Discovering the Future of Mobility–in a Video Game?

By Matt Davis Parking does not have a lot of crossover with pop culture, so imagine my surprise to discover an innovative vision of the future of parking and mobility in an unlikely place: a video game. If you’re familiar with the video game industry or have a kid who’s Read More »

Technological Flux and Basic Fundamentals

By Tom Wunk, CAPP The parking industry has been and continues to be in a state of “technological flux.” This includes advances in parking control technology, construction, payments, and even the automobile itself (think navigation and GPS, back-up cameras, remote start, etc.). Coupled with the need to stay in touch Read More »

U.K. District Offers Free Parking for Electric Vehicles

In response to what it’s calling a “climate emergency,” one district in the United Kingdom plans to offer free parking for electric vehicles. Traditionally-fueled vehicles will continue to pay to park. The Warwick District Council announced the plan yesterday, offering parking permits at no charge to drivers of EVs; it Read More »

My Stupid Furnace and Brand Loyalty

By Kim Fernandez Three weeks ago, I realized mid-day that I was colder than usual. That was because my furnace wouldn’t kick in. I said some not-very-nice words, tromped downstairs, took the whole system down starting at the thermostat and finishing at the power source, waited a minute, brought it Read More »

Uber Joins Call for Mandated Mobility Features, Regulations

Uber, one of the granddaddies of transportation network companies, this week added its voice to those asking the U.S. Congress to prioritize the safety of bike and scooter users through a number of incentives: New mobility infrastructure legislation that would require bike lanes be included on newly repaved roads according Read More »

Parking Takes Flight

By Casey Jones, CAPP Just more than 116 years ago, Orville Wright piloted the first flight in a “heavier than air” machine at present-day Kill Devil Hills, N.C. The Wright brothers’ success was not guaranteed and plenty of people believed we’d have wings on our backs if we were meant Read More »

Non-paying “Parkers” Causing Real Problems

By William R. Conner, CAPP Hey, anybody out there have any solutions to a pigeon problem in a garage? The problem was noticed last spring on level one of the garage around the exit. Pigeons were roosting on the beams above the exit gates and depositing all their droppings on Read More »

Survey: What Automakers are Building Isn’t Necessarily What Consumers Want

Autonomous and connected vehicles are all the rage in the news and among automakers, but a new survey shows they’re not necessarily as popular among consumers. Delotte’s 11th annual Global Consumer Automotive Study asked 35,000 consumers in 20 countries about the transportation that interests them. Among the findings: Interest in Read More »

Oregon Establishes Mobility Office

Oregon yesterday named three members to its new Office of Mobility and Mega Project Delivery, which was established to find ways to ease construction and improve mobility. Among its first projects will be developing a tolling and congestion pricing model. The office’s members are experienced in transportation and tolling in Read More »

Parking Tax Repealed

By Jim Sayre, CAPP On December 20, the so-called “parking tax,” more formally known as Section 512(a)(7) of the IRS code, was repealed. This tax was enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 and was imposed on “qualified transportation fringe benefits.” In many cases, this Read More »