Committees are run by members and play a major role in IPMI's programs, operations, and overall direction. IPMI appreciates the dedication and commitment of its volunteer leaders who drive so much of the work accomplished by Committees.

IPMI issues a Call for Volunteers every two years. Committee members are IPMI members in good standing who provide their expertise, time, and knowledge to advance the parking, transportation, and mobility profession.  Be on the look out for our next Call for Volunteers in August 2019.

Our standing committees for the 2017-2019 season are as follows:

Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence Committee solicits formatted entries for each of the Awards of Excellence categories for the annual competition. It selects winners in each category based upon published criteria. Members of this committee are to be drawn from universities, cities, airports and hospitals who are very experienced parking operators in addition to engineers and/or architects with parking structure design and rehabilitation experience.

Conference Program Task Force

The Conference Program task force has the responsibility of obtaining quality speakers and relevant topics for the association’s educational session programs at the annual IPMI Conference & Expo. This task force will review submissions as well as rank them, and finalize the conference education schedule. Task force members will be fielded from experienced parking professionals with the background and expertise to guide educational session selection at the conference. Active CAPPs or other professional designations, e.g. AIA, PE, LEED AP, PMP, etc., are encouraged to join this task force.

Education Development

The Education Development Committee will actively seek out opportunities to develop, deliver and evaluate effective professional development products, trainings and educational opportunities to support the advancement of the parking profession in alignment with the CAPP Role Delineation Study. Committee members will be fielded from experienced parking professionals with the background and expertise to guide educational content.

Membership & Community Building

The Membership & Community-Building Committee provides direction and assistance for recruiting new members to the organization, develops retention programs, and provides guidance on periodic membership surveys. Additionally, it identifies prospects and ensures that there is an initiative to welcome them, and their ancillary organizations, into our membership. The committee is also responsible for the first timers/new member orientation at the IPMI Conference & Expo each year. An added component for 2017-2019, committee members will be actively involved in sector specific ShopTalks, and new community-building initiatives.

Outreach & Media Relations (formerly Parking Matters®)

IPMI’s Outreach & Media Relations (formerly Parking Matters®) Committee provides leadership and guidance on outreach, media relations, and the Parking Matters program, IPMI’s industry-wide program for advancing the parking profession, particularly to external audiences. The committee also works collaboratively with the Safety & Security Committee to address issues related to the Parking Safety Matters public service campaigns. In addition, members are often called upon to participate in topic-specific subcommittees.

Parking Research

The Parking Research Committee identifies issues of significance to the parking and transportation industry to advance the profession. Committee activities including generating publications for the website’s Resource Center and the magazine, and participating in IPMI’s Parking Analytics series.

Parking Technology

The Parking Technology Committee provides technical information to members and member organizations regarding the development of new, cutting-edge technology and how it may be employed in various aspects of the parking industry. The committee develops and promotes educational offerings throughout the year, and is aligned with the ITS Working Group in its charge.

Planning, Design & Construction Committee

The Planning, Design and Construction Committee develops projects, programs and products that benefit the membership in the parking and transportation industry. This committee serves to provide technical expertise on the role and specifics of planning, architecture, engineering, finance, and construction in the industry.

Professional Recognition Program Committee

The Professional Recognition Program Committee reviews formatted nominations and selects winners of the following annual awards: James M. Hunnicutt, CAPP, Parking Professional of the Year; Parking Organization of the Year; Emerging Leader of the Year; Parking Supervisor of the Year; and Parking Staff Member of the Year.

Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Committee is tasked with the responsibility to provide specialized safety, security, and crisis management information and guidance to members and the parking and transportation industry. The committee also works collaboratively with the Parking Matters Committee to address issues related to the Parking Safety Matters public service campaigns.

State & Regional Associations

The State & Regional Associations Committee provides a working group of liaisons and a vehicle to share information and best practices among IPMI’s allied state and regional associations and their leadership. Liaisons are selected by the individual SRAs to participate and share their experience.


The Sustainability Committee is tasked with creating and investigating projects and programs that educate, inform and benefit the parking and transportation industry regarding sustainable practices. The committee will work collaboratively and represent IPMI with other organizations, including the USGBC, to promote and advance environmental initiatives, including the Parksmart Certification Program.