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Spotlight on UCLA Transportation

Accredited with Distinction through 2022. The APO manual and matrix are a blueprint for continuous improvement, and guide us in strategic planning and facility enhancement decisions.

UCLA Transportation administers parking services both for university affiliates and visitors to the campus, including a 24/7 valet service at our Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Staff, faculty, and students are eligible for parking permits but are also highly encouraged to use alternate modes of transportation. The department offers a variety of sustainable commute options including: walking and bicycling programs, carpool parking permits, a vanpool program serving 80 Southern California communities, and subsidized public transit passes for different local and commuter express bus lines.

Number of parking spaces managed: 22,590
Annual revenue: $78.4 million
Number of employees: 572 employees


About the organization

About UCLA Transportation

UCLA Transportation supports the campus community by providing for safe and efficient access and mobility in an environmentally responsible manner. The department manages sustainable commute programs, parking services, and fleet and transit operations for the University and its population of close to 80,000 employees and students. UCLA Transportation provides extensive information regarding commuting options, including a benefits and incentive program for commuters who walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit.

This spring, UCLA Transportation will launch the new virtual parking permit system, Bruin ePermit. With the new program, the license plate becomes the permit, replacing hangtags and gate access cards. Bruin ePermit creates more convenience and less cost, streamlining the process for the department and customers.

Why did your organization apply for APO status?

UCLA Transportation applied for APO status to bring focus to what is important to our organization through the lens of the overall parking and mobility industry, to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing improvement, and through the process, conduct a self-assessment of our efforts to date.

Who led the accreditation process in your organization?

Senior members of the Commuter & Parking Services business unit

What criteria had the greatest effect on your organization?

While no single criteria drives our organization to be its best, we believe that the combination of Criteria 4: Customer Service, Criteria 5: Personnel Education and Development, and Criteria 10: Sustainability are core to the UCLA Commuter & Parking Services mission and values.

Did this accreditation enable your organization to gain greater public recognition?

Obtaining APO recognition with distinction has been a great achievement and has allowed UCLA Transportation to gain greater credibility. This award has also furthered the department’s organizational vision statement, which aims for us to be the premier university transportation organization in the nation.

What types of organizations would you encourage to apply for APO?

UCLA Transportation encourages any parking and mobility organization to at least go through the self-assessment process. It brings into focus what is important to your organization vis-à-vis the overall industry. It would be a surprise to find that any university or hospital would not want to pursue APO status after having conducted a self-assessment.

What other awards/recognition have your organization achieved in the parking industry?

  • Best Workplace for Commuters designation
  • League of American bicyclists “bicycle friendly university” 2011-2019
  • International Parking & Mobility Institute Marketing Award 2018
  • ACT Commuting Options in Public Transit Award 2018
  • California Governor’s environmental and economic leadership award 2014
  • Metro Rideshare Diamond Awards:
    • 2014 Outstanding Overall Rideshare Program
    • 2012 Outstanding Marketing Program
    • 2011 Corporate Diamond Award
    • 2009 Innovative Rideshare Program
  • Communicator Awards
    • 2013 UCLA Be a Smarter Commuter video (silver)
    • 2013 UCLA Bike to Campus Week (gold)



Contact Information:

Tirzah Nuño
UCLA Commuter & Parking Services
Administrative Office
(310) 825-8299
Questions? Please contact Tirzah Nuno at TNuno@ts.ucla.edu