said, after photo swaps were made in the company’s main system; passengers Read More »

Baby Seal Rescued from Parking Deck

Firefighters in Redwood City, Calif., don’t get a lot of calls for parking deck rescues, and certainly not to rescue baby seals out of garages. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday, and the resulting adorableness was enough to make the news (and it’s perfect for a Monday morning). Santos, a Read More »

When Parkers are Pushed to their Limits

By Cindy Campbell As a frequent flyer, you learn to roll with flight delays and cancellations—unless, of course, you enjoy unnecessary agitation and high blood pressure. A recent late-night flight out of Los Angeles was cancelled and I had the unanticipated opportunity to witness high drama at the curb. Perhaps Read More »

Is Manhattan Ready to End Free Parking?

Ninety-five percent of on-street parking spaces in New York City are free to use. Because the city has lost a good amount of spaces to bike and bus lanes in recent years, more cars are circling looking for those spots, increasing congestion and frustration. But a proposal to make on-street Read More »

ISO Great Mobility Stories

By Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP You know it, I know it, and all industry insiders know it. The pace and rate of change in our industry is accelerating, especially in our cities.  So how do we capture those stories of transformation and share them with our Read More »