Case Studies

Case Study: Putting the Pieces Together

By Cali Yang A winning combination of features makes a transit-oriented development work. THE WALNUT CREEK TRANSIT VILLAGE IN WALNUT CREEK, CALIF., is an urban mixed-use development that includes studio apartments, retail, restaurants, and public plazas. This is one of the first of many new Transit Villages being planned by Read More »

Cornell University’s Forest Home Parking Garage Earns Green Garage Certification

Among the first parking structures to earn Green Garage Certification in the United States, the Forest Home Garage, constructed in 2009, is a perfect example of how sustainable innovation can be achieved through retrofitting an existing facility. Located at the north end of the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY, the garage plays an important Read More »

Case Study: City of Ann Arbor’s Library Lane Parking Garage: Beauty Meets Function

The Library Lane underground parking structure was strategically conceived to help  revitalize downtown Ann Arbor’s midtown area while encouraging new private investment and creating a stronger connection between Main Street and the University of Michigan campus. The city of Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority wanted 761 spaces to support new Read More »

Case Study: Transformative Restoration: From Eyesore to Talk of the Town in Lexington, Ky.

The question of whether to demolish or repair the badly deteriorating, 40-year-old Helix Parking Structure, located between two government buildings in Lexington, Ky., ultimately led to a $4 million renovation project that incorporated significant structural and waterproofing repairs, lighting upgrades, signage enhancement, exterior revitalization, and numerous other sustainability features. Drivers Read More »

Cupertino Garage: Demand-Control Ventilation System Pays for Itself with Energy Savings

One of the greatest sources of energy consumption – and consequent operational costs – for an enclosed, commercial garage is the mechanical system that ventilates it. Ventilation can account for more than 30 percent of a property’s total, annual energy bill, consuming upwards of 400,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. Some Read More »

Vertical Expansion of St. Augustine Center Parking Garage at Villanova University

Before Villanova University could embark on a series of large capital projects to increase student housing and create a new performing arts center, the issue of parking needed to be addressed. The Performing Arts Center and an adjacent 1,300-space garage would be built on the site of the Pike Parking Read More »

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Undergoes Major Restoration to Stop Leaking, Damage

With parking for more than 13,800 vehicles on eight levels, the Sea-Tac Airport Parking Structure is critical to smooth daily operations at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport –- the 13th busiest in the U.S. Constructed in phases between 1969 and 1999, the cast-in-place, waffle and post-tension (PT) slab/beam parking structure needed Read More »

Parking Project/Case Study Form

Case Study: Maintenance Planning

By John Burgan, MS, PE There was a time when parking structure maintenance was new and somewhat frightening to municipalities. While no longer new, it continues to strain medium-sized communities, where a high demand for infrastructure spending combined with small revenue streams pinches budgets. Today’s discussions turn to operations, technology, Read More »


By Ryan J. Givens, CAPP The unusual parking challenges faced at Penn State (and the creative solutions that worked) when a new ice arena was constructed on campus.  What university wouldn’t love a brand-new ice arena for its hockey team? While it was certainly exciting (for all the right reasons) Read More »